Lilly Hiatt, Whitney Rose, Caitlin Sherman and Abby Hamilton

Another small round up of 2020 releases that I’ve loved during the first half of the year. Kicking off from Nashville, Tennessee with a couple of songs from the new Lilly Hiatt album Walking Proof. I’m a huge fan and love this new record that came out on New West Records on the 27th of March. Here’s a couple of personal favorites, but hit the links on the Bandcamp to hear / buy the whole gorgeous record. Or better yet, order a copy from your local store, if you are lucky enough to still have one in your town.

Lilly Hiatt at Facebook
Lilly Hiatt Website

Moving over to Austin, Texas, but sticking with the finest country / rock’n’roll records of the year. The new Whitney Rose album We Still Go to Rodeos came out on the 24th of April and sounds mighty good. Here’s a couple of magnificent examples, Just Circumstance and Believe Me, Angela.

Whitney Rose at Facebook
Whitney Rose Website

While the first two songwriters were long time favorites, these next two are new 2020 finds for me. I love these records just as much though. Caitlin Sherman is a songwriter from Seattle, Washington and her awesome solo debut Death to the Damsel came out on the 14th of February on Small Batch Records. Here’s the remarkable title track from this dark and beautiful album.

Caitlin Sherman at Facebook
Caitlin Sherman Website

Last stop on this roundabout is Kentucky and the new Abby Hamilton EP Afraid of the Dark that just came out on the 12th of June. All four songs are excellent, but my personal favorite is probably this one called Change Things. I had to include the acoustic video too, because that’s how I found the song. This is just great songwriting. A captivating story with a plenty of instantly memorable lines.

Abby Hamilton at Facebook

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