Zephaniah OHora, Philippe Bronchtein, Jesse Daniel and Daniel Romano

Another vacation round up post of country songs that I’ve loved during the first half of the year. I’ll start from Brooklyn, NY, because one of the most anticipated album releases of the fall is the new Zephaniah OHora album Listening to the Music. It was produced by Neal Casal and will come out on the 14th of August. The wonderful lead single All American Singer is already out and available. Check it out below and then follow my lead and pre-order a copy.

Zephaniah OHora Website
Zephaniah OHora Website

Then it’s time for some pedal steel magic in Nashville with long time favorite songwriter Philippe Bronchtein. He released a great double single on the 5th of June and this lead track I’ll Let the Steel Do the Crying is such a perfect classic country song.

Philippe Bronchtein at Facebook
Philippe Bronchtein Website

Next some compelling California country with Jesse Daniel. His second album Rollin’ On came out on the 27th of March on Die True Records. One of the finest country albums of the first half of the year. Here’s one of my personal favorites called St. Claire’s Retreat.

Jesse Daniel at Facebook
Jesse Daniel Website

And last but definitely not least, one of the many fabulous albums Daniel Romano has released during these weird times. This lovely man released an album every Wednesday for a rather long time during the spring. Check them all out on his Bandcamp, because they are all damn good. Here’s If Words Can’t Express It from the album called Content To Point the Way. If you have been missing the country side of Daniel Romano, this beautiful record is for you.

Daniel Romano at Facebook
Daniel Romano Website

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