OCTA Weekly Playlist – Episode #97

Another week, another weekly playlist.

Back with another new music round up and this was again quite a week. There’s so much new music to love that it was tough to narrow this down to any reasonable length. But I suppose that’s not a huge concern. You can listen as much or as little you want.

The big one this week for me is the new Courtney Marie Andrews album. Love the Cinder Well album too and what about that Psalmships EP. Oh my. It takes my breath away. Twain’s album is one of my favorites of the year, but I haven’t seen it on Spotify before this week. Other big album releases came from Jess Cornelius, Taylor Swift, Shirley Collins, Lori McKenna, Arna Georgia (ok, this was a week ago but I missed it then), Liza Anne, Katie Dey and Gregory Uhlmann. Plus great EPs from Gladie, Devandra Banhart and the aforementioned Psalmships.

The Finnish section only has the new The Handkerchiefs single and revisits the new Matti Jasu album. I’m sure there had to be more. Oh and there actually is over at Bandcamp. Like the English debut of JonnaT that was produced by Ken Stringfellow. You’ll find it here.

As for international songs, there’s so much to love. One of my all-time favorite songwriters John K. Samson has a new song and one of my new favorites Heather Valley released the first single from her forthcoming album. Lydia Loveless announced a new album and released a fabulous new single. Then we got new outtakes from the forthcoming albums by Sylvie Simmons, Charlie Whitten, Gold Star Gold Star, Colter Wall, Arlo McKinley, H.C. McEntire… All great just like everything else on this long-ish playlist.

That’s it for this week. Thank you for reading and following my little music blog. It matters to me. See you next week or before if I get my act together and manage to write some blog posts. Love from a distance.

1. Courtney Marie Andrews – Guilty (Old Flowers, Fat Possum / Loose Music, 2020)
2. Cinder Well – The Cuckoo (No Summer, Free Dirt Records, 2020)
3. Psalmships – Vestiges (Another Tongue EP, 2020)
4. Heather Valley – Emily (single, 2020)
5. John K. Samson – Fantasy Football at the End of the World (single, Anti-, 2020)
6. Sylvie Simmons – Sweet California (single, Compass Records, 2020)
7. Charlie Whitten – Good Things (single, 2020)
8. Gold Star Gold Star – Sun Staying Down (single, 2020)
9. Twain – Love, Go Lightly (Days of Effort and Ease, 2020)
10. Lydia Loveless – Love Is Not Enough (single, Honey, You’re Gonna Be Late, 2020)
11. Jess Cornelius – Here Goes Nothing (Distance, 2020)
12. Taylor Swift – betty (Folklore, 2020)
13. Skullcrusher – Places/Plans (Skullcrusher EP, Secretly Canadian, 2020)
14. Shirley Collins – Wondrous Love (Heart’s Ease, Domino Recording Co, 2020)
15. Devandra Banhart – It’s Not Always Funny (Vast Avoid EP, Nonesuch Records, 2020)
16. Colter Wall – Cowpoke (single, La Honda Records, 2020)
17. Lori McKenna – Marie (The Balladeer, CN Records, 2020)
18. Arna Georgia – Blues on a City Street (Yes Girl, 2020)
19. Rachel Angel – Strapped (single, Public Works, 2020)
20. Charley Crockett – Don’t Cry (single, Son of Davy, 2020)
21. Justin Wells – No Time for a Broken Heart (single, Singular Recordings, 2020)
22. Arlo McKinley – Gone for Good (single, Oh Boy Records, 2020)
23. India Ramey – Up to No Good (single, 2020)
24. H.C. McEntire – Final Blow (single, Merge Records, 2020)
25. Gladie – Is That Why You’re Here (Orange Peels EP, 2020)
26. Lily McKown – Metal in the Outlet (single, 2020)
27. Steven Adams & The French Drops – Soft Landigs (single, Fika Recordings, 2020)
28. Liza Anne – Terrible Discovery (Bad Vacation, Arts & Crafts, 2020)
29. Caitlin Pasko – To the Leaves (single, 2020)
30. Rae Fitzgerald – Smileland (single, Keeled Scales, 2020)
31. Katie Dey – Darkness (Mydata, Run for Cover Records, 2020)
32. Eric Slick feat Natalie Prass – Closer to Heaven (single, Slick Records, 2020)
33. The Winston Brothers – Winston Theme (single, Colemine Records, 2020)
34. Lee Fields & The Expressions – The One Who’s Hurting Is You (single, Big Crown Records, 2020)
35. Danielle Ponder and Karate Boogaloo – Look Around (single, Hopestreet Recordings, 2020)
36. Durand Jones & The Indications – Never Heard ‘Em Say (single, Dead Oceans / Colemine, 2020)
37. GA-20 – I Ain’t Got You (single, Colemine Records, 2020)
38. Great Peacock – All I Ever Do (single, 2020)
39. Michaela Anne – Burn My Bridges (single, Yep Roc, 2020)
40. Native Harrow – If I Could (single, Loose Music, 2020)
41. Stephanie Lambring – Pretty (single, 2020)
42. Honey Magpie – Smallest Grains of Sand (single, 2020)
43. Andy Shauf – Judy (single, Anti, 2020)
44. Peter Oren – Thin Blue Line (single, 2020)
45. Photo Ops – Take the Long Way (single, Western Vinyl, 2020)
46. Jess Locke – Fool (single, Dot Dash Recordings, 2020)
47. The Handkerchiefs – Girlfriend (single, 2020)
48. Matti Jasu – Sunblock 5000 (Up and Running, 2020)
49. Milky Wimpshike – You Make a Nice Piece of Art (single, Bobo Integral, 2020)
50. Woolen Men – Cool Breeze (single, Dog’s Table, 2020)
51. Fenne Lily – Berlin (single, Dead Oceans, 2020)
52. Isobel Campbell – Voices in the Sky (single, Cooking Vinyl, 2020)
53. Juanita Stein – Snapshot (single, Nude Music, 2020)
54. Gregory Uhlmann – Neighborhood Watch (Neigborhood Watch, Topshelf Records, 2020)
55. Garrett Owen – Hour in the Forest (single, 2020)
56. Eli Winter – Maroon (single, American Dreams, 2020)
57. Dogwood Tales – Just for a Day (Closest Thing to Heaven, WarHen Records, 2020)
58. Tom Brosseau – Love Cannot Die (The Prairie, 2020)
59. S.G. Goodman – Space and Time (Old Time Feeling, Verve Forecast, 2020)
60. Samantha Crain – Tough For You (A Small Death, Real Kind Records, 2020)

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If you are looking this after a week has gone, the embedded Spotify will show the latest playlist. I’ll just update the same playlist because a) if someone wants to follow it, they can just follow that one list and will get a new set of songs each Sunday b) so that I don’t have a trillion of different playlists on my Spotify account.

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