Evangeline Gentle, Maya Hawke, Dolly Valentine and Lily McKown

The blog has again been on hold for various of reasons and I’ve just managed to make the weekly round up and the playlist. But I’m on vacation from the dayjob for the next week, so I’ll try to share some songs and albums that I’ve loved during the recent months. This post starts from Peterborough, Ontario with one of my favourite albums right now. It’s Evangeline Gentle’s self-titled debut that came out on the 21st of August on Sonic Unyon Records. I came across with the album because it was produced by Jim Bryson, but I stayed on its arms because of Evangeline Gentle’s wonderful songwriting and beautiful voice. Her songs found a home in my heart and contain a lot of those this is just how I feel or (and even more so) this just how I should feel moments. It’s rich, beautiful and powerful in its vulnerability. A treasure of an album.

Evangeline Gentle at Facebook
Evangeline Gentle Website

Moving over to New York for Maya Hawke’s album Blush that came out on 21st of August on Mom+Pop. She might still be better known as an actress, but this might change after people hear this strong album. Maya Hawke wrote the lyrics and Jesse Harris the music and the collaboration works beautifully. Here’s the album opener and my personal favorite Generous Heart.

Maya Hawke at Facebook
Maya Hawke Website

Everyone who follows the weekly playlist, knows that I love Dolly Valentine. I think over half of the songs of her new album have been on the playlist during the past year. The full album is finally out and available too and I’m very fond of it. Timeless, heartfelt and beautiful. Here’s the new lyric video for Everywhere, Love and one of my big favorites My Astrology.

Dolly Valentine at Facebook
Dolly Valentine Website

Last stop on this roundabout is Philadelphia and the debut album from Lily McKown. The album Backseat Driver came out on the 14th of August on Smartt* Records. It’s a beautiful folk rock album with great lyrics. This song B-Team might not be the best introduction to the album as a whole, but it resonates with my self-doubt ridden mind and is therefore my own favorite. Listen to / buy the whole album by hitting the links on the bandcamp player.

Lily McKown at Facebook
Lily McKown Website

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