Zephaniah OHora, Arna Georgia, Justin Wells and Juliet McConkey

Continuing with these quick round ups of my favorite releases. This time various shades of country music. First station Brooklyn, New York and some classic country gold from one of my big favourites Zephaniah OHora. His great new album Listening to the Music was produced by Neal Casal and came out officially on the 28th of August (a few weeks earlier for the folks who pre-ordered a copy). I shared the lead track All American Singer a while back, so let’s go with another advance single We Planned to Have it All on this little blog entry. This one hits me harder than I might be willing to admit. Such a perfect country ballad. Listen to / buy the whole album buy hitting those links on the Bandcamp player.

Zephaniah OHora Website
Zephaniah OHora at Facebook

Next off to Sydney for the new Arna Georgia album Yes Girl that came out on the 17th of July. I can’t say I’m a big expert on the Australian country scene. That’s probably something I should work on, because sometimes I do stumble upon great albums like this one. Here’s the first single 1998 (Catching Up To Do) as a music video and one of my own favorites Blues on a City Street.

Arna Georgia Website
Arna Georgia at Facebook

Back stateside and more precisely Lexington, Kentucky to add a bit more energy into the mix. Long time favorite Justin Wells released his wonderful record The United State on the 28th of August. Here’s an enjoyable music video for one of the advance singles No Time For a Broken Heart and another excellent album cut Temporary Blue. The latter features Abby Hamilton who released a marvellous EP earlier during this godforsaken year. Don’t sleep on that either.

Justin Wells Website
Justin Wells at Facebook

And last stop this time around is Austin, Texas and one of my favorite new country singer-songwriters Juliet McConkey. She just released her beautiful and moving debut album Disappearing Girl on the 21st of August. I’ve shared Hung the Moon, River Run and Disappearing Girl on the playlist, so let’s wrap this little blog entry with the captivating album closer Like a Rose.

Juliet McConkey Website
Juliet McConkey at Facebook

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