One Chord to Another hits 19 plus Luka Kuplowsky, Jennifer Castle, J.E. Sunde and Amuri

This little music blog / website is now 19 years old. How did that happen? Time is a weird concept. Thank you to all dear readers who have followed this long and strange journey through music and I hope you stay with me at least for another year. After getting this close, I surely want to reach the 20 year mark as well.

I don’t have any big blog birthday celebration plans this year. This blog post is pretty much it. Perhaps next year when this thing hits that 20. If you want to revisit last year’s online anniversary festival, you will still find most of the action by clicking that OCTA18 link in the top bar. I think I will do my own celebration by just watching live streams from blog favorites after I get through this work week. J.E. Sunde for example will have one this Friday, so I’m going to tune into that. As for this post, I think I’ll just do what I’ve done for these past 19 years. Share some songs that mean the world to me. That’s all there has ever been. I’m not much of a writer nor do I have a wide knowledge about music in general. All I have is love for the music and the passion to find new artists and songwriters. But maybe that’s enough.

It’s close to midnight and the alarm goes off 6am, so this is just a quick round up of beautiful songs and music videos. First stop, Toronto, Canada. Long time favourite Luka Kuplowsky is getting ready to release his new album Stardust on the 2nd of October. It will be out on Mama Bird Recording Co (US/World) and Next Door Records (Canada). The third single Crazy Love was accompanied with a beautiful animated video by Sonia Beckwith-Cole. Here comes the tidal wave of loving you.

Luka Kuplowsky at Facebook

Staying on Toronto for something brand new. The big announcement of the day is that we will get a new Jennifer Castle album Monarch Season on the 20th of November (LP/CD) and October 16th (digital). This beauty will be co-released by Paradise of Bachelors (US/World) and Idee Fixe Records (Canada). Here’s the first single Justice with an animated music video by Jesi Jordan.

Jennifer Castle Website
Jennifer Castle at Facebook

Across the border over to Minneapolis, USA. J.E. Sunde is one of my favorite songwriters and his new album 9 Songs About Love is one of my most anticipated albums of the year. It will come out on Vietnam Records on the 20th of November. Here’s the wonderful new single Love Gone to Seed in form a music video along with my favorite song of 2020 I Don’t Care to Dance.

J.E. Sunde Website
J.E. Sunde at Facebook

And last stop is Tampere, Finland and the self-titled debut album from Amuri. It was instant love when I heard their debut single Halla back in 2019 and it ended being my Finnish song of that particular year. I’ve been really eager to hear their debut album ever since and now this beauty is finally here in my arms. Halla might remain as the brightest diamond, but it’s an album full of treasures and I love it to bits. Here’s one of them called Masa. Music video by Kalevi Suopursu & Sami Sänpäkkilä.

Amuri at Facebook

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