OCTA Music Weekly – Episode #110

Another week, another new music weekly.

Again trying to sum up the new releases of the week. A lot happened again, so I’m sure I missed ton. I’m just one man after all and onechordnet is just a hobby and not a proper music media. But I’ll do what I can to share the songs that have found a home in my heart.

There’s lot to love this week. Several long time blog favorites released great new albums. Becky Warren, Sam Moss, Widower, Rachel Brooke, Jeff Tweedy, Laura Veirs and Adrianne Lenker for example fall into this category. There’s also some fairly new favorites like Skyway Man, Felix Hatfield, Emilee Emiko (ep) Raye Zaragoza, David Quinn and Stephanie Lambring. Oh yeah and there’s a new record from Bruce Springsteen too. That comes quite late on the playlist, because I’m sure you don’t come here looking for the Boss. That’s again just to name a few. Here’s a full list of album/EP releases that were on my radar. Some are a few weeks old that I only just found.

Becky Warren – The Sick Season
Rachel Brooke – The Loneliness in Me
Sam Moss – Shapes (Lost Honey Records)
Skyway Man – The World Only Ends When You Die (Mama Bird Recording Co)
Felix Hatfield – False God
Widower – Baby We Were (Jenny Invert Records)
Emilee Emiko – Looking EP
Raye Zaragoza – Woman In Color (Rebel River Records)
David Quinn – I Hope I Don’t (Letting Go, 2020)
Mr. Sam & The People People – Mr. Sam & The People People EP -16th of October release
Jeff Tweedy – Love Is The King (dBpm Records)
Will Kimbrough – Spring Break (Daphne Records)
Stephanie Lambring – Autonomy (Tone Tree Music)
Juanita Stein – Snapshot (Nude Music)
Adrianne Lenker – songs (4AD
This Is The Kit – Off Off On (Rough Trade)
Lera Lynn – On My Own
Laura Veirs – My Echo (Bella Union)
Emily Brown – A Fish of Earth (Song Club Records)
Gold Pulls – Cat Mountain Drive (Classic Records)
The Mountain Goats – Getting Into Knives (Merge Records)
Duncan Fellows – The Sadlands (Chill Dill Records)
Dillon Warnek – Fruit From Crooked Trees EP -Sept 11 release
Desert Blonde – Live Slow Die Old EP
Dex Wolfe – Lightness EP (Seward Sound)
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Just Dropped In (To See What My Condition My Rendition Is In) (Daptone Records)
Bruce Springsteen – Letter To You
Northcote – Let Me Roar (Black Box Recordings)
The Luxembourg Signal – The Long Now (Shelflife)
Adele & The Chandeliers – First Date
Kurt Baker – After Party (Wicked Cool Records)
Woods – Reflections Vol 1 (Woodsist)

As for things that are not streaming (A good to remember that Bandcamp beats Spotify every time), there’s at least the new McCarthy Trenching album that I just found minutes ago thanks to Desert Blonde. I’ve only listened to a little bit, but I think I instantly fell in love with it. I need to give it a listen tomorrow.

The highlight of the Finnish release week is the Bizzarro & Jukka Nissinen album. There were also albums from Seksihullut, Flush and Faarao Pirttikangas plus a new single from Tams on the playlist.

As for international singles, there’s a new collaboration from Kacy & Clayton and Marlon Williams. That’s rather exciting if you ask me. Micah Schnabel’s new single is now streaming too. It has been on Bandcamp for a little while longer. That Molly Parden song is pure gold. Sierra Ferrell is made her official Rounder debut with a double single. That’s a big deal. And plenty of other beautiful things that you can find by reading the list below or by just listening to it.

That’s it for this week. Love from a distance.

1. Becky Warren – Appointment with the Blues (The Sick Season, 2020)
2. Rachel Brooke – It Ain’t Over ’til You’re Crying (The Loneliness in Me, 2020)
3. Sam Moss – Shapes Out of the Dark (Shapes, Lost Honey Records, 2020)
4. Skyway Man – Night Walking, Alone (The World Only Ends When You Die, Mama Bird Recording Co, 2020)
5. Felix Hatfield – Seeing Things (False God, 2020)
6. Widower – One More Morning (Baby We Were, Jenny Invert Records, 2020)
7. Emilee Emiko – Quiet (Looking EP, 2020)
8. Raye Zaragoza – He Calls Me River (Woman In Color, Rebel River Records, 2020)
9. David Quinn – I Hope I Don’t (Letting Go, 2020)
10. Mr. Sam & The People People feat Casey Jane – Talking With You (Mr. Sam & The People People EP, 2020)
11. Sierra Ferrell – Jeremiah (single, Rounder Records, 2020)
12. Kacy & Clayton and Marlon Williams – I Wonder Why (single, New West Records, 2020)
13. Jeff Tweedy – Opaline (Love Is The King, dBpm Records, 2020)
14. Will Kimbrough – The Late Great John Prine Blues (Spring Break, Daphne Records, 2020)
15. Stephanie Lambring – Daddy’s Disappointment (Autonomy, Tone Tree Music, 2020)
16. Juanita Stein – Hey Mama (Snapshot, Nude Music, 2020)
17. Adrianne Lenker – ingydar (songs, 4AD, 2020)
18. This Is The Kit – Carry Us Please (Off Off On, Rough Trade, 2020)
19. Lera Lynn – A Light Comes Through (On My Own, 2020)
20. Molly Parden – These Are the Times (single, Tone Tree Music, 2020)
21. Laura Veirs – End Times (My Echo, Bella Union, 2020)
22. Grace Gillespie – The Child (single, Kaleidoscope, 2020)
23. Emily Brown – I Get the Feeling (A Fish of Earth, Song Club Records, 2020)
24. Quivers – Texarkana (single, Turntable Kitchen & Pink Lake Records, 2020)
25. Lucero – Outrun the Moon (single, Liberty & Lament, 2020)
26. Micah Schnabel – Existential Dread Machine (single, 2020)
27. Partner – Honey (single, You’ve Changed Records, 2020)
28. Gold Pulls – Won’t Have to Ask (Cat Mountain Drive, Classic Records, 2020)
29. The Mountain Goats – Picture of My Dress (Getting Into Knives, Merge Records, 2020)
30. Duncan Fellows – H.a.G.S (The Sadlands, Chill Dill Records, 2020)
31. Kacey Johansing – No Better Time (single, Night Bloom Records, 2020)
32. Valley Maker – Mockingbird (single, Frenchkiss Records, 2020)
33. Pickering Pick – Ways to Fall (single, Infinite Love, 2020)
34. Dillon Warnek – Tomorrow When You Wake Up I’ll Be Gone (Fruit From Crooked Trees EP, 2020)
35. Desert Blonde – Cold in California (Live Slow Die Old, 2020)
36. JB Paterson – Think About You Too (single, 2020)
37. Megan Nash – Artifact (single, MDM Recordings, 2020)
38. Dex Wolfe – Little Car (Lightness EP, Seward Sound, 2020)
39. Selah Broderick – Witnessing (single, Western Vinyl, 2020)
40. Lael Neale – Every Star Shivers in the Dark (single, Sub Pop Records, 2020)
41. Jocelyn MacKenzie – The Brave Ones (single, Righteous Babe Records, 2020)
42. Durand Jones & The Indications – Power to the People (single, Dead Oceans, 2020)
43. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – It Hurts to Be Alone (Just Dropped In(To See What My Condition My Rendition Is In), Daptone Records, 2020)
44. Bruce Springsteen – Song For Orphans (Letter To You, 2020)
45. Northcote – Dancers and Queens (Let Me Roar, Black Box Recordings, 2020)
46. Ryan Burns & The Vocal Ghosts – Hey Navigator (single, 2020)
47. The Luxembourg Signal – Cut the Bridle (The Long Now, Shelflife, 2020)
48. Adele & The Chandeliers – Treasure (First Date, 2020)
49. Tams – Pois pois pois (single, 2020)
50. Bizzaro & Jukka Nissinen – Hölmöt rakastuu (Taipale Broadcast Vol1, Humu Records / Hillotehdas, 2020)
51. Faarao Pirttikangas – Se raapii maata (Tomumaja, Helmi Levyt, 2020)
52. Flush – Dark (It Began As a Mistake, 2020)
53. Seksihullut – Ovesta sisään (Vain unessa kärsimys loppuu, If Society, 2020)
54. Kurt Baker – Over You (After Party, Wicked Cool Records, 2020)
55. Woods – Be Kind My Love (Reflections Vol 1, Woodsist, 2020)
56. Mandolin Orange – My Brother, My Keeper (single, Tiptoe Tiger Records, 2020)
57. Embla and the Karidotters – Burn the City Down (single, Die With Your Boots On Records, 2020)
58. Greta Morgan – When the Sun Comes Up (single, 2020)
59. Rue Snider – Spinning (single, 2020)
60. Maybe Babs – Simple Life (single, Outside Smoke, 2020)
61. Chloe Alison Escott – I Know the Soul By Its Presence In Others (Stars Under Contract, Chapter Music, 2020)
62. Jerry David DeCicca – To This Earth (The Unlikely Optimist and His Domestic Adventures, 2020)
63. Malin Pettersen – Weightless (Wildhorse, Die With Your Boots On Records, 2020)
64. Lily Dabbs – Curse These Feet (After the Blues EP, 2020)
65. Jennifer Castle – Broken Hearted (The Monarch Season, Paradise of Bachelors / Idee Fixe Records, 2020)

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