Christmas Playlist and Thank You

Thank you for following this blog adventure during the year. I will take a small blog break to rest and recharge, so there won’t be a new playlist for couple of weeks. I think the music weekly will return on the weekend of 9-10 January. Maybe a week later if the release calendar or my batteries are still empty at that point. The blog will hit a ridicilous 20 years in September 2021, so hopefully I’ll figure out a decent way to celebrate that during the forthcoming year.

Before that I’ll share some great new Christmas songs. The big one for me this year is the new Matt Dorrien EP My Christmas Plea. I think listening to this will become a part of my yuletide tradition for years to come. Too bad I missed the Matt Dorrien / Mama Bird yuletide special, because that would have been a perfect watch for the holidays. Just had to get the eoty lists done first.

Kelly Finnigan released a great soulful Christmas album A Joyful Sound

This yuletide song Merry Christmas Asshole by Brennen Leigh is an instant classic.

Very much enjoyed this new Kyle Cox song as well.

Joe Algeri and his Christmas Crew has been making a new Christmas song every year for 20 years. That’s some yuletune commitment. Here’s the new one called Won’t Be Leaving Home For Christmas.

And that was just to name a few. I made a playlist out of these because there were so many. It includes new songs and new cover versions. Feel free to drop me a note, if I need to add something to it. This is all for 2020. Thank you all dear readers and listeners. See you in 2021.

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