OCTA Music Weekly – Episode #123

Another week, another new music weekly.

Still somewhat quiet on the release front. Or maybe not, because I could easily come up with close to 50 songs. There’s always plenty to love.

This week we got new albums from Reed Turchi (two albums), Katy Kirby, Valley Maker, The Hold Steady, John Paul Keith, Ian Fisher, Cassandra Jenkins, Spencer Burton, Lael Neale, Ryan Dugre, Adeline Hotel, Senora May, John Blek, Corvair, Wild Pink and Tindersticks. Plus an EP from Hand Habits. The album by Steven van Betten and Andrew Rowan came out a week or two ago, but I only found it this week.

The Finnish part this week has a new the new album from Jani Matti Juhani (more excellent Elvis covers in Finnish) and single from Pekka Laine.

And finally the international singles. Amythyst Kiah released a new version of Black Myself. Still extremely powerful. Other big things were new singles from Johanna Samuels, Janet Simpson, Esther Rose, Karima Walker, Nick Shoulders (this was last week, but somehow missed it), Kaitlin Butts, Kassi Valazza, Corinne Sharlet and Joe Kaplow. Just to name a few.

That’s all for this week. My apologies that I’ve only done this one weekly post during the pandemic era. The reason has been sort of a combination of the pandemic, personal health struggles, overall laziness and spending too much of my spare time watching hockey games and art house movies. I’ll try to get back to the other kind of posts too at some point, but tough to say when exactly. Anyway, it was nice to learn that someone actually misses that stuff. It does give some motivation to continue, because my self-doubt ridden mind often wonders if I’m just throwing songs and words into a void. I probably should also try to figure out if I want to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of this blog, because September comes surprisingly fast. Anyway, enough of this pointless chat. Here is the playlist for the week. Love from a distance.

1. Reed Turchi – Dams (Creosote Flats, Devil Down Records, 2021)
2. Katy Kirby – Fireman (Cool Dry Place, Keeled Scales, 2021)
3. Valley Maker – Branch I Bend (When the Day Leaves, Frenchkiss Records, 2021)
4. Johanna Samuels – Nature’s Way (single, Mama Bird Recording Co, 2021)
5. John Paul Keith – The Sun’s Gonna Shine Again (The Rhythm of the City, Wild Honey Records, 2021)
6. The Hold Steady – Family Farm (Open Door Policy, Positive Jams, 2021)
7. Ian Fisher – American Standards (American Standards, 2021)
8. Janet Simpson – I’m Wrong (single, Cornelius Chapel Records, 2021)
9. Amythyst Kiah – Black Myself (single, Rounder Records, 2021)
10. Kaitlin Butts – How Lucky I Am (single, 2021)
11. Kassi Valazza – Moon Blue (single, OurVinyl Sessions, 2021)
12. Corinne Sharlet – A Lovely Future (single, 2021)
13. Kelly Sloan – I Wanna Wake Up (single, 2021)
14. Cassandra Jenkins – Crosshairs (An Overview on Phenomenal Nature, Ba Da Bing, 2021)
15. Samantha Crain – Bloomsday (single, Real Kind Records, 2021)
16. Esther Rose – Good Time (single, Full Time Hobby, 2021)
17. Nick Shoulders – Turn on the Dark (single, 2021)
18. Charley Crockett – Lesson In Depression (single, Son of Davy, 2021)
19. Spencer Burton – Nothing’s Changed (Coyote, Still Records, 2021)
20. Joe Kaplow – February Prorated Rent (single, Fluff & Gravy Records, 2021)
21. Senora May feat Jessica Lea Mayfield – Naturally (All of My Love, 2021)
22. Hand Habits – 4th of July (Dirt EP, Saddle Creek, 2021)
23. Lael Neale – Acquainted with Night (acquainted with Night, Sub Pop Records, 2021)
24. Karima Walker – Waking the Dreaming Body (single, Keeled Scales, 2021)
25. Ryan Dugre – Powder Rains (Three Rivers, 11A Records, 2021)
26. Adeline Hotel – Untangling (Good Timing, Ruination Record Co, 2021)
27. Cameron Knowles and Eli Winter – Parapraxis of a Dragonfly (single, American Dreams Records, 2021)
28. Pekka Laine – The Silent Star (single, Svart Records, 2021)
29. John Blek – Joy In Sorrow (Digressions #2 Grounded, Warr, 2021)
30. Jose Gonzalez – El Invento (single, City Slang, 2021)
31. Jay Gonzalez – Crying Through the Wall (single, 2021)
32. Corvair – Paladin (Corvair, 2021)
33. Wild Pink – Pacific City (A Billion Little Lights, Royal Mountain Records, 2021)
34. Jani Matti Juhani – Elän hetken (Laulaa Elvistä Suomeksi vol 2, Ainoa Productions, 2021)
35. Tindersticks – Tue-Moi (Distractions, City Slang, 2021)
36. Durand Jones & The Indications feat Y La Bamba – Cruising to the Parque (single, Dead Oceans, 2021)
37. Steven van Betten and Andrew Rowan – Herman (No Branches Witout Trees, 2021)
38. Jeffrey Silverstein – River Running By (single, 2021)
39. Peter Oren – Snow Don’t Fall (single, Sentinel Species, 2021)
40. Jason McNiff – Wherever I Choose (single, 2021)
41. The Bones of J.R. Jones – Stay Wild (single, Tone Tree, 2021)
42. Simon Flory – The More You Talk (The Less I Hear) (single, 2021)
43. Dark Tea – Deanna (single, Fire Talk, 2021)
44. Mojohand – Hold On (single, 2021)
45. Drew Danburry – Song to Long (single, 2021)
46. Mac Leaphart – Window from the Sky (Music City Joke, 2021)
47. Tiffany Williams – California (I’ll Be Back Soon EP, 2021)
48. Steady Holiday – Exactly What It Means (Take The Corners Gently, 2021)

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Oh and do buy the vinyl/cd/download. Spotify and other streaming services are perfect for these introductory purposes, but try to buy at least the music that matter the most to you

If you are looking this after a week has gone, the embedded Spotify will show the latest playlist. I’ll just update the same playlist because a) if someone wants to follow it, they can just follow that one list and will get a new set of songs each Sunday b) so that I don’t have a trillion of different playlists on my Spotify account.

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