OCTA Music Weekly – Episode #124

Another week, another new music weekly.

Things are heating up. Not a chance to have enough time to listen everything before making this. So there might be some good stuff missing. Actually I even intentionally left out some very good singles, because this is already longer than anyone will listen.

My favorite release of the week is the new EP by Clara Mann. One of my favorite things is finding new favorite artists and some months ago Clara Mann won my heart over during my first listen of her debut single. Now the full EP is here and it’s such a beauty. Some other big ones that I had highlighted were new albums by Chris Pierce, Karima Walker, Randolph’s Leap and Dan Edmonds. But there’s also so much more and most of these sounded great on quick listen and might become even more important when I have some time to properly listen to them. There’s new albums from Sara Petite, Olivia Ellen Lloyd, Charley Crockett, David Huckfelt, Mando Saenz, Bobby Dove (this ones a couple weeks old, but I just got the memo and I’m falling in love fast), Simon Flory, Ben Trickey, Julien Baker, Craig Finn (RSD release now streaming too), Graham Hunt, Quivers (R.E.M. Cover album), Mikey Erg (maybe not the kind of stuff I share a lot these days, but hell yeah this is awesome), Mo Kenney (Covers record) and Nick Cave & Warren Ellis.

On the Finnish side of things, we got albums from Antero Kaksikäsi, Black Twig, Iisa and Markus Perttula. There’s also singles from Vino Puu and Kynnet. Oh yeah and a few weeks old one from AK-77. It’s actually a cover of Cajun Moon and it caught my eye/ear when a FB friend (thanks Satu) posted it. I was curious even before hitting play, because they had turned Cajun into Keuruu and well I’m originally from Keuruu. Which was nice, but of course the fact that it mentions Keuruu is just a little bonus and the main thing is that it’s a great version.

And then the international singles. The big one here is the first single from the next Vanessa Peters album Modern Age that will drop into to the record stores and our hearts on the 23rd of April. Other personal favorites are the new singles from Vandoliers, Charlie Marie, Melissa Carper (again so great, it’s going to be one hell of a record), Leanne Betamosake Simpson, Dan Wriggins just to name a few. You’ll find them all below.

That’s it for this week. Love from a distance.

1. Clara Mann – Station Song (Consolations EP, Sad Club Records, 2021)
2. Karima Walker – Waking the Dreaming Body (Waking the Dreaming Body, Keeled Scales, 2021)
3. Randolph’s Leap – Let This Lie (Spirit Level, Fika Recordings, 2021)
4. Dan Edmonds – How Many (Good Fortune Assembly, 2021)
5. Chris Pierce – How Can Anybody Be Okay With This (American Silence, Pierce Records, 2021)
6. Vanessa Peters – Crazymaker (single, Idol Records, 2021)
7. Craig Finn – It’s Never Been a Fair Fight (All These Perfect Crosses, Partisan Records, 20219
8. Vandoliers – Every Saturday Night (single, Amerikinda Records, 2021)
9. Austin Lucas – Cry Over – Acoustic (single, Sabotage Records, 2021)
10. Sara Petite – Feeling Like An Angel (Rare Bird, JTMMusic, 2021)
11. Olivia Ellen Lloyd – Emily (Loose Cannon, 2021)
12. Charlie Marie – Heard it Through the Red Wine (single, Soundly, 2021)
13. Charley Crockett – In the Corner (10 for Slim, Charley Crockett Sings James Hand, Son of Davy, 2021)
14. Simon Flory – Big Bad Lover (Haul These Blues Away, 2021)
15. Bobby Dove – Chance In Hell (Hopeless Romantic, 2021)
16. Melissa Carper – Back When (single, Mae Music, 2021)
17. David Huckfelt – Cole Younger (Room Enough, Time Enough, Fluff and Gravy Records, 2021)
18. Antero Kaksikäsi – Hei vaan (Pihapihlaja, Hyvät levyt, 2021)
19. Mando Saenz – The Leaving Side (All My Shame, Carnival Recording Company, 2021)
20. Travis Linville – I’m Still Here (single, Black Mesa Records, 2021)
21. Ben Trickey – Glendalough or Chantilly (We Are Not Lucky We Are Blessed, Anthem Breath Records, 2021)
22. Julien Baker – Ringside (Little Oblivions, Matador Records, 2021)
23. Leanne Betasamosake Simpson – Viscosity (single, You’ve Changed Records, 2021)
24. Dan Wriggins – Lucinda on June Bug (single, Orindal Records, 2021)
25. AK-77 – Keuruun kuu (single, 2021)
26. An American Forrest – Hold the Center (single, 2021)
27. Will Stratton – Tokens (single, Bella Union, 2021)
28. Le Ren feat Buck Meek – Early Morning Rain (single, Secretly Canadian, 2021)
29. M G Boulter – Clifftown (single, Hudson Records, 2021)
30. Andrew Gabbard – Instant Trancer (single, Colemine Records, 2021)
31. Wojtek the Bear – Ferme La Bouche (single, Last Night From Glasgow Hive, 2021)
32. Painted Shrines – Not So Bad (single, Woodsist, 2021)
33. The Rose Petals – Chesapeake Leopard (single, Envoy Records, 2021)
34. Graham Hunt – Lighter Touch (Painting Over Mold, Forged Artifacts, 2021)
35. Quivers – Near Wild Heaven (Out of Time, Turntable Kitchen & Pink Lake Records, 2021)
36. Dinosaur Jr – I Ran Away (single, Jagjaguwar, 2021)
37. Guided By Voices – Free Agents (single, 2021)
38. Mikey Erg – Hey Marissa (Mikey Erg, Rad Girlfriend Records, 2021)
39. Kynnet – Rock’n’Roll-haamu (single, Soit Se Silti, 2021)
40. Black Twig – I Was Not Looking For Magic (Was Not Looking For Magic, Soliti, 2021)
41. Vino Puu – Hämärä vuodenaika (single, 2021)
42. Markus Perttula – Näiltä lakeuksilta (Aarnivalkea, Soit Se Silti, 2021)
43. Iisa – Kaksi vuotta (Amelia, Fullsteam Records, 2021)
44. Becca Mancari – Annie (single, Captured Tracks, 2021)
45. Adult Mom – Checking Up (single, Epitaph, 2021)
46. My Girl the River – Sad Dog (single, 2021)
47. Kristofer Åström – Michelle (single, Startracks, 2021)
48. The Harlem Gospel Travelers – God’s Gonna Move His Hand (single, Colemine Records, 2021)
49. Reed Turchi – Don’t Let Love Slip Away (I’ve Chosen Love, Devil Down Records, 2021)
50. Mara Connor – Ain’t That a Shame (single, Side Hustle Records, 2021)
51. John Myrtle – Get Her Off My Mind (single, Sad Club Records, 2021)
52. JB Paterson – Going Back (Keep on Chooglin) (single, Easy Machine Recordings, 2021)
53. Mo Kenney – Swimming Song (Covers, Turtlemusik, 2021)
54. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – Carnage (Carnage, AWAL, 2021)
55. Shabason, Krgovich & Harris – Walking by a Woman (single, Idee Fixe Records, 2021)

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Oh and do buy the vinyl/cd/download. Spotify and other streaming services are perfect for these introductory purposes, but try to buy at least the music that matter the most to you

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