Isaac Vallentin, Clara Mann, Dan Edmonds and Steady Holiday

A blog post that is not a playlist. Who would have thought. Well it might be just a one-off and there are hardly any words, but anyway, I wanted to highlight a few releases that might not be that high profile in the grand scheme of things, but mean the world to me. Kicking things off in Montreal, Quebec with Isaac Vallentin’s gorgeous third album “…” that came out on the 3rd of February. Here’s the music video for Winter Song along with my own favourite, almost ten minutes long The Ballad of Nunangat that honour the lives and voices of Indigenous Canadians.

Isaac Vallentin Website

Moving on to Bristol, UK for the brand new Clara Mann EP Consolations that came out last week on Sad Club Records. I pretty much came a fan of singer-songwriter Clara Mann during my first spin of her debut single I Didn’t Know You Were Leaving Today last November. I instantly loved it and I’ve felt the same way about every Clara Mann I’ve heard to date.

Clara Mann at Facebook

Back in Canada for another treasure from the February 26 release vault. Former Harlan Pepper Dan Edmonds released a new charming solo album Good Fortune Assembly. The song The Morning is just pure gold. Dan Edmonds, Luka Kuplowsky and Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien create some magic together there and the music video is also excellent.

Dan Edmonds at Facebook

Let’s wrap this small blog entry in Los Angeles, California with the sweetest music video I know. It’s the ending song Love Me When I Go To Sleep from the new Steady Holiday album Take The Corners Gently. Such a lovely and heartfelt video. I love it wholeheartedly. Goes without saying that the album is also excellent.

Steady Holiday Website
Steady Holiday at Facebook

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  1. I found your site last month, and have trawled through dozens and dozens of your posts, and added so much to my playlists. I don’t think I’ve ever found so much good music in one go – your tastes are remarkably similar to mine! The diversity of stuff you feature is brilliant. Keep up the good work, because you are doing a huge service for lesser-known artists who are making excellent music. I’m checking in regularly for new updates!

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