OCTA Music Weekly – Episode #130

Another week, another new music weekly.

Taking a break from NHL trade gossip and sharing the finest new releases of the week. So much stuff this week that I probably missed some and even intentionally left out some higher profile singles, because the lenght of this already longer than anyone is willing to listen.

The album of the week is the new Elephant Micah album, but there’s a whole lot more. There’s new albums from Dominic Billett, Andrew Sisk (this has been on Bandcamp before), Icarus Phoenix (this beauty was cassette only in 2020, now streaming too), Katie Jo, The Pink Stones, Parker Millsap, Nick Waterhouse, The Reds, Pinks and Purples, Bill MacKay & Nathan Bowles, Rhiannon Giddens with Francesco Turrisi, Evan Greer, The Blips, Cheap Trick and Dallas Moore. There’s also beautiful EPs from Samantha Crain, Skullcrusher and Kris Delmhorst.

From Finland there’s a great run of singles from Lettoman, Jan Vilhelm, Jukka Nissinen, Pambikallio, Jukka Ässä, Arppa, Tero-Petri & Korvaamattomat, Icons of Elegance, Pink Chameleons and Sumuposauttaja.

And last but not least the international singles. So many great ones this week. Personal favorite is probably the new Jesse Aycock song. His forthcoming album is going to be special. The first single from the forthcoming Cat Clyde & Jeremie Albino album is also rather perfect. And well the list goes on and on. There’s wonderful singles from Vanessa Peters, Charlie Marie, Rachel Brooke, Teskey Brothers, Darrin Bradbury, Damien Jurado, Tristen, V.V. Lightbody, Anne Soldaat just to name a few.

That’s all for this week. I’ll get back to hockey trade rumours. Love from a distance.

1. Elephant Micah – Return to the Abandoned Observatory (Vague Tidings, Western Vinyl, 2021)
2. Dominic Billett – Merida (Two Peach Trees, Perpetual Doom, 2021)
3. Andrew Sisk – Caroline (Mr Miracle, 2021)
4. Icarus Phoenix – Cassie Knows or How a Shy Person Says I Love You (Icarus Phoenix, 2020/2021)
5. Katie Jo – I Don’t Know Where You Heart’s Been (Pawn Shop Queen, Fossil Water Records, 2021)
6. Cat Clyde & Jeremie Albino – Been Worryin’ (single, Cinematic Music Group, 2021)
7. Rachel Brooke – Life Sentence Blues (single, Piece of Pie Records, 2021)
8. Charlie Marie – 40 Miles from Memphis (single, Soundly Music, 2021)
9. Vanessa Peters – Valley of Ashes (single, Idol Records, 2021)
10. Jesse Aycock – Sadder than a Sunset (single, Horton Records, 2021)
11. The Pink Stones – Put Me On (Introducing.. Normaltown Records, 2021)
12. Darrin Bradbury – Deanna, Deanna (single, Anti, 2021)
13. Parker Millsap – Always (Be Here Instead, Okrahoma Records, 2021)
14. Nick Waterhouse – Silver Bracelet (Promenade Blue, Innovative Leisure Records, 2021)
15. Teskey Brothers – Never Tear Us Apart (single, Decca Records, 2021)
16. Damien Jurado – Tom (single, Field Painting Music, 2021)
17. Samantha Crain – Two Sitting Ducks (I Guess We Live Here Now EP, Real Kind Records, 2021)
18. Tristen – Athena (single, Mama Bird Recording Co, 2021)
19. The Reds, Pinks and Purples – I Hope I Never Fall In Love (Uncommon Feather, Tough Love, 2021)
20. Anne Soldaat – You’re Hard To Find (single, Excelsior Recordings, 2021)
21. Massage – Half a Feeling (single, Bobo Integral, 2021)
22. Anthonie Tonnon – Entertainment (single, Slow Time Records, 2021)
23. David Shultz – Now Is All (single, 2021)
24. Tommaso – Sarina (single, 2021)
25. Rachel Sermanni – Swallow Me (single, Jellygirl Records, 2021)
26. V.V. Lightbody – Really Do Care (single, Acrophase Records, 2021)
27. Bill MacKay & Nathan Bowles – I See God (Keys, Drag City, 2021)
28. Kris Delmhorst – Reveille (Light Breaks Through EP, 2021)
29. Lula Wiles – In Dreams (single, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, 2021)
30. Rhiannon Giddens with Francesco Turrisi – I Shall Not Be Moved (They’re Calling Me Home, Nonesuch Records, 2021)
31. Jamie Lin Wilson – T Total Tommy (single, Lettomusic, 2021)
32. Lettoman – Ford Model T (single, 2021)
33. Jan Vilhelm – Merenneito Siriukselta (single, Karhuvaltio Records, 2021)
34. Jukka Nissinen – Hetken kukka (single, Humu Records, 2021)
35. Pambikallio – Häntä (single, Helmi Levyt, 2021)
36. Arppa – Väistä (single, Arppa Music, 2021)
37. Jukka Ässä – Anna kun mä kerron (single, Playground, 2021)
38. Tero-Petri & Korvaamattomat – Oman maailmansa kansalaiset (single, Plastic Passion, 2021)
39. Icons of Elegance – Mexico (single, Dinner With Daisy Records, 2021)
40. Sumuposauttaja – High Hopes (single, Fonal Records, 2021)
41. Pink Chameleons – Hot Dog (single, Soliti, 2021)
42. The Rose Petals – Welcome to the Big Top (single, Envoy Records, 2021)
43. Cheap Trick – Another World (In Another World, BMG, 2021)
44. Evan Greer – Punk Rock Angel From Montgomery (Spotify Is Surveillance, Get Better Records, 2021)
45. The Blips – Gold Rush (The Blips, Cornelius Chapel Records, 2021)
46. The Explorers Club – Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy (single, Goldstar Recordings, 2021)
47. ROY – I’m Not Afraid (single, Idee Fixe Records, 2021)
48. Todd Snider – The Get Together (single, Aimless Records, 2021)
49. GA-20 – No No (single, Karma Chief Records, 2021)
50. Tejon Street Corner Thieves – Greasy Coat (single, Liars Club / Regime Music Group, 2021)
51. Dallas Moore – The Rain (The Rain, Sol Records, 2021)
52. Jack Droppers & The Best Intentions – Welcome to the Party (single, Mahogany Songs, 2021)
53. Reigning Sound – Oh Christine (single, Merge Records, 2021)
54. Duke Of Norfolk – September / The Pain of the Process (single, Monty People, 2021)
55. Shay Martin Lovette – Upstate (single, 2021)
56. Skullcrusher – Song for Nick Drake (Storm In Summer EP, Secretly Canadian, 2021)
57. Memory Spells feat Malena Cadiz – Where Is My Mind? (single, 2021)
58. Thomas Csorba – Green Velvet (single, Tone Tree, 2021)
59. The Roseline – Seven Hundred Second Changes (single, RPH Records, 2021)
60. Eden Prairie – Josie (Give Up the Ghost, 2021)

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Oh and do buy the vinyl/cd/download. Spotify and other streaming services are perfect for these introductory purposes, but try to buy at least the music that matter the most to you

If you are looking this after a week has gone, the embedded Spotify will show the latest playlist. I’ll just update the same playlist because a) if someone wants to follow it, they can just follow that one list and will get a new set of songs each Sunday b) so that I don’t have a trillion of different playlists on my Spotify account.

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