OCTA Music Weekly – Episode #131

Another week, another new music weekly.

What a nightmare onechord weekend. Noticed Friday that there was a critical error on the blog, tried to restore a backup which didn’t work either. Thankfully I managed to get this back on track at 7.30 on saturday morning after staying awake all night trying to figure it out. I hope there aren’t anymore issues. I assume the issue was just a lack of disk space, which caused the wordpress auto-update on thu-fri night to fail and cause the error and that’s why restoring the backup didn’t work either until I removed thousands of emails (most of which were unread, so my apologies if I removed something important). I suppose could be something else too. I have no idea. Technology left me lonely. I got to the get back to the woods. At first I thought I left this weekly roundup to Sunday, because I slept through Saturday because of this. But here it is in the end. Probably more holes and things I missed than on a normal week.

My album of the week is the new Jesse Aycock album. I’ve been waiting more solo stuff from him and this is such a special record. Love it to bits. There’s much more to love though and the week gave us new albums from Layten Kramer, GospelbeacH (EP), Zach Schmidt, DL Rossi, Jeffrey Silverstein (EP), Jason McNiff, Jack M. Senff (solo takes, this has been on Bandcamp a while), Will Beeley (70s Sessions that have also been on Bandcamp a while, I don’t usually feature older stuff here, but I love Will and these haven’t been released before), Cole Quest and the City Pickers (EP), Amigo the Devil, Oberon Rose (early 2021 power pop magic, but I’m late to the party), Elise Davis and The Brother Brothers.

From Finland there’s run of singles from Tams, J.Kajan, Jukka Nousiainen, The Bullets, Anton Haring. Oh yeah and digital reissue of some Supernova Crush singles/eps from the early 00s.

The song of the week is the new single from Canadian songwriter Kelly Sloan. I loved the first single and I love this new one. Pure magic and I can’t wait to hear the record. There’s so much good stuff this week. There’s tremendous new singles from Turner Cody, VanWyck, Cassidy Snider, Wes Tirey, Cale Tyson, Volk, Heather Valley, Michael Cormier, Amythyst Kiah, Andy Bilinski, T. Hardy Morris, Bill & The Belles, Michael Robert Murphy, Teenage Fanclub, M Ross Perkins and much more.

That’s all for this week. Love from a distance.

1. Jesse Aycock – Shed the Light (Jesse Aycock, Horton Records, 2021)
2. Kelly Sloan – Tangled (single, 2021)
3. Layten Kramer – When a Love’s Not Around (Dear Apathy, Oscar Street Records, 2021)
4. GospelbeacH – Loving You Ain’t Easy (Jam Jam EP, Curation Records, 2021)
5. Zach Schmidt – Back Around (Raise a Banner, Boss Dawg Records, 2021)
6. DL Rossi – True Blue (Lonesome Kind, 2021)
7. Turner Cody & The Soldiers of Love – Telling Stories (single, Capitane Records, 2021)
8. Cassidy Snider & The Wranglers – Shoulda Gone Home (single, Vocal Rest Records, 2021)
9. VanWyck – Annekin’s Bay (single, Maiden Name Records, 2021)
10. Jeffrey Silverstein – Flowers on the Highway (Torii Gates EP, Arrowhawk Records, 2021)
11. Wes Tirey – Bang The Drum Slowly (single, Dear Life Records, 2021)
12. Heather Valley – If It Makes You Happy (single, 2021)
13. Cale Tyson – Alone (single, 2021)
14. Jason McNiff – Try For the Sky (Dust of Yesterday, 2021)
15. Jack M. Senff – Old Days (Solo Takes, Skeletal Lightning, 2021)
16. Will Beeley – Maybe It Happened for the Best (1970 Sessions, Tompkins Square, 2021)
17. Sweet Megg & Ricky Alexander – Foolin’ Myself (single, Turtle Bay Records, 2021)
18. Bill and the Belles – Make It Look Easy (single, Ditty Boom Records, 2021)
19. Cole Quest and The City Pickers – If I Still Had You (Self[en]Titled EP, Omnivore Records, 2021)
20. Amigo the Devil -24k Casket (Born Against, Liars Club, 2021)
21. Cory Grinder and the Playboy Scouts – Drinkin’ Lots of Wine (single, Blue Arrow Records, 2021)
22. Volk – Atlanta Dog (single, Romanus Records, 2021)
23. T. Hardy Morris – The Digital Age Of Rome (single, Normaltown Records, 2021)
24. Vandoliers – Waiting on a Train (single, Next Waltz, 2021)
25. Michael Robert Murphy – Puzzles (single, 2021)
26. Amythyst Kiah – Wild Turkey (single, Rounder Records, 2021)
27. Andy Bilinski – Do What You Want (single, 2021)
28. Michael Cormier – Degradation (single, Dear Life Records, 2021)
29. Paper Beat Scissors – Gracia (single, Seayou Records / Forward Music Group, 2021)
30. Andre Ethier feat Joseph Shabason – Nature Compels Me (single, Telephone Explosion Records, 2021)
31. Anna Ash – Less Regret (single, 2021)
32. Louien feat Mikhael Paskalev – Deep Withing (single, Jansen Records, 2021)
33. Fiver and The Atlantic School of Spontaneous Composition – Paid in Pride (single, You’ve Changed Records, 2021)
34. Tams – Viittä vaille valmis (single, 2021)
35. J. Kajan – Tuuli huulia heiluttaa (single, 2021)
36. Jukka Nousiainen – Pitkät pimeet taakse jäädä saa (single, Jukan musiikki, 2021)
37. The Bullets – Start Believin’ (single, 2021)
38. Anton Haring – Step Towards the Sun (single, 2021)
39. Elastic No-No Band feat Toby Goodshank – Poor Jenny (Rehearsal) (single, Weemayk Music, 2021)
40. Teenage Fanclub – In Our Dreams (single, PeMa, 2021)
41. Oberon Rose – American Avenue (Holographic Blues, 2021)
42. Supernova Crush – Nothing Will Follow (Graceland Sessions EP, Iso Pinkki, 2006/2021)
43. M Ross Perkins – Bird of the World (single, Karma Chief Records, 2021)
44. Scott Lavene – Nigel (single, Nothing Fancy, 2021)
45. Lawrence Rothman feat Amanda Shires – Thrash of the West (single, KRO Records, 2021)
46. Low Cut Connie – Video Games (single, Contender Records, 2021)
47. Lucy Dacus – Hot & Heavy (single, Matador, 2021)
48. Elise Davis – Yellow Bed (Anxious. Happy. Chill. Tone Tree Music, 2021)
49. Allen LeRoy Hug – Saturnine Boy (single, 2021)
50. Trey Burnart Hall – Haiku (single, Vocal Rest Records, 2021)
51. Britton Patrick Morgan feat Darrell Scott – Time Just Goes Away (single, 2021)
52. Oliver Wood – Kindness (single, Honey Jar Records, 2021)
53. Amos The Kid – Island of Troubles (single, House Of Wonders Records, 2021)
54. The Brother Brothers – Seein’ Double (Calla Lily, Compass Records, 2021)
55. CJ Stranger – In Your Life (single, 2021)
56. Jesse Terry – Hymn of a Summer Night (single, Wander Recordings, 2021)
57. Joe Nolan – Riverbends (single, Fallen Tree Records, 2021)
58. Katie Jo – Are You Coming Home Tonight (Pawn Shop Queen, Fossil Water Records, 2021)
59. Domicic Billett – Stepping Stone (Two Peach Trees, 2021)
60. Icarus Phoenix – Iron Man and His Demons (For Striker) (Icarus Phoenix, 2021)

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