OCTA Music Weekly – Episode #134

Another week, another new music weekly.

Here we are again going through the finest new music releases of the week. First apologies for sleeping on Rosali’s singles. I haven’t featured them here, because was unaware how great the songs were. I listened the album last night and instantly loved it. It’s my top pick of the week along with Charlie Marie, Fiver and Will Stratton that have been featured here quite well during the album cycle. Other great album releases this week came from Blue Cactus, American Aquarium (covers), Dorothea Paas, Peter Doran, Sam Tudor, Natalie Bergman, Maia Sharp, Tejon Street Corner Thieves, Carter Tanton and Ted Russell Kamp.

As for Finnish stuff, there’s new albums from Maa ilmasta and Eero Marila plus a run of singles from Pambikallio, Janne Tapion Sisäinen Avaruus, Grant Wood Company and Tomi Nordlund & Syvä Joki.

Last but not least the international (should-be) hit singles. My personal favorite is probably the new single from Libby DeCamp. I can’t wait to hear her record. If you are into power pop and such melodic treasures there’s a new David Myhr single from a forthcoming EP. We also have more advance singles from the forthcoming albums by John Andrews & The Yawns, Tristen, Amythyst Kiah, Bill and The Belles, Shay Martin Lovette and so forth. Again just to name a few. They are all worth a namedrop, but you’ll find the list below.

I think that’s it for this week. Love from a distance.

1. Rosali – Whatever Love (No Medium, Spinster, 2021)
2. Charlie Marie – Kiss My Boots (Ramble On, Soundly, 2021)
3. Libby DeCamp – On The Range (single, 2021)
4. Fiver – Jr. Wreck (Fiver with the Atlantic School Of Spontaneous Composition, You’ve Changed Records, 2021)
5. Will Stratton – Infertile Air (The Changing Wilderness, Bella Union, 2021)
6. John Andrews & The Yawns – Try (single, Woodsist, 2021)
7. Blue Cactus – Rodeo Queen (Stranger Again, Sleepy Cat Records, 2021)
8. American Aquarium – John Deere Green (Slappers Bangers & Certified Twangers, Losing Side Records, 2021)
9. Amythyst Kiah – Hangover Blues (single, Rounder Records, 2021)
10. Tristen – Wrong With You (single, Mama Bird Recording Co, 2021)
11. Dorothea Paas – Waves Rising (Anything Can Happen, Telephone Explosion Records, 2021)
12. Peter Doran – None the Wiser (Voices, 2021)
13. Sam Tudor – Change My Shape (Two Half Worlds, 2021)
14. Natalie Bergman – Your Love Is My Shelter (Mercy, Third Man Records, 2021)
15. David Myhr – We Wanted to Shine (single, Lojinx, 2021)
16. Tomi Nordlund & Syvä Joki – Pelastaja (single, Soit Se Silti, 2021)
17. Janne Tapion Sisäinen Avaruus – Onnellinen? (single, Iso Pinkki, 2021)
18. Eero Marila – Rakastua uudestaan (Muutos, 2021)
19. Pambikallio – Volvo (single, Helmi Levyt, 2021)
20. Maa ilmasta – Päijänne-ilmiö (ISO YÖ, Luova Records, 2021)
21. Grant Wood Company – Home (single, Karhuvaltio Records, 2021)
22. T. Hardy Morris – Down & Out (single, Normaltown Records, 2021)
23. The Roseline – Joy (single, RPH Records, 2021)
24. Travis Linville – Blue Sky Bound (single, Black Mesa Records, 2021)
25. Hannah Juanita – Love Like Yours (single, 2021)
26. Bill and The Belles – People Gonna Talk (single, Ditty Boom Records, 2021)
27. Darrin Bradbury – Pizza & Drugs (single, Anti, 2021)
28. Maia Sharp – Backburner (Mercy Rising, Crooked Crown, 2021)
29. Anna Ash – I Was Just Your Evening (single, 2021)
30. Rachel Sermanni – Travelled (single, Jellygirl Records, 2021)
31. Shay Martin Lovette – Parkway Bound (single, 2021)
32. Kevin Morby – Dumcane (single, Dead Oceans, 2021)
33. Anne Soldaat – Suffer Silently (single, Excelsior Recordings, 2021)
34. John Myrtle – How Can You Tell If You Love Here (single, Sad Club Records, 2021)
35. Nap Eyes – When I Come Around (single, Jagjaguwar, 2021)
36. Kitty Kat Fan Club – Keep Spinning (single, Asian Man Records, 2021)
37. Emma Kupa – Happy Birthday (single, Lost Map Records, 2021)
38. Lauren O’Connell – Unbelievers (single, Sugar Glider, 2021)
39. Louien – Fire (single, Jansen Records, 2021)
40. Possum – Clarified Budder (single, Idee Fixe Records, 2021)
41. James Matthew VII & Young Guv – Til I Find Love Again (single, 2021)
42. Kelly Finnigan – Can’t Let Him Down -acoustic (single, Colemine Records, 2021)
43. GA-20 – Two in the Ground (single, Colemine Records, 2021)
44. Volk – I Fed Animals (single, Romanus Records, 2021)
45. The 40 Acre Mule – Brown Eyed Handsome Man (single, State Fair Records, 2021)
46. Tejon Street Corner Thieves – Crawdad (Stolen Goods, Liars Club, 2021)
47. Riley Downing – Start It Over (single, New West Records, 2021)
48. Thomas Csorba – When You Can’t See The Highway End (single, Tone Tree Music, 2021)
49. Gary Louris – Follow (single, SHAM, 2021)
50. Straight White Teeth – The Night Washes Its Face (single, Hunny Hawk Records, 2021)
51. Carter Tanton – Gunnin’ For the Stem (Carter Tanton, Western Vinyl, 2021)
52. Megan Palmer – Take Good Care (single, Triple Threat, 2021)
53. Eric Bolander – Montogomery Hill (single, 2021)
54. Ted Russell Kamp – You Can Go To Hell, I’m Going to Texas (Solitaire, TRK / CRS, 2021)
55. Jeff Crosby – Runnin’ Free (single, 2021)
56. Doc Feldman and The Alt + Cntry + Delete – Let Me Love You (A Healthy Dose Of Anxiety, 2021)
57. Wes Tirey – Life Is Good, Life Is Sweet (The Midwest Book of the Dead, Dear Life Records, 2021)
58. Joe Kaplow – Rain Drums (Sending Money and Stems, Fluff and Gravy Records, 2021)
59. The Legal Matters – You Sure Can’t Blame Her (Chapter Three, Futureman Records, 2021)
60. Teenage Fanclub – Living With You (Endless Arcade, PeMa, 2021)

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If you are looking this after a week has gone, the embedded Spotify will show the latest playlist. I’ll just update the same playlist because a) if someone wants to follow it, they can just follow that one list and will get a new set of songs each Sunday b) so that I don’t have a trillion of different playlists on my Spotify account.

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