Icarus Phoenix, Quivers and John Andrews & The Yawns

I’ve been meaning to share the video of the song Cassie Knows, or How a shy person says I love you by Icarus Phoenix for a long time, but my blogging activity has been next to none. Tonight I saw the new video for the Iron Man and his Demons, for Striker and after shedding the tears, I knew I had to finally break out from the blogging slump and share songs and videos from this beautiful record.

Icarus Phoenix is a new project my long time blog favorite Drew Danburry. He originally released the Icarus Phoenix album last year on cassette, but in april 2021 he also made it available digitally. He is also making these beautiful hand-drawn time lapse music videos. It must take a long time to make them, but they are worth the effort. Here’s the two I mentioned above, but you’ll find more from his youtube. And if you like them, buy the cassette or download from Telos Tapes Bandcamp.

Drew Danburry at Youtube

Next up is my favorite Tasmanian pop group Quivers. Actually I think they are located in Melbourne these days, but what actually matters is that they are a great band. I fell in love madly when I heard the song Pigeons few years back. In between now and then they released their debut record and covered the entire Out Of Time album by R.E.M. Both are highly recommended if you missed them. At this moment in time they are getting ready to release their new record Golden Doubt. They seem to be on an upward trajectory, because the new one will be co-released by such cool labels as Ba Da Bing!, Bobo Integral and Spunk. The two singles that are out and available are both absolutely wonderful.

Quivers at Facebook
Quivers Website

Let’s wrap this one with a song or two from the forthcoming John Andrews & The Yawns album. Cookbook is out next week on Woodsist and all the singles have been pure gold. This River of Doubt video makes me smile every time. There’s live music, pond hockey and cats, so how could I not love it wholeheartedly.

John Andrews & The Yawns at Facebook

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