OCTA Music Weekly – Episode #136

Another week, another new music weekly.

It seemed like quite a busy release week especially on the singles front. My first quick draft already had 80 songs, so I pretty much stopped making a deeper dive into new releases. Watching every NHL playoff game had something to do with that too, because that took a large chunk of my spare time. So sorry if I missed a ton. I didn’t bother to do much cuts to the first draft, so I know this far longer than anyone will listen. But hey, nobody is forcing anyone to listen to the whole thing, so check out how much or little you want.

My album of the week is the debut album from Libby DeCamp. I’ve been following her live videos on youtube a few years and loved all these advance singles earlier in the year. So great to have a full album of her songs. Other big album releases this week came from Bill & The Belles, Travis Linville, Cat Clyde & Jeremie Albino, Alexis May (EP and this is from last week actually. I just heard it this week thanks to Bill Goodman), Heather Valley (covers album), Kelly McMichael, Allison Russell, Porlolo (EP), Lula Wiles, Radio Days, David Myhr (EP), Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends, Reigning Sound, The Duke of Norfolk, Mr Ben and the Bens (EP), STACEY, Candi Carpenter (EP), Carolyn Shulman, Oliver Wood, Robert Finley, Heka (EP) and Sam & Julia.

There’s also a pretty decent size Finnish section this time around. There’s albums from Sami Heikkilä & Kolme Viljaa, Marian Valinta, Pink Chameleons and Mosaiikkisiipi plus singles from Rock Siltanen Group, Jalmari Olavinpoika, Lyyti, Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L and Maria Milvus. All highly recommended.

And last but not least the international (should-be) hits. Big ones for me are the first singles from forthcoming albums by long time favorites Andrew Bryant, Drew Beskin and Jeremy Squires. A return single from Acid House Kings hits the indie kid heart even inside a middle-aged man. We also got more wonderful singles from the future albums by Corinne Sharlet, Vincent Neil Emerson, St. Lenox and Lucy Dacus. And there’s just pure gold throughout this way too long play lists. Even on latter half there’s treasures like Curtis Harding, Kate Vargas, Cameron Knowler, Yohei, Jeb Loy Nichols and so many others.

That’s it for this week. I’ll tune in to the Canadiens at Maple Leafs game now. Love from a distance.

1. Libby DeCamp – In a Line (Westward and Faster, 2021)
2. Bill & The Belles – That’ll Be Just Fine (Happy Again, 2021)
3. Cat Clyde & Jeremie Albino – It Hurts Me Too (Blue Blue Blue, Cinematic Music Group, 2021)
4. Travis Linville – See You Around (I’m Still Here, Black Mesa Records, 2021)
5. Alexis May – Pain, Memories and Time (Killing Pain, Memories and Time EP, 2021)
6. Vincent Neil Emerson – Texas Moon (single, La Honda Records, 2021)
7. Corinne Sharlet – Pink Summer Moon (single, 2021)
8. Joe Bourdet – Unwritten Story (single, Mountain Sound Recorders, 2021)
9. Andrew Bryant – Fight (single, Sentimental Noises, 2021)
10. Heather Valley – Goddamn Lonely Love (Wildflower Radio, 2021)
11. Allison Russell – 4th Day Prayer (Outside Child, Fantasy Records, 2021)
12. Kelly McMichael – Love Is On Now (Waves, 2021)
13. Jeremy Squires – Only In My Dreams (single, Blackbird, 2021)
14. Porlolo – Medic (No Praise No Blame EP, 2021)
15. Lula Wiles – Mary Anne (Shame and Sedition, Smithsonian Folkways, 2021)
16. Radio Days – Running Around (Rave On! Ammonia Records, 2021)
17. Drew Beskin – Going Alright For You (single, Super Canoe, 2021)
18. David Myhr – You Spin My World Around (And Now This EP, Lojinx, 2021)
19. Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends – Some Angels Never Learn To Fly (17 Birds at the Summer’s Gate, 2021)
20. Acid House Kings – A Little Dancing (single, 2021)
21. Reigning Sound – You Don’t Know What You’re Missing (A Little More Time With Reigning Sound, Merge Records, 2021)
22. Pink Chameleons – Dead End Life (Peace & Love, Soliti, 2021)
23. Rock Siltanen Group – Pizzaa ja kaljaa (single, 2021)
24. Jalmari Olavinpoika – Soitan huoneesta tyhjän (single, Ainoa Records, 2021)
25. Sami Heikkilä & Kolme Viljaa – Kiitos varjoista (Sani Heikkilä & Kolme Viljaa, Kitka Records, 2021)
26. Marian Valinta – Kyyhky (Kahden valtakunta, 2021)
27. Mosaiikkisiipi – Tiedätkö kuka hän on (Ala, McVius Records, 2021)
28. Lyyti – Mihin voi soittaa? (single, Luova Records, 2021)
29. Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L – Valaita (single, 2021)
30. Maria Milvus – Love While You Still Can (single, Svart Records, 2021)
31. Merival – Head Over Heels (single, frtyfve, 2021)
32. Lucy Dacus – VBS (single, Matador Records, 2021)
33. St. Lenox – The Great Blue Heron (single, Don Giovanni Records, 2021)
34. The Duke of Norfolk – November / The Bird In My Breast (A Pebble of the Brook, Monty People, 2021)
35. Carolyn Shulman – I Don’t Miss You (Grenadine & Kerosene, 2021)
36. Jesse Daniel – Think I’ll Stay (single, Die True Records, 2021)
37. Joshua Ray Walker – Hello (single, State Fair Records, 2021)
38. Oliver Wood – Unbearable Heart (Always Smilin’, Honey Jar Records, 2021)
39. Candi Carpenter – The River Knows How (When The Asteroid Comes EP, CTK Records, 2021)
40. Ashley Ray – Better Now (single, Soundly, 2021)
41. STACEY – There Will Always Be Lovers (Saturn Return, 2021)
42. Kirty – Turn You On (single, Postwar Records, 2021)
43. Faye Webster – I Know I’m Funny Haha (single, Secretly Canadian, 2021)
44. Sam Evian – Easy To Love (single, Fat Possum Records, 2021)
45. Mr Ben and the Bens – Adonyne (Melody Shed EP, Bella Union, 2021)
46. Yohei – Edge Of Your Dream (single, 2021)
47. Jeb Loy Nichols – I Just Can’t Stop (single, Timmion Records, 2021)
48. Curtis Harding – Hopeful (single, Anti, 2021)
49. Robert Finley – Make Me Feel Alright (Sharecropper’s Son, Easy Eye Sound, 2021)
50. Kate Vargas – Rumpumpo (single, 2021)
51. JP Harris – Last Chance (single, Free Dirt Records, 2021)
52. Cameron Knowler – Puerto Suelo (single, American Dreams Records, 2021)
53. Christopher Paul Stelling – Cutting Loose (single, Tone Tree Music, 2021)
54. Breanna Barbara – The Way Out (single, Out of the Closet, 2021)
55. Sharon Van Etten & Angel Olsen – Like I Used To (single, Jagjaguwar, 2021)
56. Cat Popper – Breath (single, Velvet Elk Records, 2021)
57. Nick Ferrio – Television of Roses (single, 2021)
58. MAITA – Dumb (single, Kill Rock Stars, 2021)
59. Ryan Culwell & Audrie Sellers – Head Like a Hole (single, Missing Piece Records, 2021)
60. Nick Jaina – Reverse Consciousness (single, Fluff & Gravy Records, 2021)
61. Goldenoak – These Old Shoes (single, 2021)
62. Michael Cormier – Empty Mugs (single, Dear Life Records, 2021)
63. Sam & Julia – Losing Hand (Something Somewhere, 2021)
64. Northern Belle – Summer’s End (single, Die With Your Boots On, 2021)
65. Rachel Baiman – When You Bloom (Colorado) (single, Signature Sound Records, 2021)
66. Jason Eady – My Best Friend (single, Old Guitar Records, 2021)
67. Angela Autumn – Shooter (single, 2021)
68. Chloe Foy – Work Of Art (single, 2021)
69. Heka – (a) Mask ((a) EP, Balloon Machine, 2021)
70. Johanna Samuels – Cathy (Excelsior! Mama Bird / Basin Rock, 2021)
71. The Deep Dark Woods – When I Get Home Tonigh (Changing Faces, Six Shooter Records, 2021)
72. Damien Jurado – Hiding Ghost (The Monster Who Hated Pennsylvania, Field Painting Music, 2021)

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