OCTA Music Weekly – Episode #137

Another week, another new music weekly.

This seemed like a slow release week on the album front or perhaps I just didn’t get the memo on some great releases. A lot of singles gold though and of course there are some wonderful albums too.

The album list is led by an album by Andre Ethier. It’s the last one of the trilogy he made with Sandro Perri. Other new albums this week came from Britton Patrick Morgan, Fust, Terje Espenes (Bruce Springsteen covers), St. Yuma (this is actually a month old, but first time here), Del Amitri, Bachelor, Olivia Wendel, Lou Barlow and Volk.

My favorite Finnish thing is probably the new Teini-Pää double single. I just love the band and everything they release. I can’t wait to hear the forthcoming full-length. There’s a fairly long Finnish section on the playlist with singles from Knipi, Tender Lakes, Liljankukka, Rosita Luu, Sumuhai, Color Dolor. This week we also got an album from The Bablers that came out on US power pop label Big Stir Records and EP from Palor (prolific band, because they just released an album couple months ago). Oh yeah and early on in the midst of some country, folk and americana favorites we have the new The Lovematches single that was written by Jean Ramsay.

And then the international (should be) hits. The big one here is the new Jeremy Ferrara single and album announcement. Lead single is here and an album will follow in July on the always wonderful American Standard Time Records. His label mate Jeremy James Meyer also released another great track from his forthcoming album. A few other personal favorites came from Jason Sinkhorn, Megan Palmer, Jess Jocoy, T.Hardy Morris, Turner Cody and Tim Knol. Again just to name a few.

That’s all for this week. Love from a distance.

1. Andre Ethier – Nature Compels Me (Further Up Island, Telephone Explosion, 2021)
2. Jeremy Ferrara – Morning Light (single, American Standard Time, 2021)
3. Fust – Night on the Lam (Evil Joy, Dear Life Records, 2021)
4. Britton Patrick Morgan – Baxter, KY (I Wanna Start a Band, 2021)
5. Jeremy James Meyer – Test of Time (single, American Standard Time, 2021)
6. Jason Sinkhorn – Some Kind of Troubadour (single, 2021)
7. Jess Jocoy – Brighter Eyes (single, 2021)
8. The Lovematches – From Paris to Pardon (single, Emsälo Music, 2021)
9. T. Hardy Morris – Shopping Center Sunsets (single, Normaltown Records, 2021)
10. Megan Palmer – Dance of Caring Souls (single, 2021)
11. Reb Fountain – Heart (single, Flyin Nun Records, 2021)
12. Cecilia James – My Name Is To Call (single, 2021)
13. Terje Espenes – Toughter Than the Rest (Hopes and Dreams – Songs of Bruce Springsteen, Inner East Records, 2021)
14. Turner Cody – Lonely Days of Hollywood (single, Capitane Records, 2021)
15. Rose City Band – Rambling With the Day (single, Thrill Jockey Records, 2021)
16. St. Yuma – Jupiter (Lights Out, Lonely Birds, 2021)
17. Bachelor – Went Out Without You (Doomin’ Sun, Polyvinyl Records, 2021)
18. Olivia Wendel – John Cusack (Windthrow, Woolly Music, 2021)
19. Del Amitri – You Can’t Go Back (Fatal Mistakes, Cooking Vinyl, 2021)
20. Lou Barlow – Reason to Live (Reason To Live, Joyful Noise, 2021)
21. Tim Knol – Wandering Heart (single, Excelsior, 2021)
22. Knipi – 00840 (single, Capitol Records, 2021)
23. The Bablers – Queen Of Yesterday (Psychadilly Circus, Big Stir Records, 2021)
24. Tender Lakes – Golden Boy (single, 2021)
25. Teini-Pää – Näin sen unessa / Kissat ja koirat (single, Stupido Records, 2021)
26. Liljankukka – Muistokirjoituksia (single, Karhuvaltio Records, 2021)
27. Rosita Luu – Mullasta noustaan (single, Playground Music, 2021)
28. Palor – Väärällä polulla (Kutsu minut EP, 2021)
29. Sumuhai – Sumu (single, 2021)
30. Color Dolor – Shy (single, Soliti, 2021)
31. Mega Bog – Station to Station (single, Paradise of Bachelors, 2021)
32. Emma Tricca – It Don’t Bother Me (single, Dell’Orso, 2021)
33. Yola – Stand For Myself (single, Easy Eye Sound, 2021)
34. Joana Serrat – Demons (single, Loose Music, 2021)
35. David Garnham & The Reasons to Live – Miss the Pain (single, 2021)
36. The Great Park – This Is a Calling (single, Woodland Recordings, 2021)
37. Volk – Atlanta Dog (Cashville, Romanus Records, 2021)
38. Squirrel Flower – Flames and Flat Tires (single, Full Time Hobby, 2021)
39. Anna Cordell – The Children (single, 2021)
40. Kings of Convenience – Fever (single, Universal, 2021)
41. Dusted – They Don’t Know You (single, 2021)
42. Left Vessel – Your Winter (single, Giftshop Records, 2021)
43. Nathan Kalish – Literal Man (single, WinterWildfires, 2021)
44. Emily Nenni – In The Mornin’ (single, 2021)
45. Kristofer Åström – First Down (single, Startracks, 2021)
46. Holy Hive – Color it Easy (single, Big Crown Records, 2021)
47. Libby DeCamp – Asked For Water (Westward and Faster, 2021)
48. Alexis May – She Might Be The Devil (Killing Pain, Memories and Time EP, 2021)
49. Travis Linville – Yesterday’s Wine (I’m Still Here, Black Mesa Records, 2021)
50. Bill and The Belles – Good Friends Are Hard To Find (Happy Again, Ditty Boom Records, 2021)

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