OCTA Music Weekly – Episode #141

Another week, another new music weekly.

This week was special. If you want to make EOTY list in December, you can make a pretty amazing top 10 just by using albums that were released on 25th of June. I’m sure I missed a ton completely and fair to say that I’ve only scratched the surface of the ones that I was aware of and did include on this post. Anyway, I tried my best to compile some sort of playlist out of these awesome releases, so let’s dive into the new music of the week.

I think it starts with the new Flora Hibberd album for me, because I’ve become such a big fan during the past year. However, picking early favorites is pretty impossible, because there’s like a dozen albums here that might become very dear to me. There’s new albums from Vincent Neil Emerson, Hiss Golden Messenger, Dana Sipos, Rose City Band (only singles on Spotify, so visit Bandcamp or record store to get the full experience. A wise thing to do with any record on any playlist of course), T. Hardy Morris, Lucy Dacus, Maple Glider, Michael Cormier, Faye Webster, Dawn Riding, Squirrel Flower, Anna Ash (EP), Massage, Hurry, 2nd Grade, The Mountain Goats, JP Harris’ Dreadful Wind & Rain, Cedric Burnside, Spellling, Pom Pom Squad, Katherine Priddy, Jesse Marchant and GoldenOak. Was that everything. God only knows.

The Finns usually dedicate midsummer for getting drunk at a summer cottage, but we did get run of fabulous singles from Bad Sauna, M, Epilä (missed this last week), The Lovematches and Muuan Mies.

Oh and let’s not forget the international, because there’s plenty of gold here. I think my favorite here is Carlene’s first single, because a) it’s wonderful b) I’ve been wanting to hear new music from Carly Maicher for a decade. New singles and album announcements from Anna Tivel and Tre Burt are also really big deal and something that I love wholeheartedly. The latest one from Andrew Bryant is pure gold too and so are the singles by Dolly Valentine, Stranded Horse, Matthew McNeal, Tim Easton, Leah Blevins, Caitlin Jemma and Sierra Ferrell. Again just to name a few. You’ll find them all below.

That’s all for this week. I’m on vacation from the day job for the next two weeks. A large chunk of that will be dedicated to resting and watching football, but I try to do some blog stuff too now that I have the time. At least a few of those round up thingies and maybe some sort of quick mid-year list too. Love from a distance.

1. Flora Hibberd – Archipelago II (Hold, 2021)
2. Carlene – Time Passes (single, 2021)
3. Dana Sipos – A Crude Likeness (The Astral Plane, Roaring Girl Records, 2021)
4. Vincent Neil Emerson – Debtor’s Blues (Vincent Neil Emerson, La Honda Records, 2021)
5. Hiss Golden Messenger – The Great Mystifier (Quietly Blowing It, Merge Records, 2021)
6. Tre Burt – Sweet Misery (single, Oh Boy Records, 2021)
7. Rose City Band – Ramblin’ With the Day (Earth Trip – Thrill Jockey Records, 2021)
8. Dawn Riding – South Missouri (The Light, The Long Road Society, 2021)
9. T. Hardy Morris – Fake Gold (The Digital Age Of Rome, Normaltown Records, 2021)
10. Andrew Bryant – Birmingham (single, Sentimental Noises, 2021)
11. Michael Cormier – I’ll Stay on the Line (More Light! Dear Life Records, 2021)
12. Maple Glider – View From This Side (To Enjoy Is the Only Thing, Partisan Records, 2021)
13. Lucy Dacus – Going Going Gone (Home Video, Matador Records, 2021)
14. Faye Webster – Sometimes (I Know I’m Funny Haha, Secretly Canadian, 2021)
15. Squirrel Flower – To Be Forgotten (Planet(i), Full Time Hobby, 2021)
16. Dolly Valentine – Do It All For You (single, Holy Golden Music, 2021)
17. Anna Tivel – Two Dark Horses (single, Fluff and Gravy Records, 2021)
18. Anna Ash – What the Light Can Do (Fire Season EP, 2021)
19. Stranded Horse – Towards a Waning Glow (single, 2021)
20. Matthew McNeal – Tired of Believing (single, Black Matte Sound Company, 2021)
21. Massage – Michael Is My Girlfriend (Still Life, Bobo Integral, 2021)
22. Hurry – A Fake Idea (Fake Ideas, Lame-O Records, 2021)
23. Dolour – Naive (Origin Story Vol 1, 2021)
24. 2nd Grade – As Long As We Can Talk About It (Wish You Were Here Tour Revisited, Double Double Whammy, 2021)
25. Michael Robert Murphy – Holding On (single, 2021)
26. The Mountain Goats – Dark In Here (Dark In Here, Merge Records, 2021)
27. Bad Sauna – Kaikki kotona (single, All That Plazz, 2021)
28. Epilä – Joutilaat suut (single, 2021)
29. Muuan Mies – Marjukka (single, Helmi Levyt, 2021)
30. M – Sinun omasi (single, Solina Records, 2021)
31. The Lovematches – Losing My Mind (single, 2021)
32. Tim Easton – You Don’t Really Know Me (single, Black Mesa Records, 2021)
33. Leah Blevins – Beautiful Disaster (single, Crabtree Records, 2021)
34. Wild Earp – Livin’ the Life (single, Western Myth Records, 2021)
35. JP Harris’ Dreadful Wind & Rain – Country Blues (Don’t You Marry No Railroad Man, Free Dirt Records, 2021)
36. Sierra Ferrell – In Dreams (single, Rounder Records, 2021)
37. Jason Eady – French Summer Sun (single, Old Guitar Records, 2021)
38. Cedric Burnside – Love You Forever (I Be Trying, Single Lock Records, 2021)
39. Spellling – Always (The Turning Wheel, Sacred Bones Records, 2021)
40. Pom Pom Squad – Forever (Death of a Cheerleader, City Slang, 2021)
41. Mega Bog – Crumb Back (single, Paradise of Bachelors, 2021)
42. Katherine Priddy – The Spring Never Came Back (The Eternal Rocks Beneath, Proper Music, 2021)
43. Emma Russack – Space and Time (single, 2021)
44. Damon & Naomi – Sailing By (single, 2021)
45. Yee & O’Brien – Campaign (single, 2021)
46. Jesse Marchant – Hard To Say the Meaning (Antelope Running, AntiFragile, 2021)
47. GoldenOak – Paradise (Room to Grow, 2021)
48. Low – Days Like These (single, Sub Pop Records, 2021)
49. Joseph M – Kick in the Head (single, Black Matte Sound Company, 2021)
50. Christopher Paul Stelling – Wildfire (single, Tone Tree Music, 2021)
51. Sam Lynch – Good Year – acoustic (single, 2021)
52. Caitlin Jemma – One Little Feeling (single, American Standard Time Records, 2021)
53. Cecilia James – Pretty In Your Eyes (single, Cowgirl Boot Girl Records, 2021)
54. Doug Tuttle – Weak Ends (single, Wild Honey, 2021)
55. Maya Elise – Going Nowhere (single, 2021)
56. Derek Ted – Cascade Spilling (single, 2021)
57. Gregory Ackerman – Full Grown (single, 2021)
58. Emily Duff – Another Goodbye (single, 2021)
59. Rodney Crowell – Triage (single, 2021)
60. Dan Whitaker – One More Story Told (single, Empty Highway, 2021)
61. Flatland Cavalry feat Kaitlin Butts – Life Without You (single, 2021)
62. Billy Strings & Del McCoury – Midnight on the Stormy Deep (single, Rounder Records, 2021)
63. Wayne Graham – Balloons (single, K&F Records, 2021)
64. K.C. Jones – Holding Out On Me (Queen of the In Between, 2021)
65. Joe Bourdet – Seamist 2021 Mix (Meadow Rock, Mountain Sounds Recorders, 2021)

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Oh and do buy the vinyl/cd/download. Spotify and other streaming services are perfect for these introductory purposes, but try to buy at least the music that matter the most to you

If you are looking this after a week has gone, the embedded Spotify will show the latest playlist. I’ll just update the same playlist because a) if someone wants to follow it, they can just follow that one list and will get a new set of songs each Sunday b) so that I don’t have a trillion of different playlists on my Spotify account.

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