OCTA Music Weekly – Episode #151

Another week, another new music weekly.

Sorry for the small delay this time around. Lately I’ve done this on Saturday, but I was just too tired to finish it last night. Early on I actually did this usually on Sunday, but nowadays I’ve preferred Saturday just because then I can just rest the whole Sunday without the pressure of finishing this hanging over me. A bit less album releases this week (probably due to Labor Day in the US like a friend pointed out to me), but somehow I still managed to come up with a 60 plus song playlist.

My albums of the week are from Mitch Dillon’s Compulsive Ramblers and Nico Hedley. The first one is actually from last week’s patch, but I found yesterday thanks to the great Australian blog Post to Wire. Instantly loved that record. Even early Wilco came to mind here and there, but that’s not the whole story. Highly recommend checking that out. Nico’s all singles have already been on the previous playlists and the whole record is also excellent. Other big album releases came from Kayla Ray, Motorists, Monnone Alone, Dolour (part 3 of Origin Story on Spotify and the whole thing is now out available), The Artisanals, Kayla Von Der Heide, Moviola, Geordie Gordon, Rainwater (a slightly older one that I found thanks to the legendary Small Albums), Ben Stalets, David Ferguson, Dazy (another bit older one, credit to Aleksi / Päivän Biisit for bringing this to my attention) and Gerycz / Powers / Rolin.

A pretty big Finnish release week too. New great albums by Mustat Kalsarit, Jukka Nissinen, Sami Yaffa and Sepikka led the charge, but we also got an EP from Lapsuus and a great run of singles from Laura Moisio, J.Karjalainen, Tomi Nordlund & Syvä Joki, Ananas (a few weeks old, but finally here), Marian Valinta, Tero-Petri & Korvaamattomat, Nyrkkitappelu and Marko Nyberg. All are awesome in different ways, but if you only have time for a few, my personal faves are probably the single from Laura Moisio and albums from Mustat Kalsarit and Jukka Nissinen.

Last but not least, the international (should be) hits. Maybe I’m a fragile weirdo, but the song I loved the most this week and had the biggest impact on me was probably the new Belaver song. Final single from the Icarus Phoenix album that’s out in a week is also so wonderful as are the new singles from Andy Shauf, MAITA, Adeline Hotel, Josh King, Henry Parker, Rachel Fannan & Jacob Miller, Pony Bradshaw, The Black Dove and so forth. Matthew Milia’s song has been here before, but I absolutely love it and he made a new radio edit for it so why not include it again. It also shows that you can still do it the old-fashioned way and release singles after the album release instead of the current method where half of the record are singles before the album release. And then there’s of course the minor thing that ABBA is back with a couple of new songs with a full album on the way. The songs are really good too and sound like ABBA, so it does seem like they are continuing their legacy instead of throwing a shade to their glorious past. ABBA’s not one of my all-time favorite bands or anything, but I definitely love the early stuff. If there’s a word pop in the subtitle of this blog, how could I really not love them. This world hasn’t seen many better pop songwriters. Oh yeah, and Two Cow Garage released a new song, but I think that’s only on Bandcamp. As usual everything else would be worthy of a namedrop too, but you’ll find them from the list below.

That’s all for now. 12 days to go until this blog is 20 years old. Then I can retire and pass the torch to someone else. Love from a distance.

1. Kayla Ray – Tree of Life (Songs of Extreme Isolation, Economic Crisis, & Other Funny Things, 2021)
2. Mitch Dillon’s Compulsive Ramblers – Begin Again (Mitch Dillon’s Compulsive Ramblers, 2021)
3. Nico Hedley – Sound so Familiar (Painterly, Whatever’s Clever, 2021)
4. Motorists – Natural Targets (Surrounded, Bobo Integral, 2021)
5. Monnone Alone – Pepper Jar (Stay Foggy, Meritorio / Lost and Lonesome, 2021)
6. Matthew Milia – Autumn America – Radio Edit (single, Sitcom Universe, 2021)
7. Icarus Phoenix – Eddie King (single, 201)
8. Dolour – I Smell a Lawsuit (Origin Story, 2021)
9. MAITA – Pastel Concrete (single, Kill Rock Stars, 2021)
10. Andy Shauf – Spanish on the Beach (single, ANTI, 2021)
11. Adeline Hotel – The Cherries are Speaking (single, Ruination Record Co, 2021)
12. Belaver – Bad Word Turn (single, Niles City Records, 2021)
13. Courtney Hartman – Moontalk (single, Reckoner Records, 2021)
14. Rachel Fannan & Jacob Miller – Sacred Regard (single, 2021)
15. Scott Hirsch – Night People (single, Echo Magic, 2021)
16. Henry Parker – Lammas Fair (single, Cup and Fair, 2021)
17. Strand of Oaks – Somewhere in Chicago (single, Galacticana, 2021)
18. Josh King – Turn Away (single, Screwdriver Records, 2021)
19. Pony Bradshaw – Plain Dealing (single, The Next Waltz, 2021)
20. The Artisanals – Always Taken Care Of (Zia, Rootsy, 2021)
21. Cody Jinks – All It Cost Me Was Everything (single, Late August Records, 2021)
22. Jeremy Ivey & Margo Price – All Kinds of Blue (single, Anti, 2021)
23. Kayla Von Der Heide – That Old Highway (The Rise, 2021)
24. Moviola – Two Evils (Broken Rainbows, Anyway Records, 2021)
25. The Black Dove – Your Love is What the World Needs (single, Mango Hill, 2021)
26. Sami Yaffa – You Gimme Fever (The Innermost Journey To Your Outermost Mind, Vallila Music House, 2021)
27. J. Karjalainen – Aurinko nousee ilman sua (single, Warner Music, 2021)
28. Tomi Nordlund & Syvä Joki – Lupaukseni (single, Soit Se Silti, 2021)
29. Laura Moisio – Kerro jos näet (single, Texicalli, 2021)
30. Mustat kalsarit – Puhu musta (Yö, Hiljaiset Levyt, 2021)
31. Jukka Nissinen – Kolmion takaa (Jukka Nissinen III, Humu Records, 2021)
32. Tero-Petri & Korvaamattomat – Yhteenkasvaneet (single, Plastic Passion, 2021)
33. Marian Valinta – Suit Sait (single, 2021)
34. Ananas – Typerä tyttö (single, Luova Records, 2021)
35. Sepikka – Liian innokkaat (En kestä kylmää lailla ahvenen, M.Dulor, 2021)
36. Marko Nyberg – Ingrid (single, El Camino, 2021)
37. ABBA – I Still Have Faith In You (single, Universal, 2021)
38. Bess Atwell – Red Light Heaven (single, Real Kind Records, 2021)
39. Geordie Gordon – O Uncertainty (The Tower, Victory Pool, 2021)
40. Maria Taylor – It’s Coming For You (single, Flower Moon Records, 2021)
41. Just Friends – Sunflower (JF Crew, Vol 3, Pure Noise Records, 2021)
42. Christo Graham – Do You (single, We Are Busy Bodies, 2021)
43. Swim Camp – Melt (single, Know Hope Records, 2021)
44. Rainwater – In-Between (In-Between, 2021)
45. Gabriel Bernini – You Got Me (single, Dadstache Records, 2021)
46. Snake Lips – Nothin’ To Say (single, Repeating Cloud, 2021)
47. Dazy – Right as Rain (Maximumblastsuperloud, Convulse Records, 2021)
48. Lapsuus – Haamuna maailmassa (Haamuna maailmassa EP, Stupido, 2021)
49. Nyrkkitappelu – Taksilla pittiin (single, Blast of Silence, 2021)
50. The Roomsounds – Lightning (single, 2021)
51. Parker Millsap – To Be Real (single, Okrahoma Records, 2021)
52. Ben Stalets – Maybe Love’s Not All We Need (Everybody’s Laughing, Whistlepig Records, 2021)
53. David Ferguson feat Margo Price – Chardonnay (Nashville No More, Fat Possum, 2021)
54. Tennessee Jet – South Dakota (single, 2021)
55. Nathan Kalish – If You Leave (single, Winterwildfires, 2021)
56. Billy Strings – In the Morning Light (single, Rounder, 2021)
57. Nora Brown – The Very Day I’m Gone (single, Jalopy Records, 2021)
58. Gerycz / Powers / Rolin – June (Lamplighter, American Dreams Records, 2021)
59. Ismay – The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face (single, 2021)
60. Tre Burt – I Cannot Care (You, Yeah, You, Oh Boy Records, 2021)
61. Tim Easton – River Where Time Was Born (You Don’t Really Know Me, Black Mesa Records, 2021)
62. Summer Dean – Dear Caroline (Bad Romantic, 2021)

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