Favorites from the 20 Years of Onechord.net – Part Two

Carrying on with posting some song and music video favorites from the 20 years that I’ve been making Onechord.net. Here’s the link to the monster playlist, because I don’t have the time to write a post about everything.

Starting with a song from Steven Lambke’s wonderful album Days of Heaven that was a #5 on my aoty list back in 2015. I loved the whole record, but perhaps my favorite moment is the song Memory Forever. I also love this video that features Steven Lambke, Tamara Lindeman and Ian Daniel Kehoe.

Steven Lambke at Facebook
Steven Lambke Website

After that it’s fairly obvious where this blog post is headed. While J.E. Sunde’s I Don’t Care to Dance is my favorite song of the 20 onechordnet years, the favorite album might well be the self-titled The Weather Station album. I’ve listened it a million times and somehow it still holds true and feels fresh every time I put it on. What a magical record. Her new 2021 album Ignorance is also tremendous and one of my big favorites of this year.

The Weather Station at Facebook
The Weather Station Website

Not so surprisingly next one in line is Ian Daniel Kehoe. I’ve been a big fan since the 2013 Marine Dreams album Corner of the Eye. Both the earlier stuff under that moniker and the newer material under his own name is very dear to me.

Ian Daniel Kehoe at Facebook

I think I make this part centered around Toronto and wrap this with a spectacular live set from Luka Kuplowsky. This one has a Finnish angle too, because this is also a beautiful homage to Aki Kaurismäki. I love Luka (doesn’t everybody) and I love Aki (doesn’t everybody), so this one feels very special. These songs can be found from his 2020 album Stardust that came out on Mama Bird Recording Co (I think I’ll do one part with just Mama Bird family, because it’s my favorite record label in the world. But that will be so crowded, so Luka can have a good home here with this Toronto crowd).

Luka Kuplowsky at Facebook

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