Favorites from the 20 Years of Onechord.net – Part Four

Carrying on with posting some song and music video favorites from the 20 years that I’ve been making Onechord.net. Here’s the link to the monster playlist, because I don’t have the time to write a post about everything.

I’ll start this chapter with some beautiful songs from Haruko aka German singer-songwriter Susanne Stanglow. Back in 2009 I fell in love with her debut album Wild Geese and gave it full five hearts. Here’s some treasures from her songbook. Goodbye, My Love Goodbye is from Wild Geese, We’ll Be Birds from 2013 album Feathers & Driftwood. For further studies I highly recommend the most recent project Sea Below that released a beautiful EP in 2020.

Sea Below at Facebook
Haruko at Bandcamp

My knowledge about Faroese music is pretty much limited Gudrid Hansdottir, but quality over quantity. She is a special songwriter. Here’s a wonderful song A Faroese Fisherman Speaks of Drowning from her 2011 album Beyond the Grey.

Gudrid Hansdottir at Facebook

Here’s a bit more recent favorite from red steppes. I’ve watched this beautiful live performance of Madera so many times during the couple of years. The song can be found from the album Arcs that came out in 2019.

red steppes at Facebook
red steppes Website

Sunny War can wrap up this part with a couple of powerful songs. Both If It Wasn’t Broken and I’m Human can be found from her wonderful 2018 album I’m With Sun.

Sunny War Website
Sunny War at Facebook

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