Favorites from the 20 Years of Onechord.net – Part Six

Carrying on with posting some song and music video favorites from the 20 years that I’ve been making Onechord.net. Here’s the link to the monster playlist, because I don’t have the time to write a post about everything.

Time to hit the power pop frame too and starting with One Chord to Another the album of the year 2009 and probably my favorite power pop album of the 20 onechordnet years. Talking about the first Bobby Emmett album Learning Love. After The Sights and before joining Sturgill Simpson’s band, Bobby made a couple of fabulous pop albums. Might be difficult to find them anymore, but thankfully he has uploaded a few songs to youtube. Here’s the perfect opener Queen of Hearts.


Next up the wonderful Gentleman Jesse & His Men from Atlanta, Georgia. Very much love both the self-titled album from 2010 and the 2012 album Leaving Atlanta. Here’s one favorite from both of them.

Gentleman Jesse at Facebook
Gentleman Jesse at Bandcamp

I’ll take this next to one of the euro power pop homes Sweden. A lot of the classic stuff Popsicle, Wannadies, The Merrymakers etc pre-dates onechordnet, but there’s plenty of greats from the past 20 years too. One of my big faves is The Genuine Fakes. Here’s one of the classics from their debut album that came out in 2010.

The Genuine Fakes at Facebook
The Genuine Fakes at Facebook

Toning this down a little bit from the first three for the last entry. This is maybe more in the TFC meets alt.country territory. Elvyn is a Canadian band and I really love their album called The Decline. It’s got the full five hearts back then when I reviewed it in 2010 and I still listen to it every now and then. So here’s my favorite song Lotta Lies to wrap up this sixth part in this story.

Elvyn at Facebook
Elvyn Website

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