OCTA Music Weekly – Episode #155

Another week, another new music weekly.

First some tour news. There’s a great American singer-songwriter Nathan Kalish touring in Finland right now. He already played in Raahe and there’s also gigs in Alavus, Turku, Lahti and Salo on his calendar. Check out the tour dates on his website. I’ll see you at the Turku concert at 8Raita.

The album of the week is new Myriam Gendron album. I love her first album like many do and I’m so thrilled that there’s now a follow-up. That Sylvie EP is another big highlight, but that’s far from everything. We also got new albums from The Colorist Orchestra & Howe Gelb, Strand of Oaks, Reb Fountain, Mac McCaughan (this solo Mac was last week, I shared the singles and then messed up and didn’t include the album on release week), Ducks Ltd, Advance Base, Christo Graham, Brandi Carlile, Jacob Faurholt, Mike Etten, Patrick Dethlefs, Miko Marks (EP), Karine Polwart and Dave Milligan, Jackie Venson (also last week), Daniel Donato, Boy Scouts, Anders Parker, Hamish Hawk (also a bit older) Taylor Rae, Northline (EP), Tony Kamel (also a week or two old), Scott Orr and Jeremy Pinnell.

Finnish section isn’t a big one, but the quality is really high led by the wonderful new Hulda Huima album. There’s also singles from Marian Valinta, Jori Hulkkonen and Pambikallio. Plus a revisit to the Arppa and Kielo Kärkkäinen albums at the end.

There’s so many album tracks that space was limited for the singles. There’s some special ones for sure like a magnificent new single from Dakota Theim and a collaboration with Jonas Lundvall and Ken Stringfellow. Then there’s also new Lilly Hiatt, The Roseline, Ben Pirani, Bedouine, Cassidy Waring, Tennessee Jet and Matt Woods. Just to name a few.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow and all that usual annoying promotional nonsense. Love from a distance and see you next week.

1. Myriam Gendron – Farewell (Ma delire – Song of Love, Lost & Found, Feeding Tube Records, 2021)
2. Sylvie – Shooting Star (Sylvie EP, 2021)
3. The Colorist Orchestra & Howe Gelb ft Pieta Brown – Not on the Map (Not On The Map, Dangerbird Records, 2021)
4. Reb Fountain – Invisible Man (Iris, Flying Nun Records, 2021)
5. Strand of Oaks – Easter (In Heaven, Galacticana Records, 2021)
6. Mac McCaughan – Dawn Bends (The Sound of Yourself, Merge Records, 2021)
7. Ducks Ltd. – Fit to Burst (Modern Fiction, Carpark, 2021)
8. Dakota Theim – Losing Sleep (single, 2021)
9. Jonas Lundvall & Ken Stringfellow – The Light (single, Strawtown, 2021)
10. Christo Graham – Do You? (Graham’s General Store, We Are Busy Bodies, 2021)
11. Advance Base – Love at the Five & Dime (Wall of Tears and Other Songs I Didn’t Write, Orindal Records, 2021)
12. Mike Etten – Dune House (Love Wash, Dull Tools, 2021)
13. Jacob Faurholt – Finest of Moments (Chaotic Piano EP, Raw Onion Records, 2021)
14. Boy Scouts – Charlotte (Wayfinder, Anti, 2021)
15. Brandi Carlile – This Time Tomorrow (In These Silent Days, Elektra Records, 2021)
16. Lilly Hiatt – Lately (single, New West Records, 2021)
17. The Roseline – Hunker Down (single, RPH Records, 2021)
18. Patrick Dethlefs – Wild Mountain Sage (If You Listen, 2021)
19. Daniel Donato – Why You Been Gone So Long (Cosmic Country & Western Songs, 2021)
20. Miko Marks – Whiskey River (Race Records EP, Redtone Records, 2021)
21. Jackie Venson – One Step Forward (Love Transcends, 2021)
22. Karine Polwart & Dave Milligan – Travel These Ways (Still As Your Sleeping, Hudson Records, 2021)
23. Bedouine – It Wasn’t Me (single, 2021)
24. Hulda Huima – Kotimatka (Ilma, Helmi Levyt, 2021)
25. Pambikallio – Antaa tulla vaan (single, Helmi Levyt, 2021)
26. Marian Valinta – Harhaan (single, 2021)
27. Jori Hulkkonen – Songs Birds Refuse To Sing (single, Blanco & Tinto, 2021)
28. Ben Pirani – Solitary Me (single, Colemine Records, 2021)
29. Trish Toledo – Sin Control (single, Now-Again Records, 2021)
30. Anders Parker – American Kids (Wolf Reckoning, Recorded & Freed, 2021)
31. Drew Danburry feat Ben Ricketts – When Disney Strikes Back (single, 2021)
32. Cassidy Waring – Paralyzed (single, 2021)
33. Emily Barker – Dinosaur Bones (single, Everyone Sang, 2021)
34. Henry Parker – Nine Herb Charm (single, Cup and Ring, 2021)
35. Goodnight, Texas – Dead Middle (single, 2 Cent Bank Check, 2021)
36. Matt Woods – No Beer In Heaven (single, Lonely Ones records, 2021)
37. Hayes Carll & Brandy Clark – In the Mean Time (single, Dualtone, 2021)
38. Tennessee Jet – William Faulkner (single, 2021)
39. Tony Kamel – Let It Slide (Back Down Home, The Next Waltz, 2021)
40. Northline – New Air (Sketches II: Winter, 2021)
41. Taylor Rae – Window (Mad Twenties, 2021)
42. Johnny Gallagher – Wurlitzer In Space (single, 302 Sounds, 2021)
43. Liz Jones & Broken Windows – Before Me (single, 2021)
44. Jeremy Pinnell – Fightin’ Man (Goodbye L.A. Sofaburn Records, 2021)
45. Angela Perley – Here For You (single, 2021)
46. Hamish Hawk – The Mauritian Badminton Doubles Champion, 1973 (Heavy Elevator, 2021)
47. Floating Room – Shimanchu (single, Famous Class, 2021)
48. Alyssa Gengos – Mechanical Sweetness (single, EggHunt Records, 2021)
49. Scott Orr – Banners (Oh Man, Other Songs Records, 2021)
50. Yee & O’Brien – Darkening Night (single, 2021)
51. Junior – Midnight Summer (Warm Buildings, 2021)
52. Corinne Sharlet – Everywhere and Nowhere (A Lovely Future, 2021)
53. Macie Stewart – Where We Live (Mouth Full of Glass, Orindal Records, 2021)
54. Arppa – Leikkiä sanoilla (Kinovalon alla, Johanna Kustannus, 2021)
55. Kielo Kärkkäinen – Lähtökäsky (Joni’s Urge) (Laulajan Muotokuva, Texicalli Records, 2021)

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