OCTA Music Weekly – Episode #162

Another week, another new music weekly.

Interesting development on the streaming service front with Tidal announcing fan-centered royalties. It won’t solve all the issues with streaming, but it’s definitely a step into the right direction. I would personally happily pay 2 or 3 times what I pay now, if the extra money goes to the artists that I actually listen to. Therefore I need to seriously consider switching over to Tidal, if they have sorted their own issues with delayed royalty payments and such. I would be eager to hear what labels and artists think about this Tidal news and whether they would encourage a switch to that platform. Feel free to drop a public or private comment about the matter. I would love to see fairer streaming payouts and it’s about time for that to happen. This new music weekly is an introductory tool and possibly heplful to artists that are on it. Still I often a have cloud of guilt hanging over me, because the system is so horrible at the moment. And yeah, even if I would move my own listening to Tidal, I would keep the playlist also on Spotify. Even my current following on Spotify don’t really justify all the hours I spent on compiling this and making it only for even smaller Tidal following wouldn’t make much sense. But enough about the music business stuff and on to the new releases of the week.

There’s still a lot of great ones. Dakota Theim and David James Allen can split the album of the week title. That’s not all though and there’s also excellent new releases from Cassidy Snider & The Wranglers (fabulous EP), Cale Tyson, Trevor Nikrant, Paul Bond, Mabilene, Rose Hotel (EP), Eastern Mountain Time, Van Plating, Papercuts (EP), Starpainter (EP), Alison Krauss & Robert Plant, Mapache, Ovlov, Big Heet and Snake Lips (EP). Outside of the evil streaming world, we’ll have at least new Ambermor album on Bandcamp. It’s a new project by Chris Coté and Guy Capecelatro III.

From Finland we have a gorgeous album trio from Baby Sweetcorn, Ruissalo Amping and Kuuhullu along with a new single from Janne Tapion Sisäinen Avaruus. All extremely highly recommended. (Note: Apple Music doesn’t seem to have that Baby Sweetcorn track, so that’s only on Spotify).

The international song of the week is the new single from Carlene. I also highly recommend this lovely lyric video for the song. I love those scenes where Carlene and Ruby are together. Another big one is the new The Whitmore Sisters single that is also a homage to the great Chris Porter who tragically passed a way in 2016. Third big favorite is the new Bob Sumner single California. There’s more of course and I’m also fond of new ones from The Wave Pictures, Erin Rae, Drew Danburry, Kimmi Bitter, Carl Schilde, MAITA, Matthew McNeal, Carrie Biell, The Sinseers, Jacksonport and Magnolia. Just to name a few. These are all worthy of a namedrop.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. This is now on Apple Music too like mentioned a week ago. Love from a distance.

1. Dakota Theim – You Don’t Have to Lie (Tangled Heart, 2021)
2. Carlene – Looking Out My Window (single, 2021)
3. Cassidy Snider & The Wranglers – What If (Losing Lovers EP, Vocal Rest Records, 2021)
4. David James Allen – The Architect (The Architect, Garment District Records, 2021)
5. The Whitmore Sisters – The Ballad of Sissy & Porter (single, Compass Records, 2021)
6. Bob Sumner – California (single, 2021)
7. Carrie Biell – California Baby (single, 2021)
8. Cale Tyson – Misunderstood (Okay, 2021)
9. Trevor Nikrant – Little Window (Tall Ladders, Dear Life Records, 2021)
10. The Wave Pictures – This Heart of Mine (single, Moshi Moshi Records, 2021)
11. Paul Bond – Season of the Acorn (Sunset Blues, Concerto Records, 2021)
12. Mabilene – Keep Me from Blowing Away (The Other Side, 2021)
13. Erin Rae – Candy & Curry (single, Good Memory / Thirty Tigers, 2021)
14. Rose Hotel – Courtyard (The House That We Knew EP, Cold Lunch Recordings, 2021)
15. Carl Schilde – Roadoworn (single, 2021)
16. Papercuts – Try Baxter’s Bliss (Baxter’s Bliss EP, Psychic Friends Records, 2021)
17. Starpainter – Blood in the Snow #1 (Blood In the Snow EP, 2021)
18. Matthew McNeal – Wasted (single, Matte Black Sound Company, 2021)
19. MAITA – You Sure Can Kill a Sunday, Part 1 (single, Kill Rock Stars, 2021)
20. Baby Sweetcorn – Museum of Echoes (Beyond the Rain, Way Beyondo Records, 2021)
21. Ruissalo Amping – Polte (Tähtien suojatit maan povella, Karhuvaltio Records, 2021)
22. Janne Tapion Sisäinen Avaruus – Sydän (single, Iso Pinkki, 2021)
23. Kuuhullu – Kosketan pohjaa (Ollaan täällä yksin, Luova Records, 2021)
24. Drew Danburry & Mother Lights – Thomas Russell Knows (single, 2021)
25. Eastern Mountain Time – All We Need (Seven, Burst & Bloom Records, 2021)
26. Van Plating – Bird on a Wire (The Way Down, Fallin’ Angel Records, 2021)
27. Jacksonport – Michael (Take a Little Breath) (single, Tularose Records, 2021)
28. Kimmi Bitter – Broken Dreams (single, 2021)
29. Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway – She’ll Change (single, Nonesuch Records, 2021)
30. Sad Daddy – Charlie Pickle (single, Catfish Music, 2021)
31. Alison Krauss & Robert Plant – You Led Me to the Wrong (Raise the Roof, Warner Music, 2021)
32. Sweet Megg – Weed Smokers Dream (single, 2021)
33. Dan Reeder – I Got the Blues (Even Though Nothing Is Wrong) (single, Oh Boy Records, 2021)
34. The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble – Step Down (single, Colemine Records, 2021)
35. The Sinseers – It’s Only Love (single, Colemine Records, 2021)
36. The Altons – Tangled Up In You (single, Penrose Records, 2021)
37. Crane Like the Bird – I Knew Her Well (single, 2021)
38. Mapache – Sandy Babe (3, Innovative Leisure, 2021)
39. Gina Leslie – Little Company (single, OMGina Music, 2021)
40. Companion – How Could I Have Known (single, 2021)
41. Sun June – Easy (single, Run for Cover Records, 2021)
42. Big Thief – Time Escaping (single, 4AD, 2021)
43. Annika Norlin – Darkest Shade of Dark (single, Razzia Records, 2021)
44. Magnolia – Donna (single, 2021)
45. Madeline Kelley – I’ll Get Over It (single, Copper Mouth Records, 2021)
46. Nicole Atkins – Mind Eraser (single, Single Lock Records, 2021)
47. Dark Tea – Academy Award (single, 2021)
48. Tomato Flower – Red Machine (single, Ramp Local, 2021)
49. Why Bonnie – Galveston (single, Fat Possum Records, 2021)
50. Ovlov – Land of Steve-O (Buds, Explosion In Sound Records, 2021)
51. Bratboy – Blue Eyes (single, 2021)
52. Kurt Baker – Turn It Around (single, Wicked Cool Records, 2021)
53. Big Heet – Life Is Limitless (Playing the Bug, Living Lost Records, 2021)
54. Snake Lips – The Well (Melt the Sun EP, Repeating Cloud, 2021)
55. Dirty Deep feat Scott H. Biram – You’re Gonna Miss Me (single, Junk Food Records, 2021)
56. Sam C. Jones – Boss Man (single, Moonshine Rock Records, 2021)
57. Sam Morrow – This Town (single, Forty Below Records, 2021)
58. Steve Poltz – Conveyor Belt (single, Compass Records, 2021)
59. Silver Lining – Go Out Nowhere (single, Die With Your Boots On Records, 2021)
60. Brent Cobb – When It’s My Time (single, Ol’ Buddy Records / Thirty Tigers, 2021)
61. Kiely Connell – Caroline’s Corner Cafe (Calumet Queen, 2021)
62. George Is Lord – Wah Wah (single, Curation Records, 2021)
63. Thank You Thank You – Undiminished Life (single, 2021)
64. Harrison Whitford – Anyplace I Am (Afraid of Nothing, Screwdriver Records, 2021)
65. Claire Cronin – Now I Don’t Leave (Bloodless, Orindal Records, 2021)

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