OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #170

Another week, another new music weekly.

It’s been a big week in the streaming world. Hopefully it leads to a positive change, but we shall see how it goes. It would be about time to fix streaming so that it will make sense for the artists as well. Of course this current storm didn’t start from that aspect, but hopefully it takes us into that conversation. And on some level it has. I’m not fully convinced that the other platforms are significantly better, but Spotify definitely deserves all the heat they are getting. Plus maybe this kind of small dent in their giant market share makes the streaming world a tiny bit healthier. Well as long as people do subscribe to another service or start buying music again. The awful scenario is that people quit Spotify Premium out of principle without making alternative steps to support musicians and that would only be a net loss for everyone. It could also be that nothing happens and nobody remembers this month from now. Anyway, I think I will personally keep on using Tidal for my own streaming and sync the playlist to Spotify. I probably have to drop Apple Music after the trial, because I prefer Tidal’s interface and my low end factory job doesn’t justify paying for multiple services. Although like I said before, I’d happily pay $30 a month for streaming if the money goes to the artists that I listen to. I haven’t made any final decisions yet and as for now, the new music weekly is still on Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music. So feel free to select the service you hate the least.

The album of the week is probably the new beautiful Maya de Vitry album. I’ve already listened it several times and really like it a lot. Sad Daddy and Ryan Culwell are other big early favorites from this week’s batch. Actully Sad Daddy’s Up in the Hills is probably my favorite song of the week. That’s not all though and we also got great new releases from Anaïs Mitchell, Stephen Simmons (EP), Simone Felice, Brent Cobb, North Mississippi Allstars, Modern Nature, Josephine Foster, Eels, Bad Heaven Ltd, Wish Kit (EP), The Sad Tomorrows (EP), Steve Gunn (EP), St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Scott Robertson (EP), Chris Bathgate (well just a reissue), Anna Wiebe (EP), Armbruster, Kimberly Morgan York, Fruit Bats (rarities collection) and Clever Hopes. Oh yeah and that Feutre album is from December, but I missed it back then.

The Finnish section has EPs from Liljankukka and Marko Nyberg and an album from Spring Teeth plus a great run of singles from Amuri, V. Härkönen (really love this one), Rohkeat Kuvat, The Skiffs, Pambikallio, Riitaoja and Tapani Rinne & Juha Mäki-Patola. The Skiffs is a new group but you may know the members Jukka Salminen, Ville Wacklin and Antti Westman from things like Jukka Ässä, Brighboy and Jalava. Oh and then we of course revisit the fabulous Teini-Pää album from the past week.

The international single of the week is the new one from Jerry Leger. Other big favorites came from Erisy Watt, MJ Lenderman, The Weather Station, Madeleine Mosse and Matt Bauer, Ex-Vöid, Georgia Harmer, Slow Motion Cowboys, Freakons, The Inflorescence and Tomberlin. Again just to name a few. All would be worthy of a name drop on this text too, but you’ll find them from the list below.

That’s it for this week. I surprised myself and last week I made a blog post that was not a playlist. We shall see if that was one-off or not. I don’t really have a clue yet. I’d like to do more, but somehow the days usually just flow by because this is just a spare time hobby for me. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. Love from a distance.

1. Sad Daddy – Up in the Hills (Way Up In the Hills, Catfish Music, 2022)
2. Ryan Culwell – Certain Light (Run Like a Bull, Missing Piece Records, 2022)
3. Maya de Vitry – Margaret (Violet Light, Mad Maker Studio, 2022)
4. Anaïs Mitchell – Revenant (Anais Mitchell, BMG, 2022)
5. Stephen Simmons – Twenty-Third of May (Honey from a Spoon EP, 2022)
6. Jerry Leger – Have You Ever Been Happy? (single, Latent Recordings, 2022)
7. Simone Felice – Moonlight Promises (All The Bright Coins, Chrysalis Records, 2022)
8. Brent Cobb – In the Garden (And Now, Let’s Turn to Page.. Ol Buddy Records / Thirty Tigers, 2022)
9. North Mississippi Allstars – Never Want to Be Kissed (Set Sail, New West Records, 2022)
10. St. Paul & The Broken Bones – Ghost in Smoke (The Alien Coast, ATO Records, 2022)
11. Steve Gunn feat Mdou Moctar – Protection (Nakama EP, Matador Records, 2022)
12. Modern Nature – Bluster (Island Of Noise, Bella Union, 2022)
13. Josephine Foster – Sparks Fly (Godmother, Fire Records, 2022)
14. Madeleine Mosse and Matt Bauer – A Secret Road (single, 2022)
15. The Weather Station – Endless Time (single, Fat Possum Records, 2022)
16. Erisy Watt – New Same (single, American Standard Time Records, 2022)
17. Eels – Learning While I Lose (Extreme Witchcraft, PIAS, 2022)
18. MJ Lenderman – Hangover Game (single, Dear Life Records, 2022)
19. Bad Heaven Ltd. – Every Day (In Our House Now, 2022)
20. Wish Kit – Talk (Hot Gold EP, Chillwavve Records, 2022)
21. The Inflorescence – Are You Sorry (single, Kill Rock Stars, 2022)
22. The Sad Tomorrows – Long Vibration (The Sad Tomorrows EP, Don Giovanni Records, 2022)
23. Ex-Vöid – Churchyard (single, Don Giovanni Records, 2022)
24. Georgia Harmer – Austin (single, Arts & Crafts, 2022)
25. Jeffrey Lewis – Wow & Flutter (single,
26. Amuri – Joensuu (single, Helmi Levyt, 2022)
27. V. Härkönen – Rakkaudesta tai linnuista (single, Soit Se Silti, 2022)
28. Liljankukka – Aasla (Aasla EP, Karhuvaltio Records, 2022)
29. Rohkeat Kuvat – Anteeksi (single, Soit Se Silti, 2022)
30. Pambikallio – Vallasta (single, Helmi Levyt, 2022)
31. The Skiffs – Marital Arts (single, 2022)
32. Spring Teeth – Wolves (Life Won’t Wait, I Call It Blood Detective, 2022)
33. Beau Jennings & The Tigers – Sunflower (single, Black Mesa Records, 2022)
34. Megg Farrell – Big City Lights (single, 2022)
35. Slow Motion Cowboys – Shooting Stars (single, Dutch Records, 2022)
36. Freakons – Blackleg Miner (single, Fluff & Gravy Records, 2022)
37. Taco Tapes – I’m Fine (single American Standard Time Records, 2022)
38. Fruit Bats – The Joker (Sometimes a Cloud is Just a Cloud, Merge Records, 2022)
39. Kimberly Morgan York – Real Thing (Found Yourself a Lady, Team Clermont, 2022)
40. Gina Leslie – I See You Everywhere I Go (single, OMGina Music, 2022)
41. Ellen Froese – DId You Have A Love Before Me (single, Victory Pool, 2022)
42. Tomberlin – idkwntht (single, Saddle Creek, 2022)
43. Jonas Lundvall – Let It Go (single, Strawtown, 2022)
44. Scott Robertson – This Trip (Physical Education EP, Futureman Records, 2022)
45. Sun Sawed in 1/2 – A Better Place (single, 2022)
46. Papercuts – I Want My Jacket Back (single, Labelman, 2022)
47. Julie Doiron & Dany Placard – Mayo (single, Costume Records, 2022)
48. Night Shop – Let Me Let It Go (single, Dangerbird Records, 2022)
49. Chris Bathgate – Loveless Son (Silence is For Suckers Reissue, Quite Scientific, 2022)
50. Reigning Sound – Lonely Ghost (single, Merge Records, 2022)
51. The Exlorers Club – I’m So Proud (single, Goldstar Recordings, 2022)
52. Feutre – Pour oublier (Nos Rencontres, 2022)
53. Marko Nyberg – Ljusdal (Igrid EP, El Camino Records, 2022)
54. Tapani Rinne & Juha Mäki-Patola – Fall (single, Hush Hush Records, 2022)
55. Armbruster – Rain Swept (Masses, Dear Life Records, 2022)
56. Brad Armstrong feat Maria Taylor – Red Nashville Skyline (single, Flower Moon Records, 2022)
57. Anders Jörnesten – The Weight of the World (single, 2022)
58. Riitaoja – Siilitie (single, Stupido Records, 2022)
59. Donna Blue – Dark Roses (single, Snowstar Records, 2022)
60. Clever Hopes – Made You Mad (Artefact, 2022)
61. Walter Martin – The Bear (single, Family Jukebox, 2022)
62. Zachary Cale – Bigger Picture (single, All Hands Electric, 2022)
63. Rhyan Sinclair – Interstate Sailors (single, 2022)
64. Anna Wiebe – Which Way to Love (What I Found EP, 2022)
65. Magnolia – Have You Always (single, 2022)
66. Mo Kenney – With You (single, Turtlemusik, 2022)
67. Dylan Rodrigue – Going It Alone (single, kid vommit, 2022)
68. Teini-Pää – Soitellaan (Maailma kyllä odottaa, Soit Se Silti, 2022)
69. Lonny – Black Hole (Ex-Voto, Un Plan Simple, 2022)
70. Lost Dog Street Band – End With You (Glory, 2022)

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