Dakota Hall Scott, Scott Ballew and Joshua Hedley

Major news alert! There’s a new Dakota Hall Scott song in this world and an album Bakersfield, CA will follow sometime fairly soon. I think I’ve read about early March release, but I’m not sure is that set in stone. The wonderful lead single is called All You Do Is Take and you can listen to it and pre-order the album on his Bandcamp page. Oh and if you haven’t listened to his 2019 (should-be) classic My Body Longed For the Summer, I suggest doing that immediately. One of the finest folk singer-songwriter album of recent years.

Dakota Hall Scott Website

Another lead single that I’ve been loving lately is this beauty from Austin-based folk songwriter Scott Ballew. The song Blue Eyes is an outtake from his forthcoming album Leisure Rodeo.

Scott Ballew Website

Kicking this up a notch and wrapping this short blog entry with another lead single. This time from Nashville-based country songwriter Joshua Hedley who has signed with New West Records and is getting ready to release a new full-length in April. The gorgeous first single and title track Neon Blue is here now with an entertaining music video.

Joshua Hedley Website

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