Micah Schnabel, Mikayla McVey and Carson McHone

A new single from long time favorite Micah Schnabel? Well count me in for sure. Coin$tar is out on Bandcamp and I already bought my digital copy of it. Check out this moving picture of the loveliest thieves first and then hit the Bandcamp link for this and other gems from Micah’s song vault.

Micah Schnabel at Facebook

From last Friday’s single highlights to album highlights. One of them is definitely Mikayla McVey’s debut full-length Time Turns Everything that was released by Long Road Society. A beautiful and engaging album full of great songs. This one works best with headphones. Not that they are must. Here’s the music video for New Year along with another album cut On Naming (feat Twain). Hit the links on that Bandcamp to buy/listen the whole wonderful album.

Mikayla McVey Website

Wrapping this little blog entry with something brand new, because the latest single from Carson McHone’s forthcoming Daniel Romano-produced album Still Life surfaced earlier today. It’s called Only Lovers and sound mighty good just like the earlier advance singles. The album will hit the stores and our hearts on the 25th of February and it will be released by Merge Records and Loose Music.

Carson McHone Website

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