OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #174

Another week, another new music weekly.

I don’t really know if I should post this right now, but maybe music and art make sense even when the world doesn’t.

A lot of great albums came out this week. No clear cut album of the week so Sophie & The Broken Things, Philippe Bronchtein and Carson McHone can share that honor. Heather Valley’s EP is another big one in my books. That’s not all though I’m really digging the new ones from Kyle Morgan, Black Sea Dahu and Emily Rose & The Rounders. Others I’ve haven’t had the time to listen a whole lot yet, but there’s also most likely excellent albums from Swamp Dogg, Mark Edgar Stuart, Dark Tea, Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters, Superchunk, Spencer Hoffman (EP), String Machine, Lena Minder, The Band of Heathens, Basia Bulat, The HawtThorns, Duquette Johnston and King Hannah. I’m sure there was even more.

A big Finnish release week too led by the new wonderful Amuri album. Other full-length beauties came from Pintandwefall, Knipi, Palor, Kanerva plus there was a lovely EP from Janeveera. A new 22-Pistepirkko song is always something worth celebrating. That’s the obvious Finnish single of the week, but there’s also fabulous new ones from Antti Autio and A.Reikko.

Then on the international side of things, we have a new Twain song that hits pretty hard. Other personal favorites came from Erisy Watt, Erin Enderlin, Izaak Opatz, Joe Purdy, The Burning Hell, Jacob Miller, Christian Lee Hutson, Ryan Necci and the Buffalo Gospel and I’m Kingfisher. Again just to name a few.

That’s it for this week. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. Oh and I’ve made some of the older episodes playable, if you prefer that method instead of that insanely long archive playlist. You’ll find them from my Spotify profile. So if you miss an episode or want to return to one, that is a new option. These are only on Spotify for now. The new music weekly is still on Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music. I maybe drop Apple Music in early March, because it doesn’t make much sense to pay for three services and I don’t have much of a following on Apple. So long term probably Tidal and Spotify, but we’ll see. Peace and love.

1. Sophie & The Broken Things – Dashboard (Delusions of Grandeur, Petaluma Records, 2022)
2. Philippe Bronchtein – Leaving Side of Philadelphia (Catch By Breath, 2022)
3. Carson McHone – Spoil on the Vine (Still Life, Loose Music, 2022)
4. Heather Valley – Jim Hanlon (Eternal Rest EP, 2022)
5. Emily Rose & The Rounders – December (Emily Rose & The Rounders, Mock Records, 2022)
6. Kyle Morgan – Know No More (Younger at Most Everything, Team Love, 2022)
7. Black Sea Dahu – Human Kind (I Am My Mother, 2022)
8. Dark Tea – Shadow Self (Dark Tea, Don Piano Enterprises, 2022)
9. Mark Edgar Stuart – Be Good (Until We Meet Again, Madjack Records, 2022)
10. Twain – King of Fools (single, Keeled Scales, 2022)
11. Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters – The Devil (The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Organic Records, 2022)
12. Erin Enderlin – Give My Love to Rose (single, Black Crow Productions, 2022)
13. Swamp Dogg feat Willie Clayton – Cheating in the Daylight (I Need a Job So I Can Buy More Auto-Tune, Don Giovanni Records, 2022)
14. The Burning Hell – Birdwatching (single, BB*Island, 2022)
15. Izaak Opatz – Wild-Eyed George Bailey Heebie Jeebiez (single, Mama Bird Recording Co, 2022)
16. Joe Purdy – Heartbreak in the Key of Roger Miller (single, Mudtown Crier Records, 2022)
17. Superchunk – Highly Suspect (Wild Loneliness, Merge Records, 2022)
18. 22-Pistepirkko – Snakecharmer (single, Bare Bone Business / Universal, 2022)
19. Pintandwefall – Tuesday, No Brain (Seventh Baby, Soliti, 2022)
20. Amuri – Tää tunne on tärkeä (Ettei kukaan tuntisi enää pimeää, Helmi Levyt, 2022)
21. Knipi – Huomasin vain sinut (Valoilmiöitä, Capitol Finland, 2022)
22. Antti Autio – Kaikki hyvin (single, Soit Se Silti, 2022)
23. A. Reikko – Halleluja (single, Karhuvaltio Records, 2022)
24. Palor – Syvenee (Unet jotka uivat usvassa, 2022)
25. Kanerva – Pimeä talo (Perijät, Texicalli, 2022)
26. Janeveera – Vettä virranut (Vettä virranut EP, 2022)
27. Erisy Watt – Big Sky (single, American Standard Time Records, 2022)
28. Christian Lee Hutson – Age Difference (single, ANTI, 2022)
29. Jacob Miller – Lonely Nights (single, 2022)
30. Spencer Hoffman – Baby Blue (A Flower From Behind, Park the Van, 2022)
31. Lena Minder – Together Alone (Together Alone, 2022)
32. String Machine – Gales of Worry (Hallelujah Hell Yeah, Know Hope Records, 2022)
33. David Quinn – I Just Want to Feel Alright (single, Soundly Music, 2022)
34. Ryan Necci and the Buffalo Gospel – Buzzard’s Roost (single, BMG, 2022)
35. Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway – Dooley’s Farm (single, Nonesuch Records, 2022)
36. Beau Jennings & The Tigers – I’m Reaching, Lord (single, Black Mesa Records, 2022)
37. Freakons – Chestnut Blight (single, Fluff & Gravy Records, 2022)
38. The Band of Heathens – El Paso City (Remote Transmissions Vol 1, BOH Records, 2022)
39. The Dead Tongues – Dust (single, Psychic Hotline, 2022)
40. The Hanging Stars – Black Light Night (single, Loose Music, 2022)
41. I’m Kingfisher – The Pain of Happiness (single, 2022)
42. Andrew Gabbard – Everydaze (single, Karma Chief Records, 2022)
43. Bastards of Soul – Come Around (single, Eastwood Music Group, 2022)
44. Thee Illusions – Thunderstorms and Earthquakes (single, Blackbird Record Label, 2022)
45. Yvonne Hercules – Nene (single, Trapped Animal, 2022)
46. Jake Blount – The Man Was Burning (single, Free Dirt Records, 2022)
47. Liz Jones & Broken Windows – On the Ride (single, 2022)
48. Duquette Johnston – Whiskey and the Wine (The Social Animals, Single Lock Records, 2022)
49. Blue Wilson – The Wringer (single, Acrophase Records, 2022)
50. Daniel Norgren – Going to the City (single, Superpuma Records, 2022)
51. The Courettes – Misfits & Freaks (single, Damaged Good Records, 2022)
52. Arre! Arre! – Lovers Town (single, PNKSLM Recordings, 2022)
53. Crystal Eyes – Don’t Turn Around (single, Bobo Integral, 2022)
54. King Hannah – It’s Me and You, Kid (I’m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me, City Slang, 2022)
55. Ailsa Tully – Salt Glaze (single, Dalliance Recs, 2022)
56. Magnolia – Orchard (single, 2022)
57. Robin Bacior – Stargazer (single, 2022)
58. Basia Bulat – Are You In Love? (The Garden, Secret City Records, 2022)
59. The HawtThorns – Lotta Love (Tarot Cards and Shooting Stars, Muke Kick Records, 2022)
60. Jeff Hulett – Spin Your Wheels (single, 2022)
61. Ezra Cohen – I Saw the Country (single, Dead Broke Rekerds, 2022)
62. Steph Jenkins – Heart’s On the Line (Sun Recordings single/ep, 2022)
63. George Barton – I’m Leavin’ You (single, Horton Records, 2022)
64. Rosita Luu – Astroboy (Maaginen elävä, Playground, 2022)
65. MAITA – Wild For You (I Just Want to Be Wild For You, Kill Rock Stars, 2022)

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