OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #177

Another week, another new music weekly.

Let’s start with the Finnish ones this time around, because there’s a wonderful new Sur-rur album out and available. It’s a 75 minute monster. Maybe that’s a tad too much, but hard to complain because especially on the first half all songs are pretty much 5/5. Love it. The new singles from Puhelinseksi and Jani Matti Juhani are also big favorites. Other great Finnish releases this week are albums from Lone Deer Laredo and J.A. Mäki plus singles from Muuan Mies, Nina Kaitaranta, Emilia Elele and KATI.

Jerry Leger and Jacob Miller can share the international album of the week title. I listened both albums a couple of times last night and really enjoyed them. This week also got beautiful albums from Fortunato Durutti Marinetti, M Ross Perkins, Jesper Lindell, Hailey Whitters, Ben Chapman (this one’s a few weeks old, thanks to Farce for the intro), Ray Wylie Hubbard, Steve Dawson, Andy Bilinski and Midlake. Oh yeah and Sonic Youth too. Didn’t include it on the playlist though, because it was mostly ten minute songs and this was already too long. You don’t need my blog to know and love Sonic Youth.

The international song of the week is the new MJ Lenderman single. Ok, this was already one of my favorite songs of 2021, but he made a new version for the forthcoming album and I still love this song madly. Other big favorites of the week came from Johanna Samuels, David James Allen, Sylvia Rose Novak, Carla Geneve, John Craigie, Chris Brain, Vincent Neil Emerson, The Deep Dark Woods, Li’l Andy, John Craigie, Fernando Viciconte, Ryan Necci and the Buffalo Gospel, Kaitlin Butts and Abigail Lapell. Again just to name a few. And yeah a few of those are covers, but great versions.

That’s all for this week. Back to following NHL insiders and hitting F5 on Hfboards trade forum. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. All that may seem pointless, but it matters. Without all that I have no way of knowing, if anybody cares or am I just wasting all these hours to make a playlist for myself. Love from a distance.

1. Jerry Leger – Recluse Revisions (Nothing Pressing, Latent Recordings, 2022)
2. Jacob Miller – Turned Around (Around My Head, 2022)
3. Fortunato Durutti Marinetti – I Would Smile (Memory’s Fool, Bobo Integral, 2022)
4. Johanna Samuels – Little Buckets (single, 2022)
5. M Ross Perkins – It’s Your Boy (E Pluribus M Ross, Karma Chief Records / Colemine Records, 2022)
6. Jesper Lindell – Leave a Light On (Twilights, Brunnsviks Sounds, 2022)
7. David James Allen – Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire (single, Littleknown Records, 2022)
8. MJ Lenderman – TLC Cagematch (single, Dear Life Records, 2022)
9. Sylvia Rose Novak – To Ten (single, World Lies Waiting, 2022)
10. Carla Geneve – I Never Noticed the Weight (single, Dot Dash Recordings, 2022)
11. Sur-rur – Laava on menneen talven lumia (Entisyydestämmekinköhän, If Society, 2022)
12. Puhelinseksi – Vieraita toisillemme (single, Svart Records, 2022)
13. Jani Matti Juhani – En rauhaa saa (single, Ainoa Productions, 2022)
14. Lone Deer Laredo – Easy Road (Lone Deer Laredo, Vol 2, 2022)
15. Kimmi Bitter – Western Sun (single, 2022)
16. Vincent Neil Emerson – Son of a Bitch (single, La Honda Records, 2022)
17. Brennen Leigh and At Sleep at the Wheel – In Texas With a Band (single, Signature Sounds, 2022)
18. Li’l Andy – I See Jesus Comin’ Down the Road (single, 2022)
19. The Deep Dark Woods – Hangin’ Loose (single, Six Shooter Recordings, 2022)
20. Ryan Necci and the Buffalo Gospel – Lend Me Your Heart (single, 2022)
21. John Craigie – Helena (single, 2022)
22. Chris Brain – Chance to See (single, Big Sun Records, 2022)
23. Evan J Cartwright – Impossible Blue (single, Idee Fixe Records, 2022)
24. Steve Dawson – Time Has Made a Fool Out of Me (Gone, Long Gone, Black Hen Music, 2022)
25. Abigail Lapell – Land of Plenty (single, Outside Music, 2022)
26. Kaitlin Butts – It Won’t Always Be This Way (single, Soundly, 2022)
27. Hailey Whitters feat American Aquarium – Middle of America (Raised, Pigasus / Big Loud / Songs & Daughters, 2022)
28. Ray Wylie Hubbard – Fancy Boys (Co-Starring Too, WylieWorld / Big Machine, 2022)
29. Ben Chapman – Kentucky Deluxe (Make The Night Better, Hippie Shack, 2022)
30. Jesse Daniel – Little Devil (single, Die True Records, 2022)
31. Tejon Street Corner Thieves – Whiskey (single, 2022)
32. J.A. Mäki – Kotasaari (SYYS, If Society, 2022)
33. Muuan mies – Setääntyy (single, Helmi Levyt, 2022)
34. Emilia Elele – Jälki (single, Luova Records, 2022)
35. Nina Kaitaranta – Askel kerrallaan (single, Kaita Records, 2022)
36. KATI – <3 (single, Karhuvaltio Records, 2022) 37. Ducks Ltd feat Illuminati Hotties – Head On (single, Royal Mountain Records, 2022)
38. Janelane – Ask Me Why (single, Astoria Tracks, 2022)
39. Dazy & Militarie Gun – Pressure Cooker (single, Very Loud Sounds, 2022)
40. Fernando Viciconte – Intimate Enemy (single, Domingo Records, 2022)
41. Grant Lee Phillips – Remember This (single, Yep Roc, 2022)
42. Jonas Lundvall – Make the Most (single, Strawtown, 2022)
43. Andy Bilinski – L.A. (Songs from a Cabin in the Woods, 2022)
44. Mila Webb – Lucky Nights (single, Perpetual Doom, 2022)
45. Frontperson – Ostalgie (Fur C. Bischoff) (single, Oscar Street Records, 2022)
46. Julie & Dany – Lying (single, Costume Records, 2022)
47. Midlake – Feast of Carrion (For the Sake of Bethel Woods, Bella Union, 2022)
48. Dietrich Strause – Out of Mind (single, 2022)
49. Bella White – Just Like Leaving – Acoustic (single, Rounder Records, 2022)
50. River Whyless – Promise Rings (single, Soundly, 2022)
51. The Lowest Pair – Apples from an Elm Tree (single, Delicata Records, 2022)
52. Sam Morrow – Gonna Let the Rain (single, Blue Elan Records, 2022)
53. Monophonics – Warpaint (single, Colemine Records, 2022)
54. Mavis Staples & Levon Helm – You Got To Move (single, Anti, 2022)
55. Valerie June – Use Me (single, Fantasy Records, 2022)
56. Renata Zeiguer – Picnic in the Dark (single, Northern Spy Records, 2022)
57. Georgia Harmer – Talamanca (single, Arts & Crafts, 2022)
58. Jess Williamson – Loretta (single, Mexican Summer, 2022)
59. Andrew Bird – Atomized (single, Loma Vista, 2022)
60. Dan Reeder – Gin Tonic (single, Oh Boy Records, 2022)
61. Young Guv – She Don’t Cry For Anyone (Guv III, Run For Cover Records, 2022)
62. Apollo Ghosts – Peace Motive (Pink Tiger, You’ve Changed Records, 2022)
63. Karl Blau – The Reins (Love & Harmony, Spiral Valley Records, 2022)
64. Jeremy Ivey – Black Mood (Invisible Pictures, Anti, 2022)
65. Jake Nicoll – Wish You Goodnight (Pool House, 2022)

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