OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #186

Another week, another new music weekly.

Sorry for another delay. Maybe I should just go fully back to Sunday update, because I don’t seem to be able to finish it on Saturday. Too much new music to digest so fast.

The album of the week is the debut one from Thomas Dollbaum. A good kind of gut-punch there. That’s far from and this week gave us excellent new ones from Sylvia Rose Novak, Shoulder Season (EP), Jo Schornikow, Craig Finn, The Wave Pictures, Mavis Staples & Levon Helm, Cristina Vane, Jess Jocoy, Alex Izenberg, Tejon Street Corner Thieves, Will Fox, Courtney Jaye, Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men, John Statz (acoustic one that has only been on Bandcamp before this), Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (Dylan covers), Banditos, John Doe, Jose Medeles, Grant-Lee Phillips and Noah Vonne.

New Penniless song is always something to love and cherish. That’s the biggest treasure from Finland this week. Not an only one though. We got an album from Dinosaurusten pelastajat, EP from Karina and singles from Mountaines, Henna Emilia Hietamäki and Emmy June (this last one is a few weeks old).

The international song of the week is the new Willi Carlisle tune. I love everything I’ve heard from his forthcoming album so far. It’s going to be such a great one. Other big faves came from Friendship, JPW (this one’s a week or two old, but thankfully I found it from the magical Petal Motel. Before reading that piece, I didn’t actually know that Jason P. Woodbury was also a musician. I only knew him as a music writer who has a wonderful taste), John Moreland, Jenny O, Devil’s Coattails and Lindsay Clark. Again just to name a few. You’ll find them all below.

That’s all for this week. 186 done, at least 14 to go. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. It all matters. Love from a distance.

1. Thomas Dollbaum – Moon (Wellswood, Big Legal Mess, 2022)
2. Sylvia Rose Novak – The Window (A Miss / A Masterpiece, World Lies Waiting, 2022)
3. Shoulder Season – Giant (Not the Time EP, 2022)
4. Jo Schornikow – Semper Tigris (Altar, Keeled Scales, 2022)
5. Craig Finn – The Amarillo Kid (A Legacy of Rentals, Posite Jams / Thirty Tigers, 2022)
6. The Wave Pictures – French Cricket (When the Purple Emperor Spreads His Wings, Moshi Moshi Records, 2022)
7. Friendship – Hank (single, Merge Records, 2022)
8. Mavis Staples & Levon Helm – Move Along Train (Carry Me Home, Anti, 2022)
9. Cristina Vane – Make Myself Me Again (Make Myself Me Again, Red Parlor Records, 2022)
10. Jess Jocoy – Always (Let There Be No Despair, 2022)^
11. Willi Carlisle – Life on the Fence (single, Free Dirt Records, 2022)
12. Tejon Street Corner Thieves – Be There (Thick as Thieves, Liars Club, 2022)
13. Devil’s Coattails – Harvest Is Done (single, Vocal Rest Records, 2022)
14. Alex Izenberg – Gemini Underwater (I’m Not Here, Domino Recording Co, 2022)
15. JPW – Wealth of the Canyon (single, Fort Lowell Records, 2022)
16. John Moreland – Claim Your Prize (single, Old Omens / Thirty Tigers, 2022)
17. Will Fox – Bend (Old News, Twosyllable Records, 2022)
18. Courtney Jaye – Hymns and Hallelucinations (Hymns and Hallelucinations, Tropical Records, 2022)
19. Jenny O. – Prism (single, Mama Bird Recording Co, 2022)
20. Lindsay Clark – Evening Star (single, 2022)
21. Laura Veirs – Seaside Haiku (single, Bella Union, 2022)
22. Dinosaurusten Pelastajat – Petäjäveden vanha kirkko (Sekavia tiloja, 2022)
23. Henna Emilia Hietämäki – Protesti (single, Soliti, 2022)
24. Mountaines – Something Comes (single, Pinetree Records, 2022)
25. Karina – Enter (Yhdessä EP, 2022)
26. Emmy June – We’re Not Meant To Be (single, 2022)
27. Penniless – Actor (single, Soit Se Silti, 2022)
28. Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men – Heart Inside Your Head (Heart Inside Your Head, Jem Records, 2022)
29. Uni Boys – Downtown (single, Curation Records, 2022)
30. Drive-By Truckers – The Driver (single, ATO Records, 2022)
31. Nick Dittmeier & The Sawdusters – I Suppose (single, 2022)
32. Joe Pug – Nation of Heat (Revisited) (single, Loose Music, 2022)
33. The Deslondes – Dunes (single, New West Records, 2022)
34. Scott Nolan – Annabella Street (single, Dreamplay Records, 2022)
35. Kristina Murray feat Logan Ledger – That Just About Does It (single, Loud Magnolia Records, 2022)
36. Stacy Antonel – Always the Outsider (single, 2022)
37. Reilly Downes – Smoke & Mirrors (single, 2022)
38. Paige Hargrove – Julianne (single, 2022)
39. Simon Flory – Little Oak Tree (single, 2022)
40. John Statz – Travel On (acoustic) (Grounded, 2022)
41. Gregory Dwane – Everybody Want To Rule the World (single, Peacedale Records, 2022)
42. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You (Dirt Does Dylan, NGDB Records, 2022)
43. Larkin Poe – Bad Spell (single, Tricki-Woo Records, 2022)
44. Ryan Lee Crosby – Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down (single, 2022)
45. Marcus King – Rescue Me (single, 2022)
46. Early James – What a Strange Time To Be Alive (single, Easy Eye Sound, 2022)
47. The Mellons – What a Time to Be Alive (single, Earth Libraries, 2022)
48. Banditos – Time Wasted (Right On, Egghunt Records, 2022)
49. John Doe – Never Coming Back (Fables in Foreign Land, Fat Possum Records, 2022)
50. Daniel Sherrill – Quincy Dillon’s Hi-D Tune (single, American Standard Time Records, 2022)
51. The Early Mays – The Ballad of Johnny Fall (single, 2022)
52. Jose Medeles feat M. Ward – Richness of Peace (Railroad Cadences and Melancholic Anthems, Jealous Butcher Records, 2022)
53. Dogwood Tales – Hold You Again (single, 2022)
54. Damien Jurado – Day of the Robot (single, Field Painting Music, 2022)
55. Jacob Faurholt – Madness on the Rise (single, Raw Onion Records, 2022)
56. Grant-Lee Phillips – My Eyes Have Seen (All That You Can Dream, Yep Roc, 2022)
57. Angharad Drake – Rest (single, 2022)
58. Rachel Sermanni feat Courtney Hartman – Soak Me (single, Jelly Girl Records, 2022)
59. Ruby Gill – Public Panic Attacks (single, 2022)
60. Noah Vonne – What If We Had Austin? (We Weren’t Sober, Gray Vonne Records, 2022)
61. Queen of Jeans – Why Hide (single, Memory Music, 2022)
62. Diners – Half Glass (single, Lauren Records, 2022)
63. Jeffrey Lewis – Finish the Book (single, 2022)
64. Simon Joyner – Live in the Moment (Songs from a Stolen Guitar, BB Island, 2022)
65. Matt Dorrien – Believe in You (Blue Pastoral, Mama Bird Recording Co, 2022)

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