OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #190

Another week, another new music weekly.

A bit behind schedule this week, because I was away for most of the week. But here’s the Sunday edition of the new music weekly.

The imaginary album of the week award goes to Australia this time around, because Rob Snarski has a beautiful new album out and available. This week we also got great releases from Anne Malin, Carter Felker, Stacy Antonel, Pharis & Jason Romero, Daniel Sherrill, IV and the Strange Band, Black Guy Fawkes, The Damn Quails, Fresh Pepper, Lucy Roleff & Lehmann B. Smith, Haroula Rose, Matt Moran (a few weeks old), Sydney Adams (EP), Bartees Strange, Ken Yates (a few weeks old), Revelators Sound System, Townsel Turner and Dylan Moon.

My favorite Finnish releases of the week are the new singles from PK Keränen & Leija Lautamaja and Folkjykä & Kuntoutujat. Other Finnish gems this week are albums from Kuusamo (well actually released a week ago, but I missed it back then) and steve plus singles from Mountaines, Lyyti and Tuomo Mannonen.

The international single of the week is the lovely collaboration single from Skyway Man, Andy Jenkins & Molly Sarle. Willi Carlisle also hits another homerun plus I’m also fond of the singles by Austin Leonard Jones and Drugdealer. Not to forget new M. Lockwood Porter, Thee Sacred Souls, Young Gun Silver Fox, Marina Allen, Scott Ballew and so forth. You’ll find them all from the list below.

That’s all for this week. Like, share, follow and all the usual annoying promotional nonsense. Love from a distance.

1. Rob Snarski and His So-Called Friends – Standing Next to David (Searching For the Heart of It All, 2022)
2. Anne Malin – Roses (Summer Angel, Dear Life Records, 2022)
3. Carter Felker – Living Free (Even the Happy Ones Are Sad, 2022)
4. Stacy Antonel – Planetary Heartache (Always the Outsider, 2022)
5. Pharis & Jason Romero – Rolling Mills (Tell ‘Em, You Were Gold, Smithsonian Folkways, 2022)
6. Daniel Sherrill – Over the Waterfall (From a Heritage Tree, American Standard Time Records, 2022)
7. Willi Carlisle – Vanlife (single, Free Dirt Records, 2022)
8. IV and the Strange Band – Stand Your Grand (Southern Circus, Black Country Rock, 2022)
9. The Damn Quails – Someone Else’s City (Clouding Up Your City, HonkyTonk Laboratory, 2022)
10. Black Guy Fawkes – This is What Fear Feels Like (Life, Love & The Bomb, 2022)
11. PK Keränen & Leija Lautamaja – Out Tonight (single, Playground, 2022)
12. Skyway Man w/ Andy Jenkins & Molly Sarle – Nothing No. 1 (single, Mama Bird Recording Co, 2022)
13. M. Lockwood Porter – First Reformed (single, Black Mesa Records, 2022)
14. Fresh Pepper – Congee Around Me (Fresh Pepper, Telephone Explosion, 2022)
15. Austin Leonard Jones – Back in Black Lagoon (single, 2022)
16. Young Gun Silver Fox – West Side Jet (single, Monty Music, 2022)
17. The Harlem Gospel Travelers – Look Up! (single, Colemine Records, 2022)
18. Thee Sacred Souls – Easier Said Than Done (single, Daptone Records, 2022)
19. Drugdealer – Madison (single, Mexican Summer, 2022)
20. Gabi Hartmann – Mille Rivages (single, 27/29, 2022)
21. Marina Allen – Superreality (single, Fire Records, 2022)
22. Lucy Roleff & Lehmann B. Smith – Linen in the Sun (Dark Green, Youngbloods, 2022)
23. Mountaines – Echoes (single, Pinetree Records, 2022)
24. Haroula Rose – Spades (Catch the Light, Tone Tree Music, 2022)
25. Julia Jacklin – I Was Neon (single, Transgressive Records, 2022)
26. Tuomo Mannonen – Kikka (single, Playground, 2022)
27. Lyyti – Ennätyshelteet (single, Luova Records, 2022)
28. Kuusamo – Tuuleen kadonneet (Tuuleen kadonneet EP, Svart Records, 2022)
29. Folkjykä & Kuntoutujat – Katajalaulu (single, 2022)
30. The Uplifting Bell Ends – Dear Friend (single, 2022)
31. Skinny Dyck – In on th Upswing (single, Sound Asleep Records, 2022)
32. Matt Moran – This Can’t Be It (Heartache Kid, Broken Tenor Records, 2022)
33. Sydney Adams – Sinners Like Me (A Lot Like You EP, 2022)
34. Ken Yates – Best of the Broken Things (Cerulean, Soundly, 2022)
35. Scott Ballew – 7 Up & Saltines (single, Leisure Rodeo, 2022)
36. The Deslondes – Five Year Plan (single, New West Records, 2022)
37. Karly Driftwood – Yet (single, Rat Records, 2022)
38. Louien – No (single, Jansen Records, 2022)
39. Marlon Williams – Thinking of Nina (single, Dead Oceans, 2022)
40. Bartees Strange – Mulholland Dr (Farm to Table, 4AD, 2022)
41. steve – Fourth Walls (Everyone Loves a Butterfly, Fuu Recs, 2022)
42. Townsel Turner – Stone Spilt Sky (Felt Like Eternity, 2022)
43. Why Bonnie – Sailor Mouth (single, Keeled Scales, 2022)
44. Dylan Moon – Spandex Simple (Option Explore, RVNG Intl, 2022)
45. The Orchids – This Boy Is a Mess (single, Skep Wax Records, 2022)
46. Slack Times – I’m Trying (single, Meritorio Records, 2022)
47. Robert Leslie – The World (single, 2022)
48. La Luz – Endless Afternoon (single, La Luz, 2022)
49. Revelators Sound System – Collected Water (Revelators, 37d03d, 2022)
50. Aoife Nessa Frances – Emptiness Follows (single, Partisan Records, 2022)
51. Kyshona – Rise the Tide (single, Tone Tree Music, 2022)
52. Early James – Harder to Blame (single, Easy Eye Sound, 2022)
53. Ben Somer – Scream Again, Shout Again (single, Down by the Point Records, 2022)
54. Friendship – Alive Twice (single, Merge Records, 2022)
55. Will Hoge – John Prine’s Cadillac (single, EDLO Records / Soundly, 2022)
56. Jake La Botz – Hair On Fire (single, 2022)
57. Jason McNiff – Fisherman’s Blues (single, 2022)
58. Rachel Brooke – How Cold (single, 2022)
59. The Early Mays – On a Dying Day (single, 2022)
60. Kassi Valazza – Little Dove (Highway Sounds EP, 2022)

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