OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #191

Another week, another new music weekly.

A late midsummer edition of the new music weekly. I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff missing from this one. Apologies in advance.

A big release week this one with some parade-worthy album releases. I’m sure Dwight approves when I say that I absolutely love that Joan Shelley album. Such a special album. Damien Jurado and The Burning Hell round up my big three for the week, but there’s a whole lot more as well. This week gave us great albums from Field Guides, Young Guv, Reverend Baron, Lindsay Clark, Gregory Dwane (EP), The Barlow, Devil’s Coattails, Caleb Nichols, Mikey Erg, The Hellacopters (covers EP), Rob Joynes (EP), Martin Courtney, Kevin Galloway, Fountaindale and Jason McNiff (covers album).

The big one from Finland has been out for a while on Bandcamp, but few hours after last week’s episode I noticed that the Jukka Nousiainen & Kumpp album is now also on these evil streaming services. Absolutely love the album. The other Finnish album on the list is also a few weeks old, because I managed to miss the beautiful Samanna album in early June. Other Finnish cuts this week are gorgeous singles from Jani Matti Juhani and Samae Koskinen.

International single of the week is the new one from Julianna Riolino. I dig the Judee Sill homage in the cover too. Also wonderful to hear new stuff from Little Mazarn and see them on the Dear Life Records roster. That label has become one of my favorites in the world during the past year or two. Other favorites came from Tiffany Williams, Cactus Lee, Kelsey Waldon, Alela Diane and Eli Winter. Just to name a few again. You’ll find them all below.

That’s all for this week. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. It all matters. I started making a small mid-year fave list, but we’ll see if I manage to finish it. Love from a distance.

1. Joan Shelley – Like a Thunder (The Spur, No Quarter, 2022)
2. Damien Jurado – Meeting Eddie Smith (Reggae Film Star, Field Painting Music, 2022)
3. Field Guides – Rain On My Parade (Ginkgo, 2022)
4. The Burning Hell – No Peace (Garbage Island, BB*Island, 2022)
5. Young Guv – Too Far Gone (GUV IV, Run For Cover, 2022)
6. Reverend Baron – I See You Runnin’ (From Anywhere, Karma Chief / Colemine Records, 2022)
7. Lindsay Clark – Waves (Carpe Noctem, 2022)
8. Alela Diane – Paloma (single, Naive, 2022)
9. Devil’s Coattails – Rosewood Cafe (Devil’s Coattails, Vocal Rest Records, 2022)
10. The Barlow – Mile Marker Blues (New Year, Old Me, E Squared Records, 2022)
11. Cactus Lee – Train Song (single, 2022)
12. Gregory Dwane – Kill the Pain (XX EP, Peacedale Records, 2022)
13. Tiffany Williams – All Those Days of Drinking Dust (single, Blue Redbird Music, 2022)
14. Kelsey Waldon – Tall and Mighty (single, Oh Boy Records, 2022)
15. Julianna Riolino – Lone Ranger (single, You’ve Changed Records, 2022)
16. Little Mazarn – Dew Nears Yay (single, Dear Life Records, 2022)
17. Caleb Nichols – Ramon (Ramon, Kill Rock Stars, 2022)
18. Jukka Nousiainen & Kumpp – Supermies Wonderboy (Matkalla kotiin, Jukan Musiikki, 2022)
19. Jani Matti Juhani – Riihimäki (single, Ainoa, 2022)
20. Samae Koskinen – Kaks viikkoo lomaa (single, KHY Suomen Musiikki, 2022)
21. Samanna – Kahvikupin pohjalle piirtyvät sydämet (Sinisellä sametilla, Humu Records / Hillotehdas, 2022)
22. Black Sea Dahu – My Guitar is too Loud (single, 2022)
23. Colyn Cameron – Deepfakes (single, Market Garden Records, 2022)
24. Martha – My Heart is a Drummer (single, Specialist Subject, 2022)
25. Mikey Erg – Love at Leeds (Love at Leeds, Don Giovanni Records, 2022)
26. The Hellacopters – I Ain’t No Miracle Worker (Through the Eyes Of..EP, Nuclear Blast, 2022)
27. Tony Molina – I Don’t Like That He (single, Summer Shade, 2022)
28. Rob Joynes – Half Broke (Sophomore Alley EP, Den Tapes, 2022)
29. Martin Courtney – Outcome (Magic Sign, Domino Recording Co, 2022)
30. Nathan Kalish – Over My Head (single, JTMMusic, 2022)
31. Lou Hazel – You Are Not Needed Now (single, Sleepy Cat Records, 2022)
32. Kevin Galloway – Been Threw a Few (Secondhand Starlight, 2022)
33. Simon Flory – Don’t Shake Me Lucifer (single, 2022)
34. Vandoliers – Howlin’ (single, Amerikinda Records / Soundly, 2022)
35. Julian Taylor – Seeds (single, Howling Turtle, 2022)
36. Monica Taylor – Train Take Me Away (single, Horton Records, 2022)
37. Amanda Shires – Take It Like a Man (single, ATO Records, 2022)
38. Andrew Combs – The Ship (single, Loose Music, 2022)
39. Fountaindale – Cruise (All Beauty is Fiction, 2022)
40. Kathryn Williams – Radioactive (single, One Little Independent, 2022)
41. John Moreland – Cheap Idols Dressed in Expensive Garbage (single, Old Omens / Thirty Tigers, 2022)
42. Jacob Faurholt – Droneflowers (single, Raw Onion Records, 2022)
43. Frank Meadows – Everybody’s Birthday (single, Ruination Record Co, 2022)
44. Jason McNiff – Running From Home (Tonight We Ride, Tombola Records, 2022)
45. Eli Winter – For a Chisos Bluebonnet (single, Three Lobed Recordings, 2022)
46. The Local Honeys – Throw Me in the Thicket (When I Die) (single, La Honda Records / Thirty Tigers, 2022)
47. Embla & The Karidotters – You Don’t Deserve Me (single, Die With Your Boot On Records, 2022)
48. Michelle Rivers – Last Cowboy (single, 2022)
49. Lindsay Lou – Don’t Go Back (single, Alright Sweet Records, 2022)
50. Jake Blount – Didn’t It Rain (single, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, 2022)
51. Parker Twomey – Til the Morning Comes (single, 2022)
52. Teddy and the Rough Riders – Dance Floor Blues (single, Appalachia Record Co, 2022)
53. The Western Express – Flower of the Rio Grande (single, 2022)
54. First Aid Kit – Angel (single, Columbia Records, 2022)
55. Carter Felker – The Legend (Even the Happy Ones Are Sad, 2022)

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