OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #196

Another week, another new music weekly.

A vacation edition live from Keuruu. Another bad excuse to possible miss some beautiful new releases. This was quite a big release week too.

Wilder Maker and Friendship were the top picks of the week for me, but the one that I’ve actually spend most time with so far has been that Austin Leonard Jones album. I was vaguely familiar and I loved the advance single. Still it caught me off guard a bit and I fell for the album on first listen. Oh yeah and those Wilder Maker and Friendship are of course damn good. They just didn’t have that surprise factor, because I knew I was going to love them even before hitting play button. Many other gems too and the week gave us new albums from Florist, Skyway Man & Andy Jenkins (EP), Amanda Shires, Nick Nace, Wade Sapp, Andrew Duhon, Wolf Van Elfmand, Triptides, Su Andersson, Sarah Bethe Nelson, Lily Talmers, The Jangles (this was a week ago), Guy Capecelatro III & Mike Effenberger (this has been on Bandcamp for a few months, but now streaming), Zach Welch, Well Well Well and Josh Rouse.

Finnish section is tiny but there is a great EP from Räjäyttäjät along with excellent singles from Kami Mate and Ilja Karsikas.

The international single of the week is the new (should-be) pop hit from Mo Troper. Looking forward to his new album on Lame-O Records. Other big faves this week came from A.O. Gerber, Plains, Tony Molina, Pretty Matty, Maija Sofia, The Harlem Gospel Travelers, Young Gun Silver Fox, Claude Munson, Miko Marks and Veronica Stanton. Again just to name a few and even my favorites might change throughout the week when I have more time to listen to these.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. It all matters more than you know. Oh an I’ve been doing some summer cleaning on the inbox, because I had over 7000 unread promo emails. I’m down to a couple hundred and have unsubscribed to a lot of pr lists that rarely send my kind of music. Nothing personal there if I unsubscribed and you are still allowed to send me stuff. Just trying to make room for the artists, labels and pr firms that are in the core of what I do. A one man hobby project just can’t cover all and everything and lately I haven’t really been even reachable to the ones I love. Hopefully this way I can focus a bit more and be better at responding to the emails that matter to me and this little blog. So if you’ve sent me something and I didn’t answer, my sincere apologies. There just isn’t enough time in the world to answer everyone, but hopefully this way I will be less overwhelmed by it all and manage to answer a larger number of them. Love from a distance.

1. Austin Leonard Jones – Night Parrots (Dead Calm, Perpetual Doom, 2022)
2. Wilder Maker – New Anxiety (Male Models, Western Vinyl, 2022)
3. Friendship – St. Bonaventure (Love the Stranger, Merge Records, 2022)
4. Skyway Man & Andy Jenkins – Holy Roses (Nothing No. 1 EP, Mama Bird Recording Co, 2022)
5. Florist – Two Ways (Florist, Double Double Whammy, 2022)
6. Amanda Shires – Bad Behaviour (Take It Like a Man, ATO Records, 2022)
7. Nick Nace – Figure 8’s (The Harder Stuff, 2022)
8. Wade Sapp – Bleeding Blue (Radio Check, 117 Music, 2022)
9. Andrew Duhon – Promised Land (Emerald Blue, 2022)
10. Wolf Van Elfmand – Heavy (High Desert Valley, Cottonwood Music, 2022)
11. Triptides – I’m With You (So Many Days, Curation Records, 2022)
12. Guy Capecelatro III & Mike Effenberger – Brushes (Sneak Into the Ether, 2022)
13. Su Andersson – Southern Belle (Brave, Roots and Ramblers, 2022)
14. Sarah Bethe Nelson – I Can Just Leave (Mental Picture, Speakeasy Studios, 2022)
15. Lily Talmers – Hope, You Whore (Hope is the Whore I Go To, El Tee Records, 2022)
16. Molly Lewis – Miracle Fruit (single, Jagjaguwar, 2022)
17. A.O. Gerber – Hunger (single, Hand in Hive / Father/Daughter, 2022)
18. Jason McCue – Ceiling (single, Fluff & Gravy Records, 2022)
19. Mo Troper – I Fall Into Her Arms (single, Lame-O Records, 2022)
20. The Jangles – I Won’t Shed a Tear (Pioneer, Spatchcox Records, 2022)
21. Tony Molina – Not Worth Knowing (single, Summer Shade, 2022)
22. Pretty Matty – See You Around (single, 2022)
23. Kami Mate – Sprout (single, 2022)
24. Räjäyttäjät – Jättömaa (Kesäaika EP, 2022)
25. Ilja Karsikas – Lumottu tie (single, 2022)
26. Maija Sofia – O Theremin (single, Islander, 2022)
27. Plains – Problem With It (single, Anti, 2022)
28. Emily Scott Robinson – When It Don’t Come Easy (single, Oh Boy Records, 2022)
29. Erin Enderlin – Ain’t That Lonely Yet (Campfire Cover the 90s EP, Black Crow Productions, 2022)
30. Zach Welch – Can’t Sing Like George Jones (Redux, 301Productions, 2022)
31. The Band Laredo feat Vandoliers – Gasoline (single, Laredo Records, 2022)
32. Jay Gavin – Got Myself a Harley (single, 2022)
33. The Western Express – You and Me and the Neon (single, 2022)
34. Dalton Domino – Rock and Roll Should Kill You (single, Lightning Rod Records, 2022)
35. Miko Marks & The Resurrectors – One More Night (single, Redtone Records, 2022)
36. The Harlem Gospel Travelers – Hold Your Head Up (single, Colemine Records, 2022)
37. Young Gun Silver Fox – Winners (single, A Candelio, 2022)
38. Well Well Well – I’m Not Him (Palm Springs, Royal Oakie Records, 2022)
39. Nick Waterhouse – Monterey (single, Innovative Leisure, 2022)
40. Sweet Megg – Trouble In Mind (single, Turtle Bay Records, 2022)
41. John Hollywood – Sweeps (single, 2022)
42. Claude Munson – Get it While It’s Good (single, 2022)
43. Nev Cottee – Renunciate (single, Wonderfulsound, 2022)
44. Zac Crook – Move On (single, 2022)
45. Small Sur – A Clean Patch of Ground (single, Worried Songs, 2022)
46. Why Bonnie – Nowhere, LA (single, Keeled Scales, 2022)
47. Jeffrey Lewis – Guest List Song (single, 2022)
48. Big Joanie – In My Arms (single, Kill Rock Stars, 2022)
49. Partner – Fear that Closes the Heart (single, You’ve Changed Records, 2022)
50. Jacob Faurholt – Falling Like the Rain (single, Raw Onion Records, 2022)
51. Veronica Stanton – Quick Fix (single, 2022)
52. Michael Paul Lawson – I Know Where I’m Going Tonight (single,
53. Reece Sullivan – Be Still, My Heart (single, 2022)
54. Trevor Beld Jimenez – Anytime (single, 2022)
55. Josh Rouse – Henry Miller’s Flat (Going Places, Yep Roc, 2022)
56. The Bobby Tenderloin Universe – That’s All I’m Sayin’ (single, Keeping On Records, 2022)
57. The Lowest Pair – Couple of Jerks (single, Delicata Records, 2022)
58. Elk Hound – You Never Came to Me in a Dream (Wordless Shore, SonaBLAST! Record, 2022)
59. Nathan Kalish – Divinity in Lonesome (Great Big Motel in the Sky, JTMMusic, 2022)
60. John Moreland – Neon Middle June (Birds in the Ceiling, Old Omens / Thirty Tigers, 2022)

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