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One Chord to Another is now 21 years old. Which is quite a long time to do anything let alone a music blog. Something to be proud of I guess. And I am. Ok, somewhat unfortunate that his has turned mostly into a weekly playlist during the recent years because of various reasons. It’s still quite a lot of work and making it takes a large chunk of my every weekend. Plus there’s that weekly blog post too so it most definitely still counts. Hopefully one day I manage to do more, because the original idea was that the playlist will be a bonus or work side-by-side with the other blog content and not become the only/main thing. Zero promises though, because this is just a spare time hobby and often the day job takes the time and energy. Anyway, thank you to each and everyone who have followed this blog journey during the years. It means the world to me.

No big celebration this year, but I thought I’ll have a small party with Austin Leonard Jones. That’s because a) he made one of my favorite albums of the year b) the first single Back in Black Lagoon has a great birthday party music video. The album Dead Calm is full of lovely melodies, witty stories and mellow country groove and it came out July 29th on Perpetual Doom. Here’s the music video along with another personal favorite The Night Parrots.

Austin Leonard Jones at Facebook
Austin Leonard Jones Website

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