Favorite Finnish Albums of the Year 2022

The year end routine starts with the Finnish albums of the Year. A good year of Finnish music again and even though the list is fairly long, I still had to leave out some good albums. I did put the numbers there this time around, but it’s kind of arbitrary. I could easily move albums up or down 5 spots and be probably just as happy with the list. Music is love, not a competition. There’s a playlist link with one song each on the bottom, if you are into such things. An easy way to give an introduction, but remember to buy music too if you are able to do that. But don’t worry if you aren’t. Food and rent comes first no matter how much you want to support the arts.

Not a whole lot of writings and descriptions, because I don’t have the time and well does anybody really care about that. The records are what matters. And yeah, definitely possibility I forgot something and a fact that there’s stuff I haven’t even heard. This is just a one man hobby spare time operation.


30. Kytäjä – Kolmos (Panama-Levyt / Joteskii Groteskii)

A welcome return from the instrumental duo. Kolmos is a good guide for exploring the musical cosmos.

29. Mara Balls – Maranormaali ilmiö (Stupido Records)

Catchy bluesy rock with good songwriting.

28. Henna Emilia Hietamäki – Maja (Soliti)

Down-to-earth folk minimalism with moving songs and heartfelt atmosphere.

27. Antti Autio – Kaikki talot huojuu (Soit Se Silti)

A new Antti Autio album is always something to love and cherish.

26. Samae Koskinen – Viima Vie (KHY Suomen Musiikki)

I’m an indie kid (well indie middle-aged man) and therefore too much stuck in the golden Sister Flo days. Thankfully I’m not completely lost and can appreciate this excellent Samae Koskinen album. Marketin rappuset is a big personal favorite.

25. Rosita Luu – Maaginen Elävä (Playground)

More heartfelt and catchy pop/rock greatness from Rosita Luu on a new label.

24. Samanna – Sinisellä Sametilla (Humu Records / Hillotehdas)

Light and lovely jazzy breeze but not without depth.

23. Hexehexe – Midnight Zone

Spooky alternative rock from Pori.

22. Bad Sauna – POTSLOJO (All That Plazz)

New indie rock monster from Bad Sauna.

21. Joni Ekman – EkMania (Soit Se Silti)

A new rock’n’roll beauty from Joni Ekman.

20. Itä-Hollola Installaatio – Velipuolet (KHY Suomen Musiikki)

Songwriter Robert Ensio Niemistö is household name on the onechordnet year end lists. This time with the wonderful new Itä-Hollola Installaatio album.

19. 22-Pistepirkko – Kind Hearts Have a Run Run (Bare Bone Business / Universal)

The legends show how its done.

18. Message Field – New Meadow (Soit Se Silti)

A moving finale to Message Field’s album trilogy.

17. Knife Girl – Uniform (Soliti)

World class genre-hopping indie blender from Knife Girl.

16. Tamara Luonto – Honeymoon (Humu Records / Hillotehdas / Lempi & Sylvi Discs)

The last minute entry to the list is the long-waited rock blast from Tamara Luonto. Too early to tell where it should be on this list, so let’s drop it here in the middle. Kristiina Tuhkanen was one of my favorite songwriters of the year and if there will be a songs of the year list too, Neiti B from this album will take place #2 and it will be closely followed by the solo single Hai.

15. Punomo – Punomo (Solina Records)

Turku retro soul in Finnish. Well count me in for sure.

14. Puhelinseksi – Vieraita toisillemme (Svart Records)

One of my favorite punk rock bands with a new slice of melodic punk heaven. Also loved the concert on a very rainy summer night at indie-iltamat festival.

13. Joose Keskitalo & Mystic Revelation of Teppo Repo- Orfiset laulut V & VI (Helmi Levyt)

New double-headed behemoth from Joose Keskitalo & Mystic Revelation of Teppo Repo can share this spot on the list. Joose was again prolific and also had collaboration album with Paavoharju early in the year. That had moments I really loved too, but overall wasn’t exactly my kinda album. This one is.

12. Bobby Oroza – Get on the Otherside (Big Crown Records)

New heartfelt soul beauty from Bobby Oroza.

11. Litku Klemetti – Asiatonta oleskelua (Is this Art!)

A new Litku Klemetti album is an event and this one is even a bit more my cup of tea than the few previous ones. I have a feeling this one will be a grower too and I need to start sending hate mail to myself for not putting it a lot higher.

10. Heta Narkaus – Liian ohutta ilmaa

A new find of the year. I had no idea who Heta Narkaus was some months ago, but I think it was Viitasen Piia who shared the debut single when it came out (so credit to her). I listened and instantly loved the combination of folk and dreamy pop. Further advance singles and this album were equally great.

9. Amuri – Ettei kukaan tuntisi pimeää (Helmi Levyt)

A new beauty from one of my biggest faves of recent years. Maybe also a bit filler this time around, but I love 3/4 of it. Also check out their awesome cover album Minä olen muistanut.

8. Rock Siltanen Group – Rock’n’rollin voima (Rockia ja sporttia)

Rock’n’roll entertainment and a song about the Lahti doping scandal. What’s not to love.

7. Jukka Nousiainen & Kumpp – Matkalla kotiin (Jukan Musiikki)

High end small beer country from one of the finest in the country. Well that didn’t make sense, but the record does.

6. A.Reikko – A.Reikko (Karhuvaltio Records)

Long time fave Antti Reikko that you might remember from Koria Kitten Riot and Johnny Superhero made a great solo album in Finnish.

5. Mikael H – Optimisti

Beautiful solo folk album from another long time favorite Mikael H.

4. Jani Matti Juhani – Maailma palaa raiteilleen (Ainoa Productions)

Jani Matti Juhani released a wonderful album of his own material after a couple of Elvis cover albums. Very fond of this one.

3. Sur-rur – Entisyydestämmekinköhän (If Society / Joteskii Groteskii / Roku Records)

The legendary Finnish band still in great form. Absolutely love the first half of this. Pure (should-be) hit galore there. This 14 song and 75 minute monster fades a bit towards the end, but that’s hardly an issue, if the first half is 6/5 and the second is 4/5.

2. Teini-Pää – Maailma kyllä odottaa (Soit Se Silti)

Fabulous super catchy teenage dream melodic punk rock from one of my favorite bands Teini-Pää. Sometimes I feel like this could have been even better, but that’s kinda pointless nitpicking because I love every second I spend listening to it.

1. ITE EEROLA – On tullu mietittyä kuolemaa ja semmosta (Panama-Levyt)

And the Finnish album of the year is On tullu mietittyä kuolemaa ja semmosta by ITE EEROLA. In fact, it’s the release I loved the most during 2022 and would have been #1 even if there was not an own category for international albums. The song Tilaa mulle taksi is also by far my favorite song of the year. Despite the grim album title, this folk album is not doom & gloom. I would say it’s more like warmth & empathy. A kindhearted shoulder to lean on, if life throws too many curveballs at once. A treasure of an album.

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