Favorite Songs of the Year 2022

Here’s a quick favorite songs of the year list to round up this EOTY madness. First the international ones and the Finnish ones on the next post. These will just be a top 5 accompanied with a playlist that is longer than anyone will listen. Playlist is still a bit of work in progress and I’m sure there’s some dear ones missing, because I haven’t done it with any sort of organized manner. So there will be some additions during the coming days. The order there is completely random after ten or so.

5. Erin Rae – Mind/Heart (Good Memory / Thirty Tigers)

4. Martha – Baby, Does Your Heart Sink? (Specialist Subject)

3. Adeem the Artist – For Judas (Four Quarters Records / Thirty Tigers)

2. Anna Tivel – Black Umbrella (Mama Bird Recording Co)

1. Willi Carlisle – Tulsa’s Last Magician (Free Dirt Records)

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