OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #221

Another week, another new music weekly.

It was a really busy concert weekend here in Turku and I didn’t have a whole lot time to listen to new music. Somehow I still managed to put together a 60 song playlist. Just haven’t listened full albums yet.

The big one for me is the new Ron Sexsmith. I’ve been a fan since the late nineties and even the last one was an album of the year on this little music blog. This new one sounds again marvellous and I look forward to listening it on repeat for the next few days. We also got most likely great albums from Steady Holiday, Cat Clyde, Jaimee Harris, Benjamin Dakota Rogers, John Blek, Cliff Hillis and MAITA (acoustic versions).

New Plastic Tones album is the Finnish giant. My kinda album title there too. That Fernet Underground also delivers hit after hit. Then there’s also mighty good run of singles from Bleak Moments, Ghosts on TV, Maustetytöt, Markus Perttula, J.Kajan, Ne Galaktiset, Folkjykä & Kuntoutujat and Mr. Dad. Also included Aode’s single from the summer of 2022, because I don’t think ever included it here due to finding it so late (thanks to TKST I did found it). But I saw her live yesterday and liked it a lot, so I thought I don’t hang too tightly onto the brand new music mode. It’s a really beautiful song. Then at the end there’s another cut from Teini-Pää album and the b-side of the Pillow single.

And finally the international singles. Little Misty is back with a lovely new song. Let’s call that the song of the week. Other very early faves came from Robbie Fulks, Dylan Earl, Spencer Cullum, Peg, Doug Paisley, Haley E Rydell, Ellie Turner, Scree, Alfie Firmin, Angelica Rockne, Ben Folds and so forth. Even more difficult to name faves, because I haven’t listened these that much yet. So the biggest fave might be at the end of the playlist.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. Love from a distance.

1. Ron Sexsmith – Country Mile (The Vivian Line, Ronboy Rhymes / Cooking Vinyl, 2023)
2. Steady Holiday – Under the Moon (Newfound Oxygen, 2023)
3. Cat Clyde – Hawk in the Tree (Down Rounder, Second Prize Records, 2023)
4. Jaimee Harris – Sam’s (Boomerang Town, Folk N’ Roll Records / Thirty Tigers, 2023)
5. Benjamin Dakota Rogers – Back To You (Paint Horse, Good People Record Co, 2023)
6. Robbie Fulks – One Glass of Whiskey (single, Compass Records, 2023)
7. Dylan Earl – I Saw the Arkansas (single, Gar Hole Records, 2023)
8. John Blek – Raven’s Cry (Until the Rivers Run Dry, WARR, 2023)
9. Little Misty – Windmill (single, 2023)
10. Spencer Cullum feat Erin Rae – Betwixt and Between (single, Full Time Hobby, 2023)
11. Peg – Alice (single, Ruination Record Co, 2023)
12. Doug Paisley – Rewrite History (single, Outside Music, 2023)
13. Haley E Rydell – Midwestern Daughter (single, 2023)
14. Ellie Turner – The ‘I Love You’ Song (single, Muhly Grass Records, 2023)
15. Erin Enderlin – Weddings, Funerals & Empty Hotel Bars (single, Black Crow Productions, 2023)
16. Elijah Ocean – Heart Replacement (single, 2023)
17. Nicholas Jamerson – Holler Child (single, The Bingo Shack, 2023)
18. Angelica Rockne – Age of the Voyeuer (single, Fluff & Gravy Records / Loose Music, 2023)
19. Ben Folds – Winslow Gardens (single, New West Records, 2023)
20. Withered Hand – Waking Up (single, Reveal Records, 2023)
21. Lemon Pitch – Valentine (single, Repeating Cloud, 2023)
22. Bleak Moments – You Could Be God (single, Keijo Pasanen Productions, 2023)
23. Fernet Underground – Esimerkkejä yksinäisyydestä (single, Kynsinauhat, 2023)
24. Ghosts on TV – Sunshine (single, Soliti, 2023)
25. Plastic Tones – Late Night Line (Power Pop Testament, 2023)
26. Maustetytöt – Ei niin kovin suuri city (single, Is This Art, 2023)
27. Markus Perttula – Aavan laulu (single, MPM, 2023)
28. J.Kajan – Talvi (single, 2023)
29. Aode – Omituisen veden rannalla (single, 2022)
30. Folkjykä & Kuntoutujat – Maisema (single, 2023)
31. Ne Galaktiset – En sua silmiin katsoa saa (single, Helmi Levyt, 2023)
32. Mr. Dad – The Coke Dealer’s Depressed Again (single, Dad Rock Issue Records, 2023)
33. Margo Price – Shotgun Willie (single, The Next Waltz, 2023)
34. Travis Feutz – George Jones (single, 2023)
35. Parker Millsap – What You’ve Shown Me (single, Okrahoma Records, 2023)
36. Courtney Patton – Telephone Line (single, 2023)
37. The Teskey Brothers – Oceans of Emotions (single, Decca, 2023)
38. Los Yesterdays – Who Made You You? (single, Penrose Records, 2023)
39. Country Westerns – Speaking Ill of the Blues (single, Fat Possum Records, 2023)
40. The Minks – Feelin’ Good (single, 2023)
41. The New Pornographers – Angelcover (single, Merge Records, 2023)
42. Mike Viola – Bill Viola (single, Lojinx, 2023)
43. Cliff Hillis – Good Morning and Goodnight (Be The Now, Hacienda Records, 2023)
44. Alfie Firmin – Can’t Stop Thinking About You (single, Bobo Integral, 2023)
45. Those Pretty Wrongs – Something Beautiful (single, Curation Records, 2023)
46. Scree – Beautiful Days (single, Ruination Record Co, 2023)
47. Lunar Vacation – Only You (single, Keeled Scales, 2023)
48. Mega Bog – The Clown (single, Mexican Summer, 2023)
49. L CON – Heimatort (single, Idee Fixe Records, 2023)
50. The Hackles – Birdcage (single, Jealous Butcher Records, 2023)
51. Fenne Lily – Dawncolored Horse (single, Dead Oceans, 2023)
52. Route 500 feat Bess Atwell – I’ll Play Out (single, 2023)
53. MAITA – Loneliness – Acoustic (Loneliness, Kill Rock Stars, 2023)
54. The Great Park with Fee Reega – Bedlam Boys are Bonny (single, Woodland Recordings, 2023)
55. Alasdair Roberts – The Lichtbob’s Lassie (single, Drag City, 2023)
56. Great Lake Swimmers – Moonlight, Stay Above (single, Pheromone Recordings, 2023)
57. Reece Sullivan – Don’t Fail Me Now (single, 2023)
58. Cory Hanson – Housefly (single, Drag City, 2023)
59. Pillow – Teeth (single, Panama-levyt, 2023)
60. Teini-Pää – Mun sydän on (Sata syytä aloittaa, Soit Se Silti, 2023)

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