OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #222

Another week, another new music weekly.

What a busy release week. This is becoming too much for one man to handle during one weekend. I need to learn how to cut the length of this thing. It’s not like anybody even listens the whole four hours of new music.

My big three for the week is Lemon Pitch, Jenny O. and Peg. All wonderful in the own way. Peg would probably the album of the week, if I had to pick just one. Sure that Iris DeMent album might also end up being the one when I’ve had more time to listen to it. We also got new albums from McKendrick Bearden, Dougie Poole, Swim Camp, Reece Sullivan, The Tender Things, Channing Wilson, Shooutouts, Lucero, Fixtures, Carol and Okonski.

Addition! A couple hours after I posted this, I saw the news about The Sons of Rainier album on Dean Johnson’s Instagram. Waiting a week to share this beauty felt too long, so instead of just including it next week, I updated this episode.

Things were a bit slower in Finland or I didn’t get the memos. My big love is the one that I missed a week ago and that is the first single from Ulla Kolla. Album out on Helmi Levyt soon. Also very fond of the new song from Janne Tapion Sisäinen Avaruus. Other excellent Finnish releases are album from Teksti-TV 666 and singles from Koisjärven Disko, Rami Vierula, Lyyti, Kissa, Samoaja and Eerie Deer.

The international single of the week is the Emitt Rhodes-like pop treasure from Vanity Mirror. Brent Randall knows this pop stuff. Also love that Sluice single. That’s going to me one hell of an album, because all advance singles have been pure gold. New Maya De Vitry is also a big fave and obviously Jason Isbell too. Abe Partridge song is also superb and from new to me category there’s a great single from Reyes. A few others that I’ve loved early on came from Jeffrey Silverstein, Josienne Clarke, Lena Minder, Dan Horne, The Lost Days, Wednesday, Two Runner and so forth. Too many to name(drop) and I haven’t listened enough to even know which ones will end up being biggest favorites.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. It all matters. Love from a distance.

1. Lemon Pitch – Bind (Threat of Weather, Repeating Cloud, 2023)
2. Jenny O. – Advice at a Dinner Party (Spectra, Mama Bird Recording Co, 2023)
3. Peg – Official Innocence (Sideshows, Ruination Record Co, 2023)
4. The Sons of Rainier – Reach for the Light (Take Me Anywhere, 2023)
5. McKendrick Bearden – Shoulder of Joy (Brighs at the Mines Out, Buena Vista Records, 2023)
6. Swim Camp – Dougie (For Sharyl) (Steel Country, 2023)
7. Dougie Poole – I Lived My Whole Life Last Night (The Rainbow Wheel of Death, Wharf Cat Records, 2023)
8. Reece Sullivan – If You Know What’s Good For You (Gethsemane, 2023)
9. Iris DeMent – I Won’t Ask You Why (Workin’ On a World, Songs of Iris, 2023)
10. The Tender Things – Pale Blue (That Texas Touch, 2023)
11. Channing Wilson – Crazy Over You (Dead Man, Ol’ Dog Records / Soundly, 2023)
12. The Shootouts feat Buddy Miller – Anywhere But Here (Stampede, Soundly, 2023)
13. Lucero – Nothing’s Alright (Should’ve Learned By Now, Liberty & Lament / Thirty Tigers, 2023)
14. Fixtures – Bull of Heaven (Hollywood Dog, Bobo Integral, 2023)
15. Billy Tibbals – Best Day I Ever Had (single, Silver Arrow Records, 2023)
16. The High Water Marks – An Imposed Exile (single, 2023)
17. Vanity Mirror – Tuesday’s News (single, We Are Busy Bodies, 2023)
18. Dakota Theim – Together til the End (single, 2023)
19. Sluice – Mill (single, Ruination Record Co, 2023)
20. Carol – Nancy’s Roses Yellow (More Than a Goodbye, Disposable America, 2023)
21. Maya De Vitry – Where I First Loved Singing (single, Mad Maker Studio, 2023)
22. Josienne Clarke – The Birds (single, Corduroy Punk, 2023)
23. Tiny Ruins – Dorothy Bay (single, Marathon Artists, 2023)
24. Reyes – City Lights (single, 2023)
25. Jeffrey Silverstein – Cowboy Grass (single, Arrowhawk Records, 2023)
26. Ulla Kolla – Kauneus joka puolella (single, Helmi Levyt, 2023)
27. Koisjärven Disko – Eveliina (single, Soit Se Silti, 2023)
28. Janne Tapion Sisäinen Avaruus – Oljenkeltainen maa (single, Iso Pinkki, 2023)
29. Rami Vierula – Koti (single, 2023)
30. Lyyti – Katastrofin laajuus (single, Johanna Kustannus, 2023)
31. Teksti-TV 666 – Jeffrey (Vapauden Tasavalta, Svart Records, 2023)
32. Kissa – Cola Girl ’98 (single, Svart Records, 2023)
33. Samoaja – Author of the Rivers (single, Landscape Records, 2023)
34. Eerie Deer – Dream (single, 2023)
35. Hello Emerson feat Knisely – Children with the Blues (single, K&F Records, 2023)
36. Lena Minder – Should Have Been There (single, 2023)
37. Dan Horne – Dontcha Know (single, Liberty Hair Farm Records, 2023)
38. Bard’s Flying Vessel – Devil’s In the Garden (single, Royal Oakie Records, 2023)
39. Shana Cleveland – Walking Through Morning Dew (single, Hardly Art, 2023)
40. Jim Ghebi & Toby Hay – Bright Edge Deep (single, Proper Records, 2023)
41. Caleb Elliot – Weed, Wine & Time (single, Single Lock Records, 2023)
42. Jake Paleschic – Dreaming of the Trial (single, Niles City Records, 2023)
43. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – Death Wish (single, Southeastern Records / Thirty Tigers, 2023)
44. Bella White – Break My Heart (single, Rounder Records, 2023)
45. Joshua Quimby – Do-Nothin Deadbeat (single, 2023)
46. Joey Frendo – Fool Hearted Woman (single, Horton Records, 2023)
47. Abe Partridge – Young Love (Alabama Skies) (single, Baldwin County Public Records, 2023)
48. S.G. Goodman – Take It Away (single, A Verve Forecast, 2023)
49. Lady Lamb – Between Two Trees (single, Ba Da Bing! 2023)
50. Dominic Billett – Still (single, Perpetual Doom, 2023)
51. Chris Picco – Make It Up to You (single, LDR Music, 2023)
52. Lyndsay Stone – The Blaze (single, 2023)
53. Fruit Bats – It All Comes Back (single, Merge Records, 2023)
54. Hollow Hand – Jealous King (single, Curation Records, 2023)
55. Charlie Hill – Dive In (single, CL Productions, 2023)
56. The Telephone Numbers – Weird Sisters (single, Meritorio Records, 2023)
57. Whitney’s Playland – Mercy (single, Meritorio Records, 2023)
58. Wednesday – Bath Country (single, Dead Oceans, 2023)
59. The Lost Days – For Today (single, Speakeasy Studios SF, 2023)
60. Superchunk – Making a Break (single, Merge Records, 2023)
61. The Minks – Another Trip (single, Barber Time Publishing, 2023)
62. Wax Mannequin – Wrong About You (single, Coax Records, 2023)
63. Durand Jones – Lord Have Mercy (single, Dead Oceans, 2023)
64. Okonski – Runner Up (Magnolia, Colemine Records, 2023)
65. The Nude Party – Somebody’s Trying to Hoodoo Me (single, New West Records, 2023)
66. Luke Callen – Tomatoes from the Vine (single, Milkweed Records, 2023)
67. Dogs at Large – Vogue Beauty (single, 2023)
68. Two Runner – Run Souls (single, 2023)
69. Steady Holiday – Asleep (Newfound Oxygen, 2023)
70. Ron Sexsmith – Flower Boxes (The Vivian Lines, Ronboy Rhymes / Cooking Vinyl, 2023)
71. Cat Clyde – Send You Love (Down Rounder, Second Prize Records, 2023)

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