Vanity Mirror, The Lost Days, Bart and Dakota Theim

A couple things I’ve loved lately. Felt like sharing a few songs. Probably won’t happen again. First a timeless pop treasure in the vein of Emitt Rhodes from Vanity Mirror. Brent Randall is a long time fave in this pop game and together with Johnny Toomey he has released quite a gem. Love the music video too. I can’t wait to hear the full album PUFF that will be released in May by We Are Busy Bodies.

How about a couple of favorites Tony Molina and Sarah Rose Janko working together? Well count me in for sure. This single In the Store has some TFC vibes too and that’s never a bad thing. Full album by The Lost Days is out this Friday March 17th on Speakeasy Studios SF. Mighty good new label by the way. I’ve loved pretty much everything they’ve released so far.

Next up the latest sophisticated pop beauty from Toronto’s Bart. What a treasure once again. If you find me shouting the name Bart from the rooftops, this is what I’m praising. What a song. What a band. New album Some Kind of Way out on Idee Fixe Records in May.

Let’s wrap up this one with one of the latest singles from Portland’s Dakota Theim. He has been one of my favorite pop guys during the recent years and I love these new tunes as well. Not exactly sure is there an album on the way or are these separate singles. Anyway, here’s Angeline.

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