Abe Partridge and Slaid Cleaves

Another quick set of songs that I love. This time in a more folk surroundings. Abe Partridge is a folk singer-songwriter and visual artist from Mobile, Alabama. I’m a bit late here and only found him a few months ago. But now I’m really digging his stuff both old and new. Here’s a couple of recent ones that are quite different, but equally wonderful. New album Love In The Dark will be released by Baldwin Co. Public Records May 12, 2023

From Love in the Dark to Together Through the Dark. That’s the title of the latest Slaid Cleaves album. He’s an awesome folk storyteller from Wimberley, Texas. A whole lot of great songwriting here. My own favorite is Next Heartbreak. It’s quite a heavy hitter about somehow getting through the hardships of life before getting struck by another curve ball. Such a great record.

I meant to add a couple more, but it’s 1am and I need some sleep. So maybe there’s more to come. Who knows.

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