Steady Holiday, Juni Habel, Nighttime and Nico Paulo

Another quick blog entry of songs and albums that I love. Starting with a Steady Holiday appreciation. Listening to LA-based Dre Babinski makes me immensely happy. There’s some kind of magic here, because that happens even during the darker moments of the songs. Somehow that warmth and empathy just shines through all the time. New album Newfound Oxygen came out on the 17th of February and it’s again filled with beautiful dreamy indie pop songs. Here’s a couple of fabulous music videos/singles along with one of my favorite songs Asleep.

Another early favorite of the year comes from Norway. Songwriter Juni Habel has made a really beautiful, gentle and fragile folk album. Carvings came out in January on Basin Rock and Ba Da Bing Records. I’m more than mildly addicted to the the song I Went Out and Sought for Your Name.

And more gems from the Ba Da Bing vaults. Eva Louise Goodman’s Nighttime released a magical new album Keeper Is the Heart in January. Here’s a couple of favorites from this beautiful album.

Let’s wrap this little blog entry with a timeless and charming single Time from the forthcoming self-titled Nico Paulo album. This debut album by this Portuguese-Canadian songwriter will come out April 7th on Forward Music Group. I’ve marked that date on my calendar ever since I heard this song.

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