OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #232

What a great release week when it comes to albums. A really big three here from CARLENE, Dean Johnson and Michael James Tapscott. They can share the album of the week honors this time around, because I love them all so much. Those CARLENE singles have been so amazing and now there’s a beautiful folk album too. That Dean Johnson album has been a long time coming. I remember a few of these songs as Lowman Palace versions from 2017 and after that there’s been a bunch of gorgeous video performances too. Not to mention seeing most of my Portland/Seattle faves always praising Dean along the years. Great to have the album here and on my favorite label in the world too. I have to pick a vinyl too once they are available, because this easily fullfills those almost unfairly high expectations. Michael James Tapscott is a long time fave and the new album is again wonderful. Elephant Micah there too on one track, which is a nice bonus. There’s a whole lot more too. A few of these next ones are easily album of the week caliber too but this was a crowded week. There’s new albums from Michael Cormier-O’Leary, Greg Mendez, Jesse Remnant, Ruby Oland, Angelica Rockne, Eilen Jewell, Zach Aaron, Rodney Crowell, Thorsten Nesch (EP), SnarskiCircusLindyBand (EP), Amos the Kid, Durand Jones, The Golden Roses (cover EP), Dolour (EP) and Virgin of the Birds (EP).

A bit less crowded on the Finnish side of things. The almighty Sur-rur has a new compilation of unreleased stuff. Physical release was a few weeks back, but it’s now on these evil streaming platforms too. There’s also an album from Kissa and single gold from Inginmaa/Hypnomen, Susanna Leppänen & Vallitseva tilanne, Jonna Tervomaa, Samae Koskinen, Sir Liselot, Lapsuus, Raivo Jackson and Slack Bird. Also revisiting last week Ne Galaktiset and Kalevi Suopursu albums at the end of the playlist.

The international song of the week is the new single from Corinne Sharlet. Oh my what a beauty of a song. Also love the new songs from Beth Bombara, Leah Senior, Anna St. Louis, Whitney Rose, Summer Dean, Turnpike Troubadours and Dogwood Tales. Again just to name a few. Too early to say which of these will become long time friends.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow all the usual promotional nonsense. It all matters a great deal while I ponder the meaning of life and this playlist. This is still on Spotify, Apple and Tidal. I think I will drop at least Apple in a few weeks. Sorry about that, but it doesn’t make sense to pay for me to pay for many streaming services just to make another playlist. Anyway, lots of love to everyone. Next week is a Söpöily-viikko and therefore I already know my favorite song of that week and possibly the whole year. Tune back here next week to hear it. Love from a distance.

1. CARLENE – You Were Still On My Mind (Looking Out My Window, 2023)
2. Dean Johnson – Possession (Nothing For Me, Please, Mama Bird Recording Co, 2023)
3. Michael James Tapscott feat Elephant Micah – The Lonely Evergreen (The Beasts of History, Royal Oakie Records, 2023)
4. Michael Cormier O’Leary – The Tyranny of Our Beating Hearts (Anything Can Be Left Behind, Dear Life Records, 2023)
5. Greg Mendez – Rev. John / Friend (Greg Mendez, Forged Artifacts, 2023)
6. Jesse Remnant – Night Terros (Another Freak of the Flood, 2023)
7. Ruby Oland – Nothing Lost / Nothing Gained (Perfetly Colored Moth, Wild Cats in the Grass, 2023)
8. Eilen Jewell – You Were a Friend of Mine (Get Behind the Wheel, Signature Sounds, 2023)
9. Angelica Rockne – The Night Dreams of You (The Rose Society, Fluff & Gravy Records / Loose Music, 2023)
10. Zach Aaron – Someone’s Gotta Bleed (This Lovely War, 2023)
11. Rodney Crowell – Making Lovers Out of Friends (The Chicago Sessions, New West Records, 2023)
12. Thorsten Nesch – She Was Trouble For Me (Give me the Crazies EP, 2023)
13. SnarskiCircusLindyBand – Will You Still (Someone Said That Someone Said EP, 2023)
14. Leah Senior – Easy Come, Easy Go (single, Poison City Records, 2023)
15. Anna St. Louis – Better Days (single, Woodsist / Mare, 2023)
16. Corinne Sharlet – Further on Down the Road (single, 2023)
17. Beth Bombara – Lonely Walls (single, Black Mesa Records, 2023)
18. Whitney Rose – You’re Gonna Get Lonely (single, MCG Recordings, 2023)
19. Summer Dean – She’s in His Arms, But I’m in the Palm of His Hand (single, Next Waltz, 2023)
20. Turnpike Troubadours – Mean Old Sun (single, Bossier City / Thirty Tigers, 2023)
21. Amos the Kid – World Burn (Enough as it Was, House of Wonders Records, 2023)
22. Durand Jones – See It Through (Wait Til I Get Over, Dead Oceans, 2023)
23. Lee Fields – Waiting on the Sidelines (single, Daptone Records, 2023)
24. Sir Liselot feat. Gr3tel – Worried About Her (single, Minna Records, 2023)
25. Inginmaa/Hypnomen – Aamuyön valoon (single, Stupido Records, 2023)
26. Metsäheikki – Silkkilintu (single, Helmi Levyt, 2023)
27. Susanna Leppänen & Vallitseva tilanne – Äitini mun (single, Panama Levyt, 2023)
28. Jonna Tervomaa – Auringon eteen (single, Sony, 2023)
29. Samae Koskinen – Ihana pitkä suvi (single, KHY Suomen Musiikki, 2023)
30. Sur-rur – Jalkapallovalmentaja (Matonkuteet, 2023)
31. Kissa – Estonian Stallion (Apinalinna, Svart Records, 2023)
32. Lapsuus – Sunny ja mä (single, Stupido, 2023)
33. Raivo Jackson – Sound Don’t Sound (single, 2023)
34. Slack Bird – Ievan polkka (single, Harava Records, 2023)
35. Spitzer Space Telescope – Dunning Town (single, 2023)
36. The Golden Roses – Amarillo Highway (Coverage From Signal Hill EP, 2023)
37. Elijah Ocean – Praises Be (single, 2023)
38. Amanda Anne Platt & Honeycutters – Miracles (single, 2023)
39. Fleur Wiber – Walk Me (single, 2023)
40. Dogwood Tales – Stranger (single, WarHen Records, 2023)
41. Opal Eskar – Open Mind! (single, Spiral Valley, 2023)
42. Sumos – Enemies (single, Meritorio Records, 2023)
43. Dolour – Everything I Need (Everything I Need EP, 2023)
44. Pretty Matty – Harder 2 Smile (single, Self Aware Records, 2023)
45. Panic Pocket – Get Me (single, Skep Wax, 2023)
46. Why Dogs Why – (Driving on the) Wrong Side of the Road (single, WhyDW Inc, 20239
47. Virgin of the Birds – Achilles and the Blues (Viper Summer EP, Abandoned Love Records, 2023)
48. Alfie Firmin – Lost on Me (single, Bobo Integral, 2023)
49. Dylan Rodrigue – Goodbye (single, Pizzaslime Records, 2023)
50. Wila Frank – Black Cloud (single, 2023)
51. Sarah Summer – Play it Again Sam! You Don’t Have Any Feathers (single, 2023)
52. Brittain Ashford – Hand Wringing / In The Wings (single, Misra Records, 2023)
53. Ismay – Stranger in the Barn (single, 2023)
54. Lillie Mae – Razor Love (single, 2023)
55. Arny Margret & Junius Meyvant – Spring (single, One Little Independent, 2023)
56. Go By Ocean – Should Have Known (single, Royal Oakie Records, 2023)
57. Hand Habits – Private Life (single, Fat Possum Records, 2023)
58. Claire Rousay & Helene Deland – Deceiver (single, Mexican Summer, 2023)
59. Ne Galaktiset – Keppana (Ne Galaktiset, Helmi Levyt, 2023)
60. Kalevi Suopursu – Planeetta Punainen (Uneton Vantaalta, Helmi Levyt, 2023)
61. Mike Frazier – Shenandoah Blue (Another Night, Another Sunrise, Geneva Records, 2023)

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