OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #234

Here we are again. Except not on Apple Music. Last week was the final week there. Had to cut some costs so that this crazy hobby project don’t cost me too much money. So just Spotify and Tidal for now. My apologies for the few people that followed me and/or the playlist on Apple. Actually I think I might take a bit time off during the summer altogether and see how I feel about this after a small break. At least next week is still business or well hobby as usual, because there’s the Kassi Valazza album and a whole lot more.

The album of the week is the new NQ Arbuckle. That title track carried me through some dark nights during the covid times and now few years later we have a whole new beautiful NQ Arbuckle album. I had to start this one with Love Songs for the Long Game, because I love that song so much. I’ll put something brand new and wonderful from the album to the next episode. Whitney Rose and Robert Ellis round up the big three of the week for me. Remnose is a new one for me, but loved that on quick listen. I will investigate that more during the next week. Then there’s also new greatness from Nicholas Jamerson, The Milk Carton Kids, Opal Eskar (EP), Steady Hands, Chris Velan, Brittain Ashford, Califone, Mega Bod, Bob Martin, Shelley Short (EP) and Lila Tristram (EP).

From Finland there’s an album from Metsäheikki, an EP from Escape Whale plus singles from V.Härkönen, Lala Salama, Kaino Kim Vieno, Eerie Deer, Keidas and Kari Tapiiri.

And finally the international singles. Anna Tivel has another tremendous b-side from the Outsiders sessions. I think that’s my song of the week here. Other big faves came from Lauren O’Connell, Laith, Max Bien Kahn, Ryan Curtis and Kitba. Also dig the cover magic from Lydia Loveless & Jason Hawk Harris. Just to name a few as usual.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow all the usual promotional nonsense. It all matters, if you want this to continue. Back next week for the Kassi Valazza album among other things. Love love love.

1. NQ Arbuckle – Love Songs for the Long Game (Love Songs for the Long Game, Six Shooter Records, 2023)< 2. Remnose – River Water (Both Our Blood, 2023)
3. Whitney Rose – Minding My Own Pain (Rosie, MCG Recordings, 2023)
4. Robert Ellis – Better Tomorrow (Yesterday’s News, Niles City Records, 2023)
5. Nicholas Jamerson – Wild Nights, Wierd Mornings (Peace Mountain, The Bingo Shack, 2023)
6. The Milk Carton Kids – North Country Ride (I Only See the Moon, Far Cry Records / Thirty Tigers, 2023)
7. Opal Eskar – All I Wanna Do (Opal Eskar EP, Spiral Valley, 2023)
8. Chris Velan – Enough to Go On (Songs About Songs, 2023)
9. Steady Hands – Smithereens (Cheap Fiction, Lame-O Records, 2023)
10. Lydia Loveless & Jason Hawk Harris – Portions for Foxes (single, Bloodshot Records, 2023)
11. Lauren O’Connell – I Wanna Be Your Man (single, Sugar Glider, 2023)
12. Mega Bod – End of Everything (End of Everything, Mexican Summer, 2023)
13. Califone – Sweetly (Villagers, Jealous Butcher Records, 2023)
14. Brittain Ashford – Scarlet Runners (Trotter, Misra Records, 2023)
15. Brandy Clark feat Brandi Carlile – Dear Insecurity (Brandy Clark, Warner, 2023)
16. Anna Tivel – The Good Fight (single, Mama Bird Recording Co, 2023)
17. Laith – Ghost (single, Fluff & Gravy Records, 2023)
18. Max Bien Kahn – List (single, 2023)
19. Bob Martin – My Father Painted Houses (Seabrook, Worried Songs, 2023)
20. Deer Tick – One in a Lifetime (single, ATO Records, 2023)
21. Ryan Curtis – Codependent Heart (single, American Standard Time Records, 2023)
22. Kyle Nix & The 38s – Play Nice (single, Bossier City / Soundly, 2023)
23. Jeremie Albino – Tears You Hide (single, Good People Co, 2023)
24. Michelle Billingsley – I Love the Way He says He’s Sorry (single, Western Myth Records, 2023)
25. Logan Ledger – Golden State (single, Rounder Records, 2023)
26. Kyle Cox – Let’s Be Lovers (single, 2023)
27. Bridig Mae Power – The Waterford Song (single, Fire Records, 2023)
28. Kitba – My Words Don’t Work (single, Ruination Record Co, 2023)
29. Kaino Kim Vieno – No Chase (single, Minna Records, 2023)
30. Eerie Deer – Shady (single, 2023)
31. Metsäheikki – Takaisin multaa (Metsäpoikia, Helmi Levyt, 2023)
32. Kari Tapiiri – Kaksin käsin (single, Helmi Levyt, 2023)
33. Keidas – Unohdin skuutin kaikun pihaan ja menetin mun luottotiedot (single, 2023)
34. V. Härkönen – Sun tahdissa saa keinuu maailma (single, Soit Se Silti, 2023)
35. Escape Whale feat Harri “Huuki” Huuhtanen – Breeze (3/3 EP, 2023)
36. Lala Salama – Summer Love (single, All That Plazz, 2023)
37. Tough Age – Which Way Am I? (single, Bobo Integral, 2023)
38. Corvair – Shady Town (single, 2023)
39. U.S. Highball – Irresponsible Holiday (single, Lame-O Records, 2023)
40. Good Good Blood – I Wanna Be Something (single, Fox Food Records, 2023)
41. Mapache – People Please (single, Innovative Leisure / Calico Discos, 2023)
42. Shelley Short – Greenleaf (Spiddal EP, 2023)
43. Julie Byrne – The Greater Wings (single, Ghostly International, 2023)
44. Margaux – Maple’s Loom (single, Massif Records, 2023)
45. Lila Tristram – Home (Home EP, Woodland Recordings, 2023)
46. Fust – Violent Jubilee (single, Dear Life Records, 2023)
47. Credit Electric – Backseat Driver (single, Royal Oakie Records, 2023)
48. Yves Jarvis – Block of Wood (single, Beyond the Lexicon, 2023)
49. Roseanne Reid feat Rory Butler – All I Need (single, Lastman Media, 2023)
50. Maya Elise & The Good Dream – Algodones Dunes (single, 2023)
51. Jack Symes – Kinda Funny (single, Ay Caramba Records, 2023)
52. Will Phalen feat Melissa Carper and Rebecca Patek – When You Tell Me It Will Be Okay (single, Sub-Urban Arts Collective, 2023)
53. The Reeves Brothers – Medicine Man (single, 2023)
54. Malcolm Holcombe – Fill Those Shoes (single, Gypsy Eyes Music, 2023)
55. Tennessee Jet – Gates of Heaven (single, 2023)
56. Casey Neill & The Norway Rats – Jumping Out of My Skin (single, Fluff & Gravy Records, 2023)
57. Miles Miller – A Feeling Called Lonesome (single, Easy Lovin Records / Thirty Tigers, 2023)
58. ITE EEROLA – Sinä (Söpöily-EP, Panama-levyt, 2023)
59. Charlotte Cornfield – Nowhere (Could Have Done Anything, Polyvinyl / Double Double Whammy, 2023)
60. Abe Partridge – Simplicity (Love in the Dark, Baldwin County Public Records, 2023)

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