OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #237

Another quite busy week with GA-20 concert on Saturday and an extra work shift on Sunday. So I didn’t have a whole lot time to listen new music and definitely missed a lot good stuff. But here’s a quick Sunday roundabout of what I managed to find.

Album of the week is the new J.E. Sunde. I’m a long time fan and this new album again seems to be wonderful. This was a mighty good country/americana week too and there’s like a dozen albums that I’m eager to listen properly during the coming week. There’s new albums from Summer Dean, Brennen Leigh, Annie Bartholomew, Casey Prestwood, Son Volt, Ags Connolly, Possessed By Paul James, Austin Stambaugh, The Teskey Brothers, Fust, Maya Elise & The Good Dream, Diamond Grinder, Deer Tick, Maya Elise & The Good Dream, SunYears, Bonny Doon, U.S.Highball, Pretty Matty, Tough Age, The Reds, Pinks and Purples (EP), Pickle Darling, Spider Bite and Danny Paul Grody. And yeah, these were definitely not all country. Some great pop stuff there too etc.

A less crowded Finnish release week, but we have some gems for sure. There’s a new album from Keidas and singles from Maria Milvus, Janeveera, Bobby Oroza, Pekko Käppi, Honey Crisp and Vasas flora och fauna.

And from the international single side of things we have wonderful new ones from Lauren O’Connell, Brigid Mae Power, Tre Burt, Matt Harlan, Kevin Carducci, Lydia Loveless, John P. Strohm, Adeem the Artist, Kyle Cox. Just to name a few. Oh and new one from Sparklehorse archives. Full album on the way.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. It all matters. Next weekend is midsummer aka Juhannus. I’m not sure if I’m going to make this or not. Maybe 51% chance that there will be one, but we’ll see. No promises at this point. Love and empathy.

1. J.E. Sunde – Blind Curve (Alice, Gloria and Jon, Vietnam, 2023)
2. Brennen Leigh – Somebody’s Drinking About You (Ain’t Through Honky Tonkin’ Yet, Signature Sounds, 2023)
3. Summer Dean – Can’t Hide Heartache from Her Face (The Biggest Life, Next Waltz, 2023)
4. Annie Bartholomew – Last Confession (Sisters of White Chapel, 2023)
5. Casey Prestwood – Slipping Away (Where Am I Going It’s Where I’ve Always Been, 2023)
6. Son Volt – Keep Your Soul (Day of the Doug, Transmit Sound / Thirty Tigers, 2023)
7. Ags Connolly – Tell Me What You Were Gonna Tell Ne (Siempre, Finstock / At the Helm, 2023)
8. Austin Stambaugh – Ain’t Through Being Lonely Yet (Midwest Supernatural, Anti-Corp, 2023)
9. Possessed By Paul James – If I Came to You (Fighting For Your Own Survival, PPJ Records, 2023)
10. The Teskey Brothers – Blind Without You (The Winding Way, A Decca, 2023)
11. Fust – A Clown Like Me (Genevieve, Dear Life Records, 2023)
12. Maya Elise & The Good Dream – What I’m Used To (Everything We Watered, 2023)
13. Diamond Grinder – Wonder (Expectations, Perpetual Doom, 2023)
14. Deer Tick – Grey Matter (Emotional Contracts, ATO Records, 2023)
15. SunYears feat Fruit Bats – Last Night I Dreamt That I Met Phil and Don (Come Fetch My Soul! Yep Roc, 2023)
16. Bonny Doon – You Can’t Stay the Same (Let There Be Music, Anti, 2023)
17. U.S. Higball – Picnic at Doughnut Groyne (No Thievery, Just Cool, Lame-O Records, 2023)
18. The Reds, Pinks and Purples – Cleaner City Streets (Unloveable Streets EP, Burundi Cloud, 2023)
19. Tough Age – Hideaway (Waiting Here, 2023)
20. Pretty Matty – Haven’t Been (Heavenly Sweetheart, Self Aware Records, 2023)
21. Spider Bite – The Rainbow and the Dove (The Rainbow and the Dove, You’ve Changed Records, 2023)
22. Pickle Darling – In Good Health (Laundromat, Father/Daughter Records, 2023)
23. Lauren O’Connell – Verona (single, Sugar Glider, 2023)
24. Brigid Mae Power – I Must Have Been Blind (single, Fire Records, 2023)
25. Maria Milvus – breathing (single, 2023)
26. Bobby Oroza & El Michels Affair – Whatcha Know (single, Big Crown Records, 2023)
27. Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L & Gilbert Kuppusami – Melanz Kiltir (single, Rockadillo Records, 2023)
28. Keidas – Haikeaa olla (Papiljottipojan paluu, 2023)
29. Janeveera – Autiotalon portailla (single, 2023)
30. Vasas flora och fauna – Roland (single, Startracks, 2023)
31. Honey Crisp – Sylvia (single, 2023)
32. John P. Strohm – Don’t Tell it To Your Heart (single, Propller Sound Recordings, 2023)
33. Daisy Park – Unfair Game (single, 2023)
34. Lydia Loveless – Tootache (single, Bloodshot Records, 2023)
35. Tre Burt – Santiago (single, Oh Boy Records / Thirty Tigers, 2023)
36. Kevin Carducci – Half True Story (single, Lowstar Rodeo, 2023)
37. Matt Harlan – Long Road (single, 2023)
38. John R. Miller – Nobody Has to Know Your Mind (single, Rounder Records, 2023)
39. Ryan Curtis – Can’t Take Back (single, American Standard Time Records, 2023)
40. Stephen Wilson Jr. – Father’s Son (single, Big Loud Records, 2023)
41. Croy and the Boys – I Get By (single, Spaceflight Records, 2023)
42. The Pink Stones feat Nikki Lane – Baby, I’m Still Right Here (With You) (single, Normaltown Records, 2023)
43. Adeem the Artist – Fervent for the Hunger (single, Four Quarters Records, 2023)
44. Victoria Bailey – Forever, You & I (single, 2023)
45. Nick Shoulders – Whooped If You Will (single, Gar Hole Records, 2023)
46. Kyle Cox – Black & Blue & In Love With You (single, 2023)
47. Jason Joshua – La La Means Te Amo (single, Mango Hill Records, 2023)
48. Vagabon – Can I Talk My Shit? (single, Nonesuch Records, 2023)
49. Buffalo Nichols – You’re Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond (single, Fat Possum Records, 2023)
50. Danny Paul Grody – Cathedral Tree (Arc of Day, Three Lobed Records, 2023)
51. Sparklehorse – Evening Star Supercharger (single, Anti, 2023)
52. Julia Jacklin – Shivers (single, Polyvinyl, 2023)
53. Maija Sofia – Four Winters (single, Tulle Ltd, 2023)
54. Sofia Wolfson – From Up Here (single, 2023)
55. Fleur Wiber – Parramatta River (single, 2023)
56. Mikaela Davis – Home in the Country (single, Kill Rock Stars, 2023)
57. Logan Ledger – Where Will I Go (single, Rounder Records, 2023)
58. Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit – When We Were Close (Weathervanes, Southeastern Records / Thirty Tigers, 2023)
59. Laith – Song For Levon (Lightning, Fluff & Gravy Records, 2023)
60. Anna St. Louis – Sea Glass (In the Air, Woodsist / Mare, 2023)

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