OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #247

A busy weekend. First wonderful I’m Kingfisher & Nightbird concerts and then a weekend trip to my hometown Keuruu. Therefore this is again a bit delayed new music weekly. But an important one, because it was a crazy good Finnish release week. Somewhat quieter in the US. Probably due to labor day weekend.

Let’s start with the Finnish ones, because my most waited album of 2023 is now out and available. It’s the mega power pop / rock’n’roll blast from Kristiina. Absolutely love it and kinda had to include a couple of (should-be) hits instead of just settling for one. So this starts with a song by Kristiina and then there’s another one among the other Finnish cuts. And oh my, there’s plenty of those other ones. Definitely not a good release week only because of Kristiina. That Tanssiva Karhu album is another big favorite and then there’s also really good new albums from Kari Tapiiri, Thomas Ignatius and Lyyti. Some mighty good singles too from Kuumat Siivet, Sepänkadun Köyhät ja Nöyryytetyt, Ahti Kulo, Rebekka Holi, Mara Balls and Emilia Tuovila ja Väijytys. And probably a bunch more that I didn’t have time to listen or wasn’t even aware of them.

My favorite international album of the week is the new Rae Fitzgerald. Such a beautiful and moving album. It really struck a chord with me when I listened it with headphones Saturday night. Other excellent new albums came from Maija Sofia, Indianna Hale, Jacob Aranda, Jacob Furr, The Satchel Kid, Chris Pierce, The Great Park, Tony Logue, The Natvral, The Photocopies, Darby Wilcox and the Peep Show (EP), Repulsive Woman (EP), Slowdive, Thorsten Nesch (EP) and Jesper Lindell (EP).

The international song of the week is either the perfect new pop song from Uni Boys or the return song from Jason Hawk Harris. Maybe they can share it, because they are rather different. Kind of best of both worlds that I listen. Other early favorites came from Lady Apple Tree, Espanola, Colored Lights, The David Tattersall Group and Lydia Loveless. Again just to name a few. Who can really tell which will become the biggest faves when I have more listen to them.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. It all matters. Next week is a bit of a question mark with this new music weekly. There’s some live music things I’d love to attend. I’m thinking about going to Lahti for the Sunday matinee concert of Chad Price and Samae Koskinen and after that travel to Helsinki for the David Ramirez concert. That might be doable although I would probably miss Iron Country Sisters and I would hate that. But I’m sure there will be other opportunies for that. Seeing the international artists Chad Price and David Ramirez would be the main thing this week. If I just do that, I would have time for the weekly. But I kinda would like to squeeze in the Kristiina concert on Friday in Helsinki or Chad and Samae somewhere else. Then I might not have time for the weekly. We’ll see. I’ll let you know on insta, x and/or blue sky (have a bs code or two btw if someone is looking). Love and kisses.

1. Kristiina – Palavan rakkauden aika (Palavan rakkauden aika, Humu Records / Hillotehdas, 2023)
2. Uni Boys – Two Years (single, Curation Records, 2023)
3. Rae Fitzgerald – Little Rivr (Say I Look Happy, Keeled Scales, 2023)
4. Maija Sofia – Saint Aquinas (True Love, Tulle Ltd, 2023)
5. Indianna Hale – Rainy Cliffs (Yesterday’s Glitter, Perpetual Doom, 2023)
6. Jacob Aranda – Nicasio Creek (War Planes, Speakeasy Studios SF, 2023)
7. Jacob Furr – Mother Blue (Turning, 2023)
8. The Satchel Kid – Dogs Running In Dreams (When It Stops Hurting, Ella Ruth Instituted, 20239
9. Chris Pierce – Mr. McMartin (Let All Who Will, Friends at Work, 2023)
10. Jason Hawk Harris – Jordan and the Nile (single, Bloodshot Records, 20239
11. Jesper Lindell – Life is Good (Windows Vol.1 EP, 2023)
12. Thorsten Nesch – We Ain’t Made for the Real World (I Haven’t Left For Work… EP, 2023)
13. The Great Park – Digger (Hound, Woodland Recordings, 2023)
14. Darby Wilcox and the Peep Show – 10 Ways to Cope (It’s Okay EP, 2023)
15. Lauren Calve – Pretend to Forget (Shift, 2023)
16. Tony Logue – Thundertown (The Crumbs, 2023)
17. Espanola – Look to the Sky (single, Sonic Unyon Records, 2023)
18. The Natvral – Wait for Me (Summer of No Light, Dirty Bingo Records, 2023)
19. The Photocopies – A Matter of Time (Top of the Pops, 2023)
20. Slowdive – Alife (Everything is Alive, Dead Oceans, 2023)
21. Repulsive Woman – If This is Bright (The Even Hand, 2023)
22. Colored Lights – Warm Jets (single, Bobo Integral, 2023)
23. Kristiina – Vain hetki oltiin (Palavan rakkauden aika, Humu Records / Hillotehdas, 2023)
24. Mara Balls – Sirpa-Leena (single, Stupido Records, 2023)
25. Rebekka Holi – Minä ja Amalia (single, 2023)
26. Thomas Ignatius – Quo vado (Thomas Ignatius, Palatsi, 2023)
27. Lyyti – Huomisen lait (Nousussa Taas, Johanna Kustannus, 2023)
28. Kuumat Siivet – Kirjeitä (single, 2023)
29. Sepänkadun Köyhät ja Nöyryytetyt – Aittaluodon tehtaas (single, Panama-levyt, 2023)
30. Ahti Kulo – Puutarhaeteinen (single, Need Money for Records, 2023)
31. Tanssiva Karhu – Taivaanrannalla (Luonnossa, Alakulttuuritalo, 2023)
32. Emilia Tuovila ja Väijytys – Kuun molemmat puolet (single, Eclipse Music, 2023)
33. Kari Tapiiri – Muistan kun ihastuin (Maailma täynnä ihmeitä, Helmi Levyt, 2023)
34. Lady Apple Tree – Flame (single, 2023)
35. The David Tattersall Group – My Lonevy (single, Bella Union UK, 2023)
36. Charlie Kaplan – Rockaway (single, Glamour Gowns, 2023)
37. Lydia Loveless – Sex and Money (single, Bloodshot Records, 2023)
38. Carla Geneve – Euthymia (single, Dot Dash Recordings, 2023)
39. Kacey Johansing – Not the Same (single, Night Bloom Records, 2023)
40. Maria Elena Silva – Love, If It Is So (single, 2023)
41. Meernaa – Bhuta Kala (single, Keeled Scales, 2023)
42. Katy Kirby – Cubic Zirconia (single, Anti, 2023)
43. Meredith Lane – Greyhound (single, American Standard Time, 2023)
44. Lindsay Lou – I Can Help (single, Kill Rock Stars, 2023)
45. Dylan LeBlanc – No Promises Broken (single, ATO Records, 2023)
46. NUTANA – Stage V (single, One More Pastime, 2023)
47. Mojohand – Forget About You (single, 2023)
48. Sarah King – Hey Hey What Can I Do (single, Ringleader Records, 2023)
49. The War and Treaty – Stretch Out (single, Mercury Nashville, 2023)
50. Hannah White – Chains of Ours (single, Last Music Co, 2023)
51. The Countryside of Harmonica Sam – Tell Her (single, Sleazy Records, 2023)
52. Joshua Quimby – Long Green Cigarette (single, 2023)
53. Blitzen Trapper – Cheap Fantastical Takedown (single, Magnolia Music / Yep Roc, 2023)
54. Via Mardot – Pining (single, 2023)
55. Adeline Hotel – Seeing Yourself Seen (single, Ruination Record Co, 2023)
56. Good Good Blood – You’ll Not Find Another Love (Quite Like This) (single, Fox Food Records, 2023)
57. Ian M Bailey – The Last Chime (single, 2023)
58. Delving – Alcatraz (single, 2023)
59. Steve Sloane – October Sunburn (The Dust I’ve Been Wearing Around, 2023)
60. Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L – Rakkauslaulu (Credo, Zen Master / Rockadillo, 2023)

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