OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #252

Oh dear. What a release week. Love all you musicians, but how about some solidarity for us new music blogger-hobbyists haha. Or the listener. I think I need to buy a pint to everyone who actually listen this whole playlist. If my non-existent math skills are correct there’s 36 albums on this list below. Now that’s a lot of new music. Way too much for one man to listen, digest and form an opinion during one weekend, but here’s my best effort.

New Sufjan Stevens is the big one of the week. I didn’t really got into it yet, because I think the first listening of that deserves my full attention. Even just reading about it hits hard. I’ll find quiet moment when there’s just me, headphones and Sufjan. So far I’ve spent the most with the gorgeous new Jason Hawk Harris album. Great to see him back. New John R. Miller, Tre Burt and Lauren O’Connell were also at the top of my list on this crowded week. I’ve only touched the surface of most of the album released, so I have no idea which will become biggest favorites. However, we got new albums also from Nat Vazer, The David Tattersall Group, Freschard & Stanley Brinks, Jacksonport, Mutual Benefit, Adeline Hotel, Mary Lattimore, Dream Sitch, Vanishing Twin, Meernaa, Jolie Holland, Chris Brain, P.J.M. Bond, John Baumann, Hello June, Jeremy Moses Curtis, Victoria Bailey, Espanola, Hannah Gillispie, John Davey, Bewilder, Tele Novella, Lower Plenty, Joey Nebulous, Half Stack, Class, Elijah Johnston, The Bures Band and A.Savage.

The new Lätsä album is my favorite on the Finnish part of this playlist. It’s a bit later than usual on the playlist. Other gems there are album from Sir Liselot and singles from Viitasen Piia, M, Palor, (Sulut) and Kaksipäinen Koira.

And finally the international song of the week is the new Jeffrey Martin song. In fact, might be a candidate for song of the year too. That one sure hits hard. A further reminder that leave some space for that album on your AOTY ballot. The album is out in November. After two singles, I already know that it will be on my list. Other early faves came from Andrew Bryant, Julie Arsenault, Maybel, Joanna Sternberg, Uni Boys, The Resonant Rogues, Sean Burns, Shawn Hess, Kathryn Legendre.. Again just to name a few.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. It all matters. I’m quite busy next weekend, but I hope I manage to do this at some point. No definite promises. Hopefully it’s less crowded release week. If I don’t have the time, I’ll cover two weeks on the following weekend. I’ll inform you on social media, if I’m not doing it. Until next time. Love love love.

1. Jason Hawk Harris – Shine a Little Light (Thin Places, Captured Tracks, 2023)
2. John R. Miller – Press On (Heat Comes Down, Rounder Records, 2023)
3. Tre Burt – To Be a River (Traffic Fiction, Oh Boy Records, 2023)
4. Lauren O’Connell – Know You (Everything Feels Ridiculous, Sugar Glider, 2023)
5. Nat Vazer – Wilsons Prom (Strange Adrenaline, Perpetual Doom, 2023)
6. Sufjan Stevens – Goodbye Evergreen (Javelin, Asthmatic Kitty, 2023)
7. The David Tattersall Group – Mellow Magic (The David Tattersal Group, Bella Union UK, 2023)
8. Freschard & Stanley Brinks – Great Minds (Iron Eye, Fika Recordings, 2023)
9. Jacksonport – Moon to Dry (Dusted Beauty, Ay Caramba Records, 2023)
10. Mutual Benefit – Growing at the Edges (Growing at the Edges, Transgressive, 2023)
11. Adeline Hotel – Big Al (Hot Fruit, Ruination Record Co, 2023)
12. Mary Lattimore feat Rachel Goswell & Samara Lubelski – Yesterday’s Parties, Ghostly International, 2023)
13. Dream Sitch – Doormat (Long Rattle, Airloom, 2023)
14. Vanishing Twin – Lazy Garden (Afternoon X, Fire Records, 2023)
15. Meernaa – Mirror Heart (So Far So Good, Keeled Scales, 2023)
16. Jolie Holland – One of You (Haunted Mountain, Cinquefoil Records, 2023)
17. Chris Brain – Curse (Steady Away, Big Sun Records, 2023)
18. P.J.M Bond – Cat in the Rain (In Our Time, Concerto Records, 2023)
19. Hello June – Sometimes (Artifacts, 31 Tigers, 2023)
20. John Baumann – The Night Before the Day of the Dead (Border Radio, Terlingua Spring Records, 2023)
21. Jeremy Moses Curtis – Borderline Origami (Midlife Chrysler, Blueblade Records, 2023)
22. Victoria Bailey – End of the Line (A Cowgirl Rides On, Rock Ridge Music, 2023)
23. Espanola – Espanola, Again (Espanola Again, Sonic Unyon Records, 2023)
24. The Bures Band – Birds Nest (Birds Nest, 2023)
25. Hannah Gillispie – Paper Heart Angel (Paper Heart Angel, 2023)
26. John Davey – AM Angel (Summer Nightwind, 2023)
27. Bewilder – Heavy Sweater (From the Eyrie, Tiny Engines, 2023)
28. Tele Novella – Rodeo Clown (Poet’s Tooth, Kill Rock Stars, 2023)
29. Lower Plenty – Blue Shadows (No Poets, Bedroom Suck Records, 2023)
30. Half Stack – (I Swear) I’ll Get It Right (Sitting Pretty, Royal Oakie Records / Forged Artifacts, 2023)
31. Elijah Johnston – Fifth Beatle (Hometown Vampire, Strolling Bones Records, 2023)
32. Joey Nebulous – You’re Straight (Joey Spumoni Creamy Dreamy Party All The Time, Dear Life Records, 2023)
33. Class – Coward’s Disaster (If You’ve Got Nothing, Feel It Records, 2023)
34. A. Savage – Elvis in the Army (Several Songs About Fire, Rough Trade Records, 2023)
35. Kaksipäinen Koira – Kuolema voittaa aina (single, All That Plazz, 2023)
36. Lätsä – Laulu esineistä (II, Helmi Levyt, 2023)
37. (Sulut) – Niin me ajetaan (single, 2023)
38. Sir Liselot – Olen oppinut (Paprika, Quirkly Girl Moshpit, Minna Records, 2023)
39. Viitasen Piia – Paras kellua vaan (single, 2023)
40. M – Ounasjoen Ainoja (single, 2023)
41. Palor – Lemons (Palor single/EP, Musakonttori, 2023)
42. Andrew Bryant – Gravy (single, Sentimental Noises, 2023)
43. Jeffrey Martin – Red Station Wagon (single, Loose Music / Fluff & Gravy Records, 2023)
44. Myriam Gendron – Bric-a-Brac (single, Basin Rock, 2023)
45. Maybel – Matters (single, Idee Fixe Records, 2023)
46. Julie Arsenault – Start Again (single, Son Canciones, 2023)
47. Jeremy Squires – Play Dead (single, Blackbird Records, 2023)
48. Joanna Sternberg – Neighbors (single, Fat Possum, 2023)
49. Gabriel Birnbaum – Something Happened that Seemed to Point at Me Like an Arrow (single, Western Vinyl, 2023)
50. Daniel Sherrill – Shady Grove (single, American Standard Time Records, 2023)
51. Cactus Lee – Lowell Mass (single, Org Music, 2023)
52. Muireann Bradley – Richland Woman Blues (single, Tompkins Square, 2023)
53. The Resonant Rogues feat Sierra Ferrell – 93,500 Miles (single, 2023)
54. Sean Burns – Souvenir (single, Department Store Records, 2023)
55. Shawn Hess – ‘Til Ain’t It (single, 2023)
56. Matt Moran – Oh Brother (single, Broken Tenor Records, 2023)
57. Kathryn Legendre – Cigarettes (single, 2023)
58. Steph Green – Hold Me Under (single, 2023)
59. Dori Freeman – Wrong Direction (single, Blue Hens Music, 2023)
60. Nikki Lane – When My Morning Comes (single, New West Records, 2023)
61. Golden Shoals – Jimmy Bean Ain’t My Friend (single, 2023)
62. Jon Rauhouse & Blaine Long – Hey Babe (single, Fort Lowell Records, 2023)
63. Laura Veirs – Creatures of a Day (single, Raven Marching Band, 2023)
64. St. Yuma – Frequencies (single, 2023)
65. Trust Fund – Our American Tour (single, 2023)
66. Monster Furniture – Giant Egg (single, Scary Chair, 2023)
67. Fortunato Durutti Marinetti – Clerk of Oblivion (single, Soft Abuse / Quindi, 2023)
68. Jamie Turner – Memory Box (single, 2023)
69. Gonzalez Smith – Lexington Line (single, Bobo Integral, 2023)
70. Uni Boys – I Don’t Believe in Love (single, Curation Records, 2023)
71. Model Shop – Easy Winter (single, Meritorio Records, 2023)
72. Teenage Tom Petties – Bad Hire (single, Repeating Cloud / Safe Suburban Home Records, 2023)
73. Stoner Control – Seamless (single, Sound Judgement Records, 2023)
74. Dolour – Sun On My Brain (single, 2023)
75. Steven Adams – Heads Keep Rolling (single, Fika Recordings, 2023)
76. Skyscraper Stan – Let Me Be Frank With You (single, Cheersquad Records & Tapes, 2023)
77. Dylan Lancaster – Comin Up Roses (single, 2023)
78. Pete Molinari – Only When I Love (single, Blind Faith Records, 2023)
79. The Evening Sons – Summer Rain (Tracks, Curation Records, 2023)
80. Evangeline Gentle – High Vibes (Where the Diamonds Are, 2023)
81. Jerry David DeCicca – Sing (New Shadows, 2023)
82. Tinyhawk & Bizzarro – Edie-san (Nekorok, Humu Records, 2023)

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