OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #255

Busy weekend, but here’s a quick new music weekly before Sunday’s Helsinki visit to see Dylan LeBlanc. This was actually a pretty damn good release week.

Not a whole lot of listening yet, but let’s give the album of the week to the new Willy Tea Taylor & The Fellership record. Loved that on first listen. There’s quite a lot of diffent kind of things I love this week. Sean Burns has a great classic country record while Thomas Walsh has an awesome pop album. The American Analog Set returned and Steven van Betten’s album is just super sweet (although the song I have on the playlist hits really hard. My apologies for that). Maybel, Carla Geneve and Jerry Leger always big faves too and the list goes on an on. We also have new albums from Duff Thompson, Tommy and the Ohs, Desolation Horse, Golden Apples, The Mountain Goats, Monster Furniture, Jon Danforth, Jessi Colter, Nora Jane Struthers, Caitlin Kraus, Norma MacDonald, Flatland Cavalry, Black Pumas, The Gaslight Anthem and Micah Thunder.

A lot of good Finnish stuff. I think my early faves here are the double singles from Kielo Kärkkäinen and new band called Leipä (some usual suspects in the line-up though). Other finnish treasures are albums from Suudelmat, Favourite Colours and Tuomari Nurmio & FOLX, EP from Kaikki turhat haaveet and singles from Nuoruus, Säteri Super and Pekka Nisu. Oh and included A.Takalo’s couple of weeks old album, because I missed it at the time. Sounded real good on quick listen, so I will put that on rotation during the coming week.

The international song of the week is the new one from long time favorite Adam Remnant. Other early faves came from Adeem the Artist, John Craigie, Advance Base, BenBen, Bory, The Reds, Pinks and Purples, Liquid Mike and Frog. Again just to name a few.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. It all matters. See you tomorrow in Helsinki and here again next weekend. One of the best albums I’ve heard this year comes out then. That’s Jeffrey Martin. Until then. Love and empathy.

1. Willy Tea Taylor & The Fellership – Dangerous Beautiful (The Great Western Hangover, Blackwing Music, 2023)
2. Duff Thompson – Bring it to You (Shadow People, Mashed Potato Records, 20239
3. Tommy and The Ohs – So It Seems (Box Truck Boogie, Perpetual Doom, 2023)
4. Sean Burns – The Same Old Thing Again (Lost Country, Department Store Records, 2023)
5. Jerry Leger – Sort Me Out (Donlands, Latent Recordings, 2023)
6. Desolation Horse – Haircut (Biff, American Standard Time Records, 2023)
7. Maybel – Passing Through (Gloam, Idee Fixe Records, 2023)
8. Steven van Betten – Zoe (Friends and Family, Futere Gods, 2023)
9. Carla Geneve – Spilt Milk (Hertz, Dot Dash Recordings, 2023)
10. Thomas Walsh – Love in a Circumstance (The Rest Is History, Curation Records, 2023)
11. Golden Apples – Guard Stick (Bananasugarfire, Lame-O Records, 2023)
12. Monster Furniture – Got a Good Job (Giant Egg, Scary Chair, 2023)
13. The American Analog Set – Konika & Maliko (For Forever, Hometown Fantasy, 2023)
14. The Mountain Goats – Jenny III (Jenny from Thebes, Merge Records, 2023)
15. Jon Danforth – Out of My Head (Repetitions, 2023)
16. Caitlin Kraus – Fool (Gone Beyond, 2023)
17. Norma MacDonald – Co-Star (In Waves, Noyes Records, 2023)
18. Nora Jane Struthers – Life of a Dream (Back to Cast Iron, Blue Pig Records, 2023)
19. Jessi Colter – Hard on Easy Street (Edge of Forever, Appalachia Record Co, 2023)
20. Micah Thunder – Mountain Pass (The Korean Cowboy, 2023)
21. Flatland Cavalry – The Best Days (Wandering Star, Interscope Records, 2023)
22. The Gaslight Anthem – I Live in the Room Above Her (History Books, Rich Mahogany Recordings / Thirty Tigers, 2023)
23. Black Pumas – Chronicles of a Diamond (Chronicles of a Diamond, ATO Records, 2023)
24. Favourite Colours – Railing (Summer’13, Purple Skies, 2023)
25. Suudelmat – Julia (Katuvatko kuolleet elämää, Suru Records, 2023)
26. Kaikki turhat haaveet – Kaikki turhat haaveet (Pelkkää tuulen suhinaa EP, Minna Records, 2023)
27. Nuoruus – Hän kertoo olevansa (single, Need Money For Records, 2023)
28. Säteri Super – Vääriä valintoja (single, Ya Ya Records, 2023)
29. Tuomari Nurmio & FOLX – Ei paha tavallaan (Rajaseudun laki, Vallila Music House, 2023)
30. Pekka Nisu – Se aika ei palaa (single, KHY Suomen Musiikki, 2023)
31. A.Takalo – Puuttuva rengas (Kuva taivaasta, Salatut elämät, 2023)
32. Leipä – Toinen avaruus (Minna single, Tulli-levyt, 2023)
33. Kielo Kärkkäinen – Valkovuokkonäyt (single, Texicalli Records, 2023)
34. Adam Remnant – Sunrise at the Sunset Motel (single, Coiled Myth Records, 2023)
35. John Craigie feat TK & The Holy Know-Nothings – Where It’s From (single, 2023)
36. Advance Base – How You Got Your Picture on a Wall (single, Orindal Records, 2023)
37. The Satchel Kid feat Carl Edblom – Dogs Running in Dream (single, Ella Ruth Institutet, 2023)
38. BenBen – Clouded Head (single, Perpetual Doom, 2023)
39. Austin Lucas – Just a Girl (single, Grindethos Records, 2023)
40. Katie Jo – Used to Be (single, Fossil Water Records, 2023)
41. Dalton Mills – Redbirds (single, 2023)
42. Adeem the Artist – Fast Cars (single, Four Quarters Records / Thirty Tigers, 2023)
43. Matthew “Doc” Dunn – Fantastic Light (single, Cosmic Range Records, 2023)
44. Memorytown – Mirror (single, Plum Records, 2023)
45. Bory – We Both Won (single, Earth Worms, 2023)
46. Ian M Bailey – It’s Summer Rain (single, 2023)
47. The Reds, Pinks and Purples – Dull Panic & Sunday Gloom (single, Tough Love, 2023)
48. The Laughing Chimes – A Promise to Keep (single, Slumberland, 2023)
49. Liquid Mike – Mouse Trap (single, 2023)
50. Dazy – Forced Perspective (single, Lame-O Records, 2023)
51. Katy Kirby – Table (single, Anti, 2023)
52. Fever Feel – Just a Flavour (single, 2023)
53. Frog – Black on Black on Black (single, tapewormies, 2023)
54. Jon Rauhouse & Blaine Long – Nothing Lasts Forever (single, Fort Lowell Records, 2023)
55. St. Yuma – To the Maximum (single, Quietly Records, 2023)
56. Martha Scanlan & Jon Neufeld – Buck Brush (single, Jealous Butcher Records, 2023)
57. Rose Cousins, Jill Barber and Jenn Grant – Dark Angel (single, Old Farm Pony / Nettwerk, 2023)
58. Amanda Fields & Megan McCormick – Dying Leaves (single, Are and Be Recordings, 2023)
59. Dori Freeman – Movie Screen (single, Blue Hens Music, 2023)
60. Lana Nauphal – Oh He Oh My (single, 2023)
61. Lotta St. Joan – Between You and I (single, 2023)
62. Suonio & Taskinen – Jatkuu (Selväpiirteinen EP, 2023)
63. Sepänkadun köyhät ja nöyryytetyt – Sepänkadun köyhät ja nöyryytetyt (Hyvästit pojille, Panama-levyt, 2023)
64. Dylan LeBlanc – The Outside (Coyote, ATO Records, 2023)
65. Cactus Lee – Pale Rider (Caravan, Org Music, 2023)

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