20 Favorite EPs of 2023

Year end routine continues with my favorite international EPs. Same story here. There’s some sort of vague order, but it’s kind of arbitrary. Might as well be alphabetical. Playlist on Tidal, Apple and Spotify. Bandcamp/youtube embeds only on top three, because the page slows down if there’s a million embeds. At least Finnish EPs still to come. We’ll see if I manage to do song lists.

Apple Playlist
Spotify Playlist
Tidal Playlist

20 Favorite EPs of 2023

20. Kendall Lujan – Kendall Lujan (American Standard Time Records)

19. Leeann Skoda, Sie Sie Benhoff, Dylan Rodrigue – Living Room Sessions

18. Corinne Sharlet – Belief and Imagination

17. Elijah Ocean – Rodeo Songs

16. Model Shop – Check the Forecast (Meritorio Records)

15. Maya De Vitry – Infinite (Mad Maker Studio)

14. Drew Beskin & The Sunshine – Garrett (Super Canoe)

13. Matthew McNeal – Love Was (Matte Black Sound Company)

12. Matt Moran – Oklahoma Vernacular

11. Dogwood Tales – Rodeo (WarHen Records)

10. Theo Lawrence – A Country Mile (Tomika / Modulor)

9. Hutchie – The Falcon Sessions

8. Reyes – Lay It All Down

7. Opal Eskar – Opal Eskar (Spiral Valley)

6. Emmett Morris – Emerald

5. Matt Paxton & The Pintos – Tornado (Down by the Point Records)

4. Little Mazarn – Honey Island General Store (Double Yolk Record House)

3. Mark Tegio – Marie

2. Nydia Gonzalez – Nydia Gonzalez

1. Lady Apple Tree – Lady Apple Tree

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