Favorite Finnish EPs of 2023

Next up favorite Finnish EPs of the year. I was a bit lazy and only did a top 5 here. Some might not be into EPs, but they can be pretty sweet and actually the first two here are probably even among my five favorite Finnish releases this year altogether. Haamusoittajat probably could have been on the album list too, because even though it’s just six songs, the total length is over 30 minutes. So I don’t really know is it an EP or an album, but what I do know is that it’s wonderful and I love it to bits. Then there’s the lovely Söpöily-EP from one of my favorite artists of the last two years ITE EEROLA. I’ve listened the last song Pehmeelle pojalle well over hundred times. Mild obsession there I suppose and my Finnish song of the year along with 3-4 cuts from the Kristiina album. I couldn’t really decide between the two, so ITE EEROLA and Haamusoittajat can share the EP of the year honors. My blog so I can bend the rules a little bit.

Anyway, here are all five favorite Finnish EPs of 2023. All of them are gorgeous. I didn’t make a separate playlist for these and instead added them to the earlier Finnish albums playlist.

Apple playlist
Tidal playlist
Spotify playlist

5. Heartjet – Believe

4. Ilmi Lupiini – Enneunia

3. Too Slow – Honey Vinegar

1. Haamusoittajat – Yhteytys

1. ITE EEROLA – Söpöily-EP (Panama-levyt)

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  1. 5 Glaring Omissions:
    Helmi Valkee – Purkka
    Kaikki turhat haaveet – Pelkkää tuulen suhinaa
    Särkyneet – Minkä Mä Sille Voin
    Evita – Hei vaan Teija
    Retropop – Lainatut 1

    1. Thanks for the comment and for the recommendations. Yeah, a very short list, so even stuff that I really like is missing. Kaikki turhat haaveet was probably #6 and Evita also might have been on a top 10. Others I have not listened enough (Särkyneet) or at all (Retropop and Helmi Valkee) to form any kind of opinion.

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