Favorite Finnish Songs of 2023

Finally very quick songs of the year lists. Just five favorites and then a huge playlist for the onechordnet history books, because the on-going playlists will eventually move into 2024. This playlist is still very much in-progress and there won’t be any kind ranking outside the top 5. I put a lot of stuff in the beginning that weren’t on the favorite albums playlist, because I love the songs and I didn’t want two playlists that are too much alike.

The playlist is currently only on Spotify, but I guess I will add it to other platforms once it’s more ready. I know it doesn’t make a whole lot sense to post this when it’s unfinished, but I just want to get these blog posts done and then ease into Christmas without a need to do anything else than adding songs to a playlist. The trouble with compiling these large playlists is that somewhere along the way I lose the plot and I have no idea what I’ve added and what I haven’t. So it’s entirely possible that I will just forget to add something important. Anyway, here are the first five. Four first were pretty obvious. On the fifth spot there could have been 87 equally good choices, but went with Krypta because that’s a song I’ve listened a ridiculous amount of times. A bit of bending the rules there too, because I struggle to pick the favorite song from Hattara and Kristiina.

Playlist link

5. Krypta – Vala (Svart Records)

4. Sepänkadun Köyhät & Nöyryytetyt – Aittaluodon tehtaat (Panama-levyt)

3. Hattara – Filmi / Helle (Cotton Candy Company)

2. ITE EEROLA – Pehmeelle pojalle (Panama-levyt)

1. Kristiina – Vain hetki oltiin / Palavan rakkauden aika (Humu Records)

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